Nodo OneNote Bug?

The Windows Phone Nodo Update may have created a image scaling bug with OneNote. Images look clean and crisp when viewed from a computer but after being synced to OneNote, the note becomes distorted, washed out and pixelated.

It was first suspected that the problem could be an optimization issue to save network traffic but when the notes were emailed and opened via computer, they looked fine.

To those who have updated their Windows Phone with NoDo, have you seen image scaling problems with OneNote? To test this, simply "print" any document or web page with text to your OneNote notebook that is synced to your Windows Phone. Sync and open the note on the phone and zoom in on the image. Are your results similar to what's displayed above?


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  • This has been an issue from day one (pre nodo). I have seen this and reported on
  • I just tried a small color picture, and it displayed fin on the phone.
  • Pretty sure it has always been this way.
  • WPCentral. Use any sway you got to please get this fixed. I have wanted a fix for this since day one. This will make my job much easier. Fail for not knowing it was a pre-NoDo issue though.
  • Not all of us use OneNote and we can't possibly know every little bug or quirk in the system--hence why we rely on people bringing to our attention. MS reads this site, so they should be aware of it.And fail for not contacting us and letting us know about this problem earlier though ;-)
  • Just like the copy/paste trick, eh?