New Nokia 'Lumia 730' to include 1 GB of RAM, Quad-core processor and dual-SIM

The Lumia 730, known internally as "Superman," is a forthcoming successor to the mid-range Lumia 720 from early 2013. Yesterday, the first photos of the device came forward, along with the new firmware, codenamed 'Debian Red.' At the time, the one piece of the puzzle missing came down to specifications. Luckily, we now have some more information to connect the dots.

According to our source of the original photos the Lumia 730 looks to be the ideal mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 device, as the specifications (if accurate) should please most at this price range.

We should caution that these specifications are unofficial and therefore could change.

Lumia 73x "Superman"

  • 4.7-inch (likely FWVGA at 854 x 480, but possibly 720P)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Quad-core processor (unknown speed)
  • 8GB internal storage
  • Micro SD expansion up to 128 GB
  • 6.1 MP rear camera
  • 5MP front-facing camera
  • Dual SIM
  • No dedicated camera button
  • Weight, unknown (described as "super light")

Although the processor speed is unknown, it is likely Snapdragon 400 with a 1.6 or 1.7 GHz CPU. It seems unlikely that Microsoft would opt for the higher-end Snapdragon 800 in this series due to pricing constraints. Notwithstanding, a user report claims it feels "really smooth" when compared to the Lumia 920.

The 1 GB of RAM, if proven accurate, could make this phone a sleeper hit if it is priced right. In the past, Nokia has preferred 512 MB of RAM for their lower tier phones. As the original Lumia 720 came with 512 MB of RAM, the chances the Lumia 730 would arrive with the same was a distinct possibility. With 1 GB of RAM and a beefier processor, the Lumia 730 could install any app or game on the Windows Phone store, something that 512 MB phones could not.

Adding a dual SIM to this line also gives it a lead for emerging markets, especially in India and China, where dual SIMs are the norm. It is unknown if there is a Lumia 730 (single SIM) and a Lumia 735 (dual SIM), paralleling the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 series.

When it comes to the camera, Tom Warren at the Verge reports that the Lumia 730 comes with a 5 MP front-facing camera, which is ideal for the growing 'selfie' trend. Indeed, photos can be saved at 4 MP, suggesting that it is in the 4.1 to 5 MP range for the actual camera. As to the rear camera, Nokia appears to be sticking with 6.1 MP as photos save at 5 MP (16:9) and 6 MP (4:3). The original Lumia 720 had one of the best lower-tier cameras we have used, often taking super sharp photos that were better than the Lumia 820. Nokia later went on to use the same camera module in their Lumia 2520 tablet.

Finally, micro SD expansion and 8 GB of internal storage matches the Lumia 720's specifications, so it makes sense to mirror that with the Lumia 730. Combined with Windows Phone 8.1's ability to have apps and games installed to the micro SD card, users can get up to 136 GB of total storage.

