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Nokia challenges Apple's nano-SIM proposal

Nokia issued a statement challenging Apple's proposal to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for a new SIM card standard, the 4FF, commonly called the nano-SIM.  The tiny nano-SIM, designed by Giesecke & Devrient, is Apple's attempt to define the future standard for SIM cards in Europe, and if the push succeeds, all other manufacturers will have to incorporate the design into their devices.  Nokia, Motorola and RIM have teamed up to submit an alternative proposal to ETSI and Nokia put out the statement to explain why Apple's just won't do.

Nokia's claim is that the Apple proposal fails to meet ETSI's prerequisite that the new design eliminate the possibility of getting stuck in a micro SIM slot, and thus avoiding damage to both the card and the device.  Because the nano-SIM is the same length and width of a micro SIM, that potential would still exist.  The other criticisms of the Giesecke & Devrient design are based on the fact that the card would require a tray that would slide into the device, much like Apple's current method of inserting SIM cards into their iPhone. 

Aside from the weak argument that a trayless SIM would be easier for end users to insert, Nokia contends that the need for a tray would increase the production cost of devices.  This is a minor deal when it comes to high-end devices, but potentially significant when trying to develop lower price point ones.  Furthermore, the statement says, that the tray design puts limitations on form factor design.  The Nokia/Motorola/RIM-proposed SIM is smaller and requires no tray, therefore opening the door to further miniaturization of future devices.

Nokia may have some legitimate gripes about the what Apple has submitted, especially if it does not meet some of the requirements set by ETSI.  Apple is sure to fire back in some fashion, though time may be running short, as the vote on the design could happen as early as next week.

Source: TheVerge; Photo: TheUnwired

  • wow seriously , people will fight just about anything for any reason now a days huh....  and again apple  and their BS trying to take over the world. man I hate apple , this is a perfect example of why.  
  • ^This!
  • Agreed
  • I agree oh that, and you can just hear the apple cult followers say ( apple started the sim with tray blah blah blah)
  • Nokia arguing against SIM trays? The same SIM tray I can see on my Lumia? Erm...
  • They are not arguing about sim trays. They are arguing about nano-sim design Apple is pushing. Nokia is only arguing because new nano-sim design can lock up the tray and damage the phone.
  • right and also read this: This is a minor deal when it comes to high-end devices, but potentially significant when trying to develop lower price point ones.  
    They don't only make Lumias you know...
  • @RustyU I was about to ask that. I thought that the lumia serious had sum trays but was mot sure. Either way they are not really fight the tray but fighting apple to jot get its way.
  • Go Nokia Go! F*ck Apple and all her sh*it
  • I think the important thing to understand here is not just that Apple sucks and Nokia is trying to quibble about a tray which they have used in some of their devices, the problem is that if Apple succeeds, the tray will be required on all phones using a nano sim.  Furthermore, the tray itself used in the required design is patented by Apple requiring all other companies to license the technology from them.
    That's the main reason why Nokia, Motorola and RIM don't want Apple's proposal.  They would own most, if not all of the patents surround the new nano SIM.
  • That is really messed up wow apples wrong for everything they do
  • Well Apple has the majority in the ETSI voting councel and even if their proposol doesn't get through then Apple is backed by almost all European carriers so they can still introduce it which would be even worse for Nokia.
  • I guess it's a good thing that they are willing to opposed Apple. I do believe Apple to be ridiculous when it comes to their standards and methods of implementing control.
  • "the nano-SIM is the same length and width of a micro SIM"
    So what's the point then?
  • Well if it's the same size as micro sim why even call it a nano sim, Nokia's design which is smaller than that should be the nano sim
  • That person has strange fingers, they are squared off at the ends.
  • Haha yeah - they sure are creepy looking fingers. Hopefully it's just a funny camera angle :P
  • Y does apple try so hard to monopolies its wrong
  • Why does it need to be changed?  I haven't heard of a need to make it smaller.  They seem to fit just fine in any phone I have ever used.  This seems like a pointless waste of time and money!  I don't see on benefit from this change whatsoever!