Nokia Australia backtracks on Bluetooth 4.0 LE; support coming to high-end Lumias via update

There has been some confusion surrounding Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (LE) and high-end Lumia Windows Phones. Nokia Australia recently stated that the hardware won't support the upgrade. Shortly thereafter, Nokia PR in Germany confirmed that all Lumia Windows Phones will indeed support Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Now, Nokia Australia has backtracked on what was previously said, reaffirming what we originally believed to be the case - high-end Nokia Windows Phones will support Bluetooth 4.0 through a system update.

Nokia Australia

There you have it, folks. The Lumia 820, 920, 925 and 1020 will all support Bluetooth 4.0 LE with the next major maintenance update, which is due out by the end of this year. Currently, the Lumia 520, 620, 625 and 720 reportedly support Bluetooth 4.0 LE, but those with more premium handsets will be able to take advantage of the energy saved in the near future.

Source: Nokia Australia (Twitter)

Rich Edmonds
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  • Great news.
  • Sharp sharp!!
  • What about the Lumia 928?
  • They don't care cuz its a u.s. Phone
  • I guess they didn't mention US carrier specific devices (810/822/928/521) which I believe will get the update too (if the carriers approve)
  • I was going to ask the same thing ....i hope all 4 of them !:)
  • I don't know; I thought I'd be getting FM radio on the 810, but it was only after GDR2 that I found out the chip in the 810 was different and didn't support it.  I'm just hoping it's not the same with BT4....
  • Phew, for a second I forgot who said what, and high-end Lumias supposedly weren't getting BT 4.0 LE again.
  • Bitter 928 owner.
  • The Lumia 928 isn't sold outside of the USA so it wouldn't be Nokia Australia's place to comment on hardware that they don't even sell.
  • I signed to say exactly this ^
    You're making yourself bitter for no reason.
  • I make myself bitter for free! :) Also, the FM radio debacle still festers.
  • True - now that's something you could be bitter about. I think it's just the 928 and 620 that don't have FM radio unfortunately.
    It took me until the GDR2 update to upgrade to the Lumia 920 from my Lumia 900. FM radio is just so darn handy.
  • Why? You are getting an update, unless Verizon drags its feet.
  • Apparently Verizon doesn't drag their feet anymore for WP.  I'd be worried if I was an AT&T user though.
  • At least you have GDR2.
  • GDR updates are not really a big deal, the deciding test for Microsoft will be delivery of the WP8.1 update on time for all devices on all carriers, if they fail in that a lot of people will loose even more faith in WP, and I for one will not buy another one if the ATT (and other carrier) blocking is left to continue.
  • You android phones hardly ever get updates right? Even their high end phones take a while to get updates.
  • +1. God bless people who own Windows Phone 9 and wait another 5 years to receive update to Windows Phone 10.
  • Except on AT&T.
  • Finally some good news so I will retract the comment I made yesterday on the other article. However.....what about BT 5.0???? :)
  • It doesn't even exist
  • I knew the smiley would be wasted...
  • Sarcasm is often missed when in written form - best to avoid it lol.
  • Can't tell if serious or not ;)
  • I am quite certain that was sarcasm. :-)
  • The only thing I'm not sure about is - why is everyone so smiley around here? Maybe I should just join in.. :\
    I tried..
  • Good news indeed! One of the missing puzzle pieces of Lumia phones finally completed! Now, on to GDR3 and Blue folks! #cantwait
  • YeAAAAAAAAAH! i don't know why are exited ! There's no big difference ! 
  • I still don't understand why this isn't already enabled. It's clearly in the OS and Chipset/SOC, and the drivers should be from Qualcomm, not Nokia. Makes very little sense to roll out on low end phones and leave the high end phones without it, especially since the US market is dominated by higher end phones that have it.
  • And the US market isn't as big as other markets where the low-end handsets are dominant, which means it makes more sense to roll out on lower-end first.
  • It is a technology that is currently under development.
  • Maybe that's what AT&T is doing, wanting to be the first carrier to add this support? Maybe they will add it in their GDR2 update? Nah, won't happen.
  • Lol silly Aussies at Nokia AU. Sounds like the usual schmuck from marketing (whose landed the 'mystical' role of "social media officer") spouting uniformed dribble.
  • Aussies aren't silly, we are just highly distracted by great weather and clean air....
  • I think Nokia understand how important keeping their devices up to date is and hope they can beat that into Microsoft, who have to learn how to anticipate hardware trends.
  • Nokia are no better since they are allowing carriers (ATT) to delay the Amber update instead of just pushing it out themselves once ATT massively failed to deliver it on time as promised by the end of September for the 920.
  • That is on Microsoft for ceding control of updates to carriers in the first place. And since they actually had no choice but to agree or get no carrier support (such as it is) the situation isn't going to get better anytime soon.
  • I'm sorry you're cheesed off with ATT, but that's not Nokia or Microsoft's fault. It is similar with EE here, to the point that Virgin Mobile updated the Lumia 620 before them and Virgin use EE's network! The simple fact was that demand was so high for iPhones that Apple could dictate terms, something no other manufacturer - even Smansung - has been able to do. So the rest of us have to wait. The only thing you can do is put your money where you think the service is best. Here in the UK, Vodaphone seem best for updates. Meanwhile, Microsoft are updating WP phones more than anyone else, except Apple, so they deserve credit.
  • Microsoft does not "deserve credit". They are promising features that they know are subject to carrier approval, and they can't guarantee that any update goes through in any particular timeframe on any given carrier. Worse yet, they're notoriously slow when addressing missing features.
    How long has it taken to address "Other" storage? How about separate volumes? How about on-phone playlists? We're talking pretty basic features here.
  • Of course they deserve credit. Other storage is history now and new fetures have been added in GDR2, with more coming in GDR3 and WP8.1.
    What about features unique to WP, like being able to add a tile for just about everything, even music tracks or albums?
    Of course we want parity with other OSs, but we DON'T want the other OS's or we'd have bought an Apple or Android device. Enjoy what you have and appreciate that we have a secure platform, which will be supported for a long time instead of being dumped like an Android.
  • The support is conditional on carrier approval, and they can withhold any feature they like. The Other storage is not history being that the vast, vast majority of devices do not have GDR2.
  • Sorry, but the vast majoity do have GDR 2. ATT are simply a very bad carrier, use another one.
    Really, walk and tell ATT why.
  • Show me where majority of Windows Phone devices have GDR2.
  • Since most Windows Phones are in Asia and Europe, look at these:

