Nokia Lumia 520 available for just £7 at The Carphone Warehouse

Looking at the new Lumia 520 Windows Phone? The Nokia smartphone is already listed on The Carphone Warehouse for just £11 with O2, but we've overlooked other mobile operators who have contracts that are even more affordable. If you're after a better deal, be sure to read on.

Orange, T-Mobile and Talkmobile are also offering plans with the Lumia 520 and no upfront fee included, which is a huge bonus. So what's the cheapest available contract? T-Mobile is at the top with a £7 per month plan. You read correctly, just £7 for a brand new Windows Phone 8 device.

Unfortunately, no data is included (odd for a smartphone plan) and subscribers will be restricted to just 50 minutes and 250 SMS per month. If you're after something slightly more, Talkmobile's cheapest option is £8.50 and sports 500MB data, 150 minutes and 5000 SMS. All plans are 24-month contracts.

It's worth noting that the red variant is exclusive to O2.

Source: The Carphone Warehouse; thanks, afgzee, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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