Nokia Deadmau5 contest goes live on Facebook, enter to win

The other day we reported on the super secret deadmau5 show occurring at the end of the month (Wednesday 28th November) in conjunction with Nokia. Much like the last show, which was to quote some of our California friends 'hella cool', the new deadmau5 concert is meant to celebrate the launch of Nokia's new Lumia lineup.

Why the UK consistently gets these awesome shows and not the US (or elsewhere) we'll never know...

The good news is the Nokia Facebook page just went live where you can enter to win tickets to the event. Location is still not mentioned. And hey, if you can't make it you can join the rest of the world and watch it live at (opens in new tab)

Oh and in case you are wondering, the Deadmau5 song in the video is called 'Channel 42'.

Source: Nokia (Facebook); Thanks, MARCO300, for the link

Daniel Rubino

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  • " at a secret London location on Wednesday 28th November"
    They do say the location

  • London was a given, c'mon--let's not get pedantic. What's the specific location, smarty?
  • mmmm yes quite pedantic...*twirls mustache*
  • Yep the rest of the Kingdom of United Britain is all mudhuts & hobbits. Who in their right mind would venture out of London?! ;-)
  • Not cool @ all
  • Agree
  • That's Hella Rubbish!!!!(from SF Cali) For once, it should had been in The U.S.
  • Why would it be in the US? Nokia is a European company. Don't you get enough fun stuff from all the American firms including MS and Apple?
  • Somehow Warren Street seems like just ideal location.....hmmmmmm.
  • The tunnel on the video may suggest that.... do you have any other clues...?
  • London Dungeon??? Or Camden maybe ? hmmmmmmm....
  • Hella cool bro.
  • Well, the US does get pretty much everything else exclusively. Most contests by corporations are US only. We also have access to the podcast store, unlike the rest of the world.
  • At the end of that clip they've posted the following:  "don't be afraid of the dark".  I wonder if they'll announce an new camera capabiltiy or enhancement to the Lumia phones.  I wonder if this thing (I have a L920), has some type of infrared chip already inside...hmmmmmmmm