The Lumia 73x is expected to launch sometime this fall, possibly with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 or even Update 2, which is expected by November.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • If the Lumia 73x comes with the same camera as the 720 (slightly improved, being 2014) and it has these specifications, even I want it. The Lumia 720 is one of my favorite Lumias except for the 512 MB of RAM. The design, at least from the back, looks like a mini-1520 and dig the rounded 'fabula' design. I'm mixed about the onscreen buttons though.
  • if so, it should be the new 520 ! 
    i like the on screen buttons, but the only thing i only see on rumored phones (W8 - and a phablet called tiger) they both have a little 4 button to hide them, i think it's pretty cool to have it on 630 as well
  • Lets hope the camera physical button aint gone for keeping price low.!! The functionality to click pics easily with button is so good .! I love it on my 720 .!!
  • Sob... both our prayers seem to have gone unanswered - this post sort of confirms lack of camera button...
  • What do you guys mean by "priced right"?  I doubt a phone like that will cost less than $300, and $350 is more likely
  • Back looks like 925 i think
  • This is the midrange successor to the 925. Screen size, SD, and all. Here's hoping for an 830 that is a true successor to the 925. And fingers crossed for no gigantic screen!
  • Yes, we need a true succesor to the 920/925!!!! No big screen please....4.7" only if the bezel size is smaller, in other words, I don't care if it is a 7" as long as the phone is not bigger and heavier than the 925. 
  • Yes!! You beat me to it!
  • Yep me too..!! Onscreen buttons are not so good to match ..!! It doesn't suit it .
  • They need a successor to the 925. The 1520 is embarrassing to pull out at a bar when girls give numbers...
  • How the hell is the 1520 embarrassing?? Everyone I show is jealous!! Lol
  • Agree! Many people talked to me just because my bright yellow 1520... I am not embarrassed nor proud.
  • i guess size really matters haha
  • I've had mixed experiences with this one. Sometimes the phone itself is the conversation starter--like---"wow, WHAT IS THAT?"; Other times, when the conversation has started well before the phone is seen and I bust it out, it's totally embarrassing. The 925 is unique & accomplishes both--attracts positive attention all around.
  • What are you talking about? The 1520 makes any girl say wow when you pull it out.
  • That's what I'm saying lol where's the badass 925 successor and it better be good high end!
  • 930
  • You're really worried about what people think of your phone? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I think a phone is part of some people's identity, just like the clothes they wear or the cars they have. I actually care more about what phone I have than what clothes I wear. To some people, there are more important things to worry about.
  • if about price or money, in my country. i 5s 16gb priced $900 1520 priced $910 i wont doubt to pull 1520 to my pocket anyday.  
  • Nobody knows or cares about Nokia in the good Ol USA, unfortunately..
  • The bigger you pull out in a bar, more numbers you get from girls.
  • Bigger... wad of cash
  • Would the on screen buttons slide up or in like the charm bar in Windows 8?
  • no
  • Hey Daniel, can you tell me why the HTC One M8 for Windows has the little arrow on the bottom left while the Lumia 730 don't? Seems like it's not possible to hide the onscreen buttons. (sorry for the bad English)
  • Its is. There is an option in the navigation bar settings which lets you decide how the Onscreen buttons behave.
  • Oh great, thanks! ;)
  • Your English is better than most English...
  • Daniel, do you think this could be the Moto G killer we have all been waiting for?
  • Yes.
  • Moto g killer is Xiaomi mi3.
    In india 1 million moto g/e phones are sold in 4 months. They are only available through single online retailer yet it put moto ahead of Nokia in q2. Xiaomi launched Mi3 at same price ($230) as moto g but has specs like SD 800, full HD display, 2 GB RAM, 13 mp camera, 3050mAh battery. Its selling very well and its actually a great phone for the price I am afraid its the end for WP and Lumia in India. Its also same for Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony etc...
  • First it looked like Nexus 4 killed everything, then Lumia 520 then Moto G and then Moto E and now Mi3. The list can go on and nothing remains permanent. Even though Moto beat Lumia, it still is far from dethroning Samsung and Micromax (although Moto E is eating local manufacturer share). If Lumia 530 and 730 are priced right (not more than 5499 and 11999), Lumia can come back. Also who knows another OEM (could even be a WP OEM) may in the future introduce something better (phablet?) at even better asking price.
  • Nexus 4 is at much higher price bracket.
    Lumia 520 did very well because of price to performance ratio is fantastic but Nokia didn't follow it up with the succeeding phones. Lumia 630 should have been 530. Also they should have priced it at around 8k.
    Moto was able to outsell Nokia by huge margin even if they are available online only. Samsung decline started this year and I am sure they will go down much faster from here.
    Once Xiaomi releases Redmi 1S its going to be tough for everyone. They did the same in China. They are already announced that they will make more units available for redmi 1S. They already increased the no of units for mi3. Android is getting better performance wise and the high specs at low prices means trouble for your WP and OEMs like Samsung. Redmi 1S will have same specs as this phone (Lumia 730) and priced at $115. Moto g price is now $175.
  • Xiaomi is a massive overhype,it's popular because of the CPU now but in a while the after sales will prove its a bad phone plus its design etc is lame
