The Nokia Lab at SXSW [Pics]

Nokia has uploaded a number of photos from the Nokia Lab at SXSW (South by Southwest), showing devices, coloured test tubes, live music, presentations and general enjoyment. There were some photos in the album of particular interest, including a "SmokedbyWindowsPhone" type promotion. "Are you the fastest draw at SXSW?" provided guests with the opportunity to try and best the Lumia 900 at snapping a photo.

The manufacturer gave Windows Phone developers the opportunity to have their app showcased on Lumia demo units in the Lab for more exposure. Check out some more shots after the break, as well as the rest of the slideshow at Nokia's Flickr album.

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Source: Flickr (Nokia)

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  • What's w the lumia and blackberries?
  • I see Android handsets in there too.  I think it's to show how much the Lumia stands out in a sea of boreing. 
  • Definitely.  Nokia designs stand out beyond everybody, even the iPhone.  Android, blackberry ect are just a bunch of boring black slabs stamped out month after month with new versions of same design.
  • from the original pic on flickir the Lumia 900 is between a bunch of Motorola Flipsides, HTC HD2s and BlackBerry Curve 3Gs,
    I guess whoever set up the decoration, just walked into a t-mobile store and bought a bunch of old phones no-one wanted.
  • "Yes and the colour Cyan and its back revealing in here is what makes our model stand out, note to self", Nokia. - Lumia 800 owner, don't kill me fan-boys.
  • Yeah, unfortunately that 'killer feature' can be instantly copied by other manufacturers.
  • They should've given some of those 900's to AT&T so they could launch in a more timely fashion...
  • anyone get down there and ask them ....
    WHEN THE F are these coming out?