Nokia Lumia 520 available for $50 at Best Buy, today only

For today only, celebrating the Easter holidays, Best Buy has the Nokia Lumia 520 available for just $49.99. The Windows Phone has sold strongly in numerous markets, pushing the platform's market share in multiple regions. This is due to its affordability matched with features and functionality present.

It's on AT&T, but you'll be picking up the device with no contract, which is always a slight bonus. That and you have a saving of $20 off the recommend price. Be sure to hurry if you're interested as the deal only lasts until the end of today.

To serve as a reminder, we're looking at a 1.0 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 512 MB of RAM, 8GB of onboard storage, a 4-inch IPS LCD display at 480 x 800 px, a 5MP camera on back with no front-facing camera and microSD support.

Source: Best Buy; thanks, Andy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.