Nokia Lumia 525, Lumia 1320 show up on eBay; Lumia 1320 heads to Singapore, India

The Lumia 525 and Lumia 1320 may aces for Nokia’s budget Windows Phones. The Lumia 525 is essentially the same as its predecessor, the Lumia 520 save for one change: 1 GB of RAM, which will allow it to play more high-end games. The Lumia 1320 is Nokia’s budget phone with a massive 6-inch display and the same design language as the Lumia 625.

Both phones are slowly rolling out globally. Here’s the latest on where you can pick them up.

Lumia 1320 arriving in Singapore and India (eventually)

The Lumia 1320 with its fantastic 6” IPS display and ClearBlack technology is the selling point of the budget phablet. If you haven’t seen our unboxing and first impressions, you should really check it out. Featuring a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor and a huge 3400 mAh battery, we’ve been really enjoying the latest Lumia incarnation. Look for our review in the coming days.

Starting tomorrow, if you’re in Singapore you can pick up the device for SGD459 off contract at all Nokia stores and Nokia Solution partners, according to the site Twenty First Tech. That’s around $363 USD, making that a real competitive price for that level of hardware.

That’s in addition to China, which started selling the device last week.

We also might as well mention that the Lumia 1320 is listed on India’s Flipkart website (opens in new tab), though no pricing and availability is yet noted. Still, that’s a good sign that the device is headed there soon, so we’ll keep you posted if and when that happens. (Thanks, anmol_gamer, for the tip)

eBay – Lumia 525 and Lumia 1320

We’ve been checking eBay every day to see if and when new Nokia devices would arrive. So far, the Lumia 525 and Lumia 1320 have limited-market penetration, mostly in Asian countries like Vietnam, China, Singapore, etc. with no indication of US or UK availability. That means if you want one, retailers and resellers are your best bet.

The Lumia 525 can be had for a buy-it-now price of $299. That’s about a hundred and fifty dollar markup for the new device, which is expected to sell for around $149 through carriers sans contract. The device can be had in yellow, white, black or sprightly orange with FedEx shipping from Hong Kong. It’s not cheap, but there you go.

Likewise the Lumia 1320 in yellow, white and black for $449 with free shipping from Hong Kong as well. That seems to fall in line with what that device is expected to roughly retail for and while not cheap per se, it’s not a bad deal.