    Many countries, including China, India and Germany have GDR2/Amber fully available and many like the UK have only one or two models waiting.
    As I said, ATT are just bad.
  • That's what I thought.
    The actual WORLDWIDE usage/ownership of GDR2 is more like THIRTY percent:

  • Thank you,
    "GDR2. The latest version of Windows Phone 8 is rolling out at a very fast clip, bursting expectations: Fully 30.6 percent of all Windows Phone 8 handsets in use have GDR2, up from just 3 percent last month. Nokia says that it will be available to all Lumia users by the end of September."
    Today is 1st October.
  • And that obviously has not happened! Even with GDR2 availability, carriers are free to strip whatever features they like out of it. 
    Beyond Nokia, it's not like all HTC or Samsung devices have it either. Vodafone Austarilia and Telestra are skipping it altogether for the 8X.
    Like I are at the mercy of carriers. ATT was once quick with updates like Portico. Now, they are dragging their feet and stripping features. Who is to say that Verizon won't have a similar change of heart? Or any global carrier. It's complete crap. And this is despite the fact that virtually all WP8 devices have one of 2 SoC and one of three resolutions with no extensive modifications a la Touchwiz allowed.
  • Even better, look at the availability in Europe on the VERY LINK YOU POSTED.
    Today is October 1st. There are SIXTY FOUR different models that are "waiting for approval". Not even "approved" and "coming soon." Still waiting. Another 27 "coming soon".
    Isn't Europe their biggest market, yet a full quarter of the devices they sell there STILL don't have their latest update, even after tthe very end of the timeframe they promised it would?
    On the North American page, only 6 out of 15 models have it "available".
  • You still don't get it, do you? The fact that so many do have it is proof that Microsoft have delivered. You said it yourself, we are at the mercey of the carriers, so blame them. That is where the fault lays, so its the logical place for you to pour your HATE.
    So you can do two things: raise an online petition, explaining that updates are important not just for enabling features, but for making security updates. I'd happily sign it.
    The other thing is use your power as a customer, switch carriers and tell the old one why. It is after all, poor service they're giving you, so take your business elsewhere.
    There's a very good chance I'll be with Vodaphone next time, given that EE were so slow and I hope someone from the carriers read the more rational people who post here and take note. Once they're convinced people will switch over this, they'll improve.
    As I said before: give credit where it's due: Microsoft are improving their new operating system, so lay off the hate, okay?
  • Obviously you never owned a Nexus.
  • That's right, because I want to keep my data to myself.
  • .... and the NSA.
  • :-) Except even the NSA can't get data that isn't transmitted in the first place. Wi-Fi logins or location data anyone?
  • You are just plain wrong about why Microsoft can not do update like Apple. Here is the real reason if you are interested.
    The main reason it is like this is for support reasons. If a software update from Microsoft screws up your phone you go to your carrier for assistance. That is why the carrier has to test the software because they could potentially be on the hook for a lot of costs incurred from the support of a bad update. The way Apple gets around this is by not having the carrier support the iPhone. If you own an iPhone and have an issue with it you have to go through Apple not your carrier. If you go to your carrier they tell you to call Apple. The reason Microsoft does not do this is because they do not manufacturer all of the Windows Phones in existence so they do not want to be on the hook for all of the expense that could be incurred with hardware issues. And OEM's don't want to be on the hook if Microsoft directly pushes an update that screws up peoples phones. It is all about accountability when problems arise and since the carrier is the last step in ladder they end up dealing with it so therefore they do everything possible to make sure problems do not arise.
  • Have you ever used Windows x.x? No matter what OEM built your device you receive updates from MS. And guess what? Windows is the dominant OS...
  • You are comparing apple to oranges.  There is no carrier involved in that process that you are going to go to when you have issues.  If you have issues that are software related that falls on MS if you have issues that are hardware related you will go to your OEM.  The issue is with the carrier involved everyone wants to go crying to them if there are issues because they are the ones that sold you the phone.  With PC's the hardware and software are more seperated and everyone understands that but in the case of a phone people want a single place to go when they have problems.   No body in the PC world expects MS to take care of hardware issues unless they were the OEM in cases like the Surface.  So until Microsoft can work out a deal with OEM's so that they can get taken care if they handle warranty issues with hardware and they also get enough MS stores to provide that point of support it won't happen.  However it will be interesting to see how things change with the purchase of Nokia devices and services because them MS is the OEM so then hardware failure will be on them as well.  And guess what?  I am a Microsoft Certified and administer hundreds of Windows x.x computers.  So yeah, I guess you could say I have used Windows x.x.  What are your credentials?
