Nokia details Lumia 620 water resistant shell accessory

Nokia has published a new article on its Conversations Blog that goes into detail about the water resistant Lumia 620 case we looked at a few days ago. While it was considered a case, the team has confirmed that it is in fact a new shell that will replace the current cover on the Lumia 620. This will mean it will integrate well with the design of the Windows Phone. Best of all, it's grey.

As we've noted previously, the shell will sport IP54 certification, meaning the protective shell has been certified to improve protection against dust and splashes of water. For anyone needing or just wanting extra shield for their phone, this replaceable shell is definitely set to be a worthwhile investment.

Harri Vuolle, Lumia Product Manager at Nokia, had the following to comment on the accessory:

"The protective shell improves the dust and splash protection. The gaps between the camera window and the shell as well as the display and the shell are better sealed, and the mesh that covers the loudspeaker is denser, making it harder for water or dust to get in."

Much like other Lumia 620 replaceable shells, the protective shell has been cast using a dual-shot process. The interior shell is created using a rigid polycarbonate and the exterior is made of TPSiV, which is a flexible, rubber-like material. Utilising both materials, Nokia is able to craft a shell that's solid enough to absorb daily forces a smartphone may be subject to, while able to provide some give when needed.

When the protective shel lis installed on a Lumia 620, the material wraps around the front of the Windows Phone, more so than the non-protective shell. This protects the screen should the handset sustain a blow to the cheek. Vuolle continues to explain the limits of such protection:

"While the protective shell does not make your Lumia 620 indestructible or 100% waterproof, it’s ideal for people who enjoy active lifestyle where working up a sweat, getting caught up in a rain or dropping the phone can be a regular occurrence. It’s also suits people who want to use their smartphone at work, even if it’s a dusty, damp environment."

The best part about the accessory is that it's a shell and not an external cover or case. This saves the consumer from destroying the good looks of the Lumia 620. Available in grey with a yellow interior, the shell will be available at the end of March, depending on location. The RRP on the product will be around 25 euro ($30).

Source: Nokia Conversations

Rich Edmonds
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