    Rather get a nexus 5 for a bit more(its cheap locally)
  • Xiaomi is just a reckless pirate company, no matter how cheap their devices are, I wont spend a penny on them.
  • I wish I could buy that mi3 here in Canada. I would buy it in a heart beat.
  • Xiaomi Mi3 is not available in the U.S. marketplace.  So why mention it?  It only available in China and parts of Asia.  I think the Mi4 is available in EU sometime between now and October!
  • I doubt it'll be $199-219, so no. If it's $249-299+, it's no Moto G killer. Not even close. It would have to be same price or less to cut into Moto G's share.
  • Since I am a 720 owner. The onscreen buttons are just Ok for me. I can get used to I guess
  • Same here, I'm also a 720 user and now it's capacitive buttons are malfunctioning occasionally so the on screen buttons might be less hassle.
  • This sounds like a really neat phone. I don't think I can put down my 1520 and go to this smaller screen but I think this is a great phone for those who don't want the large screen. The lower screen resolution is the only issue with it I think but regardless it is a great phone with the specs.
  • I'm waiting for a smaller high end phone for att so that I can dump my 1520. This thing is just too tall. A 5.5" is what I'm waiting for. I love everything about it except the screen size.
  • Yes Daniel, I have one here in brazil and it is a gorgeus Lumia phone... It's strange because my family and all my friends thinks that's a high end phone by its design, sadly only 512mb of RAm wich makes OS experience not that good. If this one had the physical buttons I'll definetly upgrade, but I really disliked the soft ones on Lumia 630. :c
  • 512mb ram limits only for games ..!! If u r a heavy gamer then 1gb suits u :)
  • Not really... My Lumia 720 struggle to load long web pages full of images... Very often the browser crashes with this kind of thing, especially if I scroll too fast... Sometimes it also can't manage to keep nextgeen and browser open if I try to play a video, displaying "resuming..." for a long time before closing everything. I'm not sure, but I think it is due to the low RAM.
    Edit: I use WP8.1 PD+update 1, but without Lumia cyan... Maybe those things get better after cyan update...
  • The Lumia 730 is THE Windows Phone the mid-range market needs. For those doubting the onscreen buttons (including myself), whatever the feedback we provide, MS will definitely improve in the upcoming release; making 730 the perfect Windows Phone.
  • Agree, 720 has nice specs' (just RAM is low...) Battery endurance is excellent, camera ok for the price, design and weight both perfect, it is a very slim device and even has SD card support! Full package for a good price
  • L630 also has a Dual Sim.
  • I have to agree to everything you said Daniel. Rocking a 720 myself, it's a bloody good phone minus the ram.
  • I just hope the processor is a fast one, at least 1.5 GHz, to compensate for the rather weak A7 cores; and a 1280 x 720 display. Moto G has it; why not the 730?
  • Let's hope Microsoft prices it right and makes it readily available.
  • Daniel, this is something I've been trying to find out for months but have never gotten a definitive answer.  When the screen specs for a phone with on-screen buttons are mentioned, I'm just not clear whether the measurement INCLUDES the on screen button area or not.  So for this alleged 730 with a 4.7" screen, does it actually mean 4.7" of active screen content (like the Lumia 625) or would it actually have more like 4.4" of usable screen space due to the on-screen buttons taking up space.  It's all rather ambiguous. 
  • Include.
  • 1. LUMIA 625 has capacitive buttons not on screen 2.On screen buttons would mostly take about 2" so you will get a 4.5" Active display.
  • 1. Yes, I know the 625 has capacitive buttons.  That's why I'm making the comparison.  A 4.7" screen with capacitive buttons (625) vs a 4.7" screen with on-screen buttons (730).  Despite having the same display diagonal length, will the 625 have more active screen content than the 730? (which you answered in 2.) I think manufacturers should ONLY use active screen area as a spec.  It's the only way to properly compare phones. 
  • "I think manufacturers should ONLY use active screen area as a spec.  It's the only way to properly compare phones" No, they shouldn't. Why? Because videos play in fullscreen and the on-screen buttons auto-hide. 18:06
  • Do they really?  How do you stop the video when the back button is hidden?  And honestly, having the core OS buttons auto hide adds an additional step in your most basic operations.  As a former UI specialist, this totally sucks. 
  • Why don't you watch the youtube video I linked then?? That'll answer your question. Just one more tap, only while watching videos, isn't the end of the world. lol
  • Same way it works now... Just touch the screen and the controls reappear.
  • U got a nice point.
  • The on-screen butttons are included in the screen dimensions, and this is something I've always hated about Android. It's the #1 reason why I install a custom rom.. to get rid of those and use pie control.
  • Why do successors needs to be larger than its previous? Will successor of Lumia 520 get 4.5"display? I mean, if they continue like that there will no be phones with 4"display.
  • If the rear camera really is 6.1 MP then why is there a bump at the back? Does that mean its slimmer than the 720 or maybe its not really 6.1 MP? What do you think Dan?
  • 6 lenses construction compared to 720's 5? honestly i don't know the truth is. but 925 also has 6 lenses and it has that bump too.
  • Good point. That's also a possibility.
  • A real sucessor is the one that can have the best battery in the x30 series, like the L720 was before 1520 =)