Who’s picking up a Lumia 525 or Lumia 1320? Let us know in comments and from where. Need more information, head into our Lumia 525 forums or our Lumia 1320 ones, for specific content!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • 525 would have been a better variant if some physical changes would have been made additional to 1gb ram even :)
  • Think like Nokia: the Lumia 520 sells well, only complaint is the RAM. Simply solder on an extra chip, raise the cost slightly and done. Your method would involve a hardware team to redesign, test and then have to take out another line on the factory for the new design, just to have it look slightly different. That makes no economic sense for a budget phone, imo.
  • Agreed Daniel.!! But with physical changes I meant (my mistake not added in comment ) , vga front camera, light in capacitive buttons like dat.
  • lol, but that's not a 5xx series anymore, now you're talking 6xx, which is probably what they'll have for the next incarnation. The 525 is the perfect update for the 520. You want a 630 or something, which is happening in a few months.
  • I accept my defeat man..!! U r right but its like a nature of we people demanding more for less price..:P (I own a 720 . Looking for Lumia device for my bro dats why :)
  • I wouldn't say that was the only complaint. Front facing camera would put it over the top.
  • Or no ClearBlack. Or no LED flash. Or no HAAC mics. Or no wireless charging. Or no faster processor. Look, we all have our "I wish it only had this!" complaint about the 520, but they have to make it a budget phone. As soon as you start adding things, up goes the cost. That's what the 6xx and 7xx lines are for and I'm sure we'll see more iterations of those in the future.
  • Wps would be cheaper with mediatek support but apps:/
  • Might get the 520 (525 is a little bit more than I thought) for my traveling needs. Does the 521 have a HAAC Microphone?
  • Don't buy 520/521 it has 512mb ram so lots of games don't support
  • rahulrambhat You're assuming he even plays games. Lots of people use their phones for calls, email and work things. We're not all kids. Rick: no HAAC, that's only on the higher end Lumias.
  • Its not just games even apps like dipict which didn't have support till lately moreover playing a blockbuster during free time ain't tat bad ;)
  • I don't need apps, and don't do games, whatever runs on 512M ram, that is more more more than enough. And I represent the 99% of smartphone users.
  • Thanks Daniel.
  • Personally I like the Lumia 1320 design more than the 1520. Is it just me?
  • I can say the 1320 doesn't feel like it needs a case. I do like the design, but it is heavier and slightly thicker too.
  • Is it available on flipkart?
  • The article, read it, please.
  • If u observe clearly temple run 2 logo shown without Xbox Live support lol
  • Yeah that's true.
  • I agree carpet. I hate the way my 1520 looks compared to the 1320
  • The 1320 is just a bigger 625 right?
  • I think I'll get the 1320 for my mom and dad, who's eyes are failing them more and more each year. The big text will help, and the bigger keyboard too.
  • Man i wish i waited for 525.
    And an article finally!!!
  • is it a new year resolution to lower the number posts per day ... ? common we need something to read during those awakard lift entry and stuff like that ... 
  • Exactly. These days the number of articles on WPCentral has reduced drastically.
  • Yes. That's what we're doing. It has zero to do with everyone being on holiday, companies going on break, things slow down, people prepping for CES next week or people spending time with their families. This site is all about you and what you need and your complaints ;) If you have news, tip us. If there is no news, sorry. 
  • well sunny leone published her official app and its a neat one ..... FYI she is an actor who acts with not that much of a designer wear during her scenes.... :)
  • Hmm how about riviewing samurai slash
  • ha this guy :P never stops making people laugh
  • @Daniel @Abhishek thanks for holding down the fort, can't wait for CES coverage
  • never saw ur these many replies to our comments in a single article!!
  • If the 525 comes for around 10K, I am up for an upgrade as most games today seem to require 1GB RAM and I personally feel the 1GB RAM makes the device more future-proof.
  • Daniel, do you have any idea about lumias in Iran? Nokia just sells its ashas here. i have waited so long for L1520 or L1320
  • Wow, those prices are pretty steep for the 525. Going to be nice when it gets to the US officially.
  • I wonder if the 1320 works with Tmobile 4G
  • I want the 1520, but i have an old 800, a 1020 for camera and 720 for just a greedy guts :(
  • Is the 525 even coming to the UK at all? The 1320 is listed on as "coming soon" but the 525 isn't even listed at all.
  • I'm sure Nokia said it wasn't coming to the US or the UK. 
  • I posted this in the other threadm but FYI, according to GSM Arena, the RM-995 model is supposed to have frequencies that AFAIK works with T-Mobile in the US: Will keep looking if such a model actually exists...
  • Why I want to pay $449 dollars for the 1320 when I purchased my 1520 brand new sealed from eBay for $475 and is 100 times better.
  • YOU wouldn't. That would be nuts, indeed. But most people would have to pay a lot more for a brand new 1520. Did you just want to brag about your purchase? Also, was it unlocked to be used on any cellular service? Those tend to cost more.
  • I was honestly thinking the same thing. I was hoping the 1320 would pop up on eBay closer to the original $339 cost we were told. $449 is out of my price range. But at that cost there are plenty of 1520s for the same price in the US so there's no reason to get those listed from Hong Kong for me. Regardless, I'll be waiting to see if more are listed at a lower price or used...
  • <p>Unlocked the 1520 goes for $600 at the lowest.&nbsp;</p>
  • These man that sells the lumia 525 for 300$ should go to jail for robbery.
  • I first bought l525 and then returned it after 3hours later 'cause i couldnt stand its screen, way worse than my old samsung focus. Now i'm happy with l1320, great screen, big but not bulky, only complaint on it weird 3 capacity buttons, very hard to touch them properly.
  • My 920 screen is having brown patches, and the battery is deteriorating... 1520 sounds good except for the price. If the camera on the 1320 is as good or better than my 920... I'm sold...
  • You'd better go for l925 or 929, l1320 camera is only 5mb just like the low end 5xx.
  • L525 case looks worse than l520, i dont know why they use the cheap glossy case like that.
  • Is it me, or is there a missing word in the first sentence of this article?
  • The 525 has been available in Singapore since late December. I got mine after Xmas, after I lost my 620 after a drunken Xmas party. I love the 1GB RAM, it helps in the stability of reddit apps (I use readit), and more apps are now available to me. I miss the digital compass and NFC however, but it's not too bad.
  • I'd love the Lumia 1320, if it was at least 3G for T-Mobile. But it's not too bad.
  • Hope CES 2014 brings lots of surprises for windows phone users.