  • +1. Well put!, though People that do understand and try to get them whiners to understand will just get drowned and buried underneath all their ignorance lol.. As unfortunately some people don't use their brains at all but just spout their feelings. As there are sooo many blaming Nokia and Ms for AT&T's delay.
  • Not true. My desktop PC is as connected as my phone. My ISP does not have any influence over my PC updates. Where we agree is the difference being that I don't buy my PC from my ISP. This is the same problem the US film industry faced, which is why the US government split up film studios, distributors and cinemas. It worked. Same solution needs to be applied here, world wide.
  • If your computer broke right now who would you call to get it fixed?  Are you going to call your ISP and say my computer won't turn on and I need you to warranty it?  If you download a Microsoft update and it fucks your computer are you going to call your ISP and say because you let me download this update over your connection you have to replace my PC with one that works? That is the difference and that is why your argument does not apply.  PC updates are not equal to phone updates.  I am not saying whether ATT or Microsoft or Nokia is right or wrong here because I do not know.  All I know if this is why it is like this.  I ultimately believe that support should move away from the carriers but unless Microsoft gets in the same situation as Apple and supplies both hardware and software I do not think the situation will change.
  • The carrier can decide if your phone will receive an update because the phone is locked to them and you purchased it from them. Was your desktop purchased from your ISP? Is it locked to your ISP?
  • So 820 is indeed consider as an high end phone... In this line... So why no official pro cam for it
  • Not high enough needs more weed
  • Tch-- I knew it. There's a limit on how stupid people can be, even if they work for major companies.
  • People make mistakes, it is human nature.
  • My bluetooth doesnt even work......
  • Finally, waiting to get a Polar H7 HRM for using with my 920. Go Nokia!
  • It's hard to care when the update process of Windows Phone is so completely screwed up. I'm not just saying that as a frustrated 920 owner on ATT. I'm saying that as someone who has a work-issued iPhone 4S that had the iOS7 update the day it came out.
    Yesterday, i got a notification for another update with bug fixes. Instant install. 
    Even if I get GDR2/Amber, what if there's a persistent system-level bug that occurs or something that screws up an app I rely on. How long would I have to wait to get a fix for that? Will I ever get all of the features Microsoft intends (e.g. DataSense)? No.
    I love this platform. I really do, warts and all. But these arguments of "Well, you should only expect what it says it does the day you buy it!" defenses are deeply silly. You not only have a set of capabilities on the day you buy it, but you also have bugs. The "Other" storage is a particularly egregious example of this. With Windows Phone, there's never a guarantee of your device getting the support that Microsoft in effect Microsoft's promises are meaningless. It just makes the user experience lackluster. That, alongside various other reasons,
  • Like I said bullshit
  • As a 928 owner, never really used the fm radio on previous window phones or bt as much. I'm pretty satisfied with the amber update.
  • This is good news, but let's face it, the update and improvement process for the WP environment is dog slow.
  • Err not really, how long has windows phone 8 been out? Yet we have had 2 system level updates. Another round the corner and another major overhaul is just months away. Anyway have some casu marzu, it would go perfectly with your whine ;).
  • Go screw yourself. It's my opinion and if you don't like it too bad
  • LE does not mean that it uses less energy, it means it enables connectivity to low energy devices.
  • This has stopped many tears from falling. I'm pretty excited too
  • Pheeewww! :)
  • No mention of Lumia 928. Is it possible it won't be updated with 4.0?
  • was not mentioned because there is no 928 in Australia
  • I'm pretty sure it will be coming in gdr3 for all current lumia phones
  • Nice, At&t should get it along with WP10
  • Anyone know if the Bluetooth comes with aptx audio codec support?
  • WP has no aptx support, if its not included in 8.1 im going back to android...
  • I checked the specs and the 928 has the WCN3660 Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset, which is coincidentally the same one that the 920 has.