Nokia Lumia 1020 entering the Netherlands at the end of September

We know what you wish. You wish that from day one the Nokia Lumia 1020 was available on every carrier in every country. But that’s not quite how things worked out for the device that was exclusive to AT&T in the United States. Slowly but surely, we’re seeing more regions and carriers announce their plans and dates to carry the 41 million pixel smartphone. Now the Netherlands is getting in on the action.

A press release just went out over at Nokia Netherlands. It’s in Dutch, but thankfully online translators do the heavy lifting for the language barrier these days. The press release tells you all about the device, things we’ve all known from day one. Things like how you’ll be getting a 41MP camera sensor, OIS, six ZEISS lenses, 2GB of RAM and more inside the Lumia 1020. It also tells us that our friends in the Netherlands will have it in yellow, black, and white. The suggested retail price will be 699 Euros (including VAT, excluding grants).

That’s one more country added to the list of places on planet Earth where you can capture the world with amazing detail on your Windows Phone powered smartphone. Let’s have a quick recap of recent countries:

Sorry if I missed your country. I just went back in time to see what countries we’ve already covered with the Lumia 1020 on Windows Phone Central. If you know information about your specific country, be sure to tip us or leave a comment below.

So to our friends in the Netherlands. Are you getting one or waiting for GDR3 devices with 1080p displays?

Source: Nokia Netherlands

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