Nokia Chat Beta for Windows Phone 8 gets a whole lot better with latest update

Nokia has today released a fairly substantial update for its Nokia Chat Beta application for Windows Phone 8. Version 1.1 of the beta includes numerous bug fixes, but also introduces new features and improvements to existing functionality. We last looked at Nokia Chat when the beta program was extended to cover more markets.

So what's new in version 1.1? Nokia has added a Tap+Send (NFC) option that enables users to conveniently share chat addresses, as well as details of anyone on the chat contact list and the app itself to another Lumia Windows Phone with NFC. Say goodbye to manually reading out and entering information to get someone's contact details. It's really easy to get started too. Simply head to the home screen menu and select Tap+Send to share the app or long-press and hold on someone on the chat list to share that contact.

The recipient must confirm whether or not they want to add the person shared to their contact list. If they choose to do so, the recipient will then send an add contact request to the person whose details were shared - really neat. NFC isn't all that's featured in this new release, here are the remaining highlights:

  • Share a Place - if shared with another Lumia, they'll see a touchable HERE map preview that links to place details, directions, and reviews
  • Performance and Visual Improvements
  • In a conversation with many messages, older messages are initially hidden and automatically become visible as you move up-screen, into your chat history (just like messaging on Windows Phone)
  • Message bubbles are now evenly spaced, allowing you to see more of a conversation on a single screen
  • Enhanced Login 

If that wasn't enough (what will please you?!) then you may be pleased to know Nokia has extended the program to cover additional markets. Here are the newly supported regions: Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The Nokia Beta Labs website notes that more countries will be added as updates are rolled out.

You can download Nokia Chat from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only, folks). Source: Nokia Beta Labs

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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