  • I agree, this is a great set of specs. For me the onscreen buttons and there lack of physical camera button are the downers. The camera button was a great differentiator for windows phone... it seems like such a shame to throw it away to save pennies. And onscreen buttons just annoy the hell out of me.
  • Did they said anything about battery? Because Lumia 720 is known for it's good battery life. -Past Lumia 720 owner here-
  • I don't really care for the onscreen buttons...
  • the superselfie phone with no dedicated camera button..... this lil is unacceptable! and they have also downgraded the primary camera.... hope to have a better primary camera and an HD screen resolution    
  • Those aren't onscreen buttons, that's a disguise for the latest innovation, a forward button on the OS.  That's what's rumored to be new about this Debian update.  It's going to be their...and one more thing.
  • If the rear cam was at least 8 MP, i would really consider this phone.
  • Love the 720. Almost exactly a year after I got it I installed the dev preview and its pretty much a new phone. The camera is gorgeous, size is perfect. 512 Ram...what were they thinking. And an 8MP cam wouldn't be a bad deal either. Im torn between saving a few bucks and waiting for the 730 or just ripping into the bank and buying a 1520.
  • Agreed. So long as the screen is 720p (and it comes in cyan) this could be my next phone. As cool as a flagship would be, I'm perfectly content with my 920 and this would actually be a bit of a spec bump if this info is accurate. Excited to see what else we've got in store for the remainder of 2014, I'm assuming/hoping an 830, 1030, 935, and a 7" 1530.
  • The camera on the phone could be 6.7MP not 6.1 i.e similar to the 720.
  • Please, let the 730 have LTE capability - then it would be the perfect combination of price and specs!
  • Put Flash in it and this will truly be a sleeper hit! Not to mention LTE here in the USA on the 735 variant:-)
  • My dream phone!!!!!!!!
  • Yea... It's perfect
  • "Allegedly" perfect.
  • Your "dream phone" isn't a 1520, or 930? Newer high end phones that are to come out later this year?... Maybe those aren't assessable to you, but shouldn't you dream harder?.... Lol!!
  • Thinking what wud L830 be then...
  • I dunno, i just love green so much nowadays. *sigh*
  • I still love my yellow 1520 more, as well as red 920!!
  • I have a red 1520, and 920!!!!!... But, it's cool to see, and hear, about these phones..
  • This is your lucky day - I heard it will also come in black !!!
  • Seems like a perfect phone for the snap happy teenagers?
  • This will be the next best selling phone.
  • It could well be if Microsoft promote it and get decent adverts on tv for it :-)
  • Microsoft should advertise it Aggressively in atleast INDIA because buying Moto's & Xiomi's phones are the new trend as they are worth the cost.
  • Amen
  • 136 GB storage?
  • 128 GB + 8 GB = 136.
  • 128gb micro sd card + 8gb on board storage = 136gb total storage
  • 128 microsd addition + 8...but calculation was wrong it should be 143 Bec now free onedrive is 15gb +3 for camera roll so finally 146gb
  • You could go on and on if you're including off-device storage.
  • Don't forget to exclude the 3gb occupied by the OS
  • 136 + 18 ( 15 OneDrive + 3 camera roll) = 154 ...
  • 128 GB memory card would give you only 120 GB or so.
  • Rolling down hill we go Nokia!
  • Speak for yourself.
  • It's all yours buddy.
  • Looks like a decent phone if priced right. I'm sure many will disagree, but I think the phone design could use a little refresh though. Its a nice safe design, just kinda boring.
  • Uninspiring at best.
  • Pretty low resolution...not sure it's even mid range.  Looks low to me.
  • Lumia 7x is always odd to describe. Upper low end? Lower mid range? Half empty, half fully. It's all subjective and doesn't really matter. What matters are price vs. specs combined with availability.
  • Lower-high
  • No its is a mid tier phone 6xx &5xx are low end phones.
  • I know 720p would be more midrange now.
  • That's where the 830 comes in. Better resolution and specs without breaking the bank .
  • You would think they'd use qHD for such a midrange phone... but then again, onscreen buttons with that resolution aren't supported, are they?
  • Actually, They are. You need a 16:9 ratio for onscreen buttons and qHD has this ratio.
  • How can screen resolution be a matter? It already has enough for a mobile device.
  • There's a HUGE difference between 480 and 720p.
  • Lower end disguised as mid high, sold at premium price. Think a little, Motorola high specs sold at low end price. Buy the phone or by the name.
  • What about that bulge on the camera?? There's none on my 720...!! Probably and hopefully, a better camera..
  • Well they usually dont put 1 gb of ram in unless they need to for the camera
  • Makes sense. Most of the time the bulge means a larger sensor to boast a better resolution camera.
  • or the same resolution with better low light performance.   It's also possible that this phone is thinner than the L720 and the camera is the same.
  • Really superman
  • My next phone. Just as long as it has 1 gb ram.
  • 800x480 holy shit
  • It may be 720P, and likely is, but not able to confirm at this point. These are unconfirmed specs, so hold back on making up your mind yet.
  • Dont forget about qHD Daniel.
  • Yeah it could also be 940*560 which is between 480p and 720p , Microsoft just added 560p to supported resolutions in gdr 1
  • I'm loving it!
  • If this phone has DLNA and Miracast and is priced no higher than the low Two hundreds of will be an instant hit.
  • I can assure you that DLNA and Miracast are present.
  • DLNA , I'm quite sure it will have it because even the 630 have this.
    Micarast , I'm not so sure since only the high end icon/930 and 1520 have it for now
  • 630 have miracast too
  • No Miracast on the 630. I'm sure about it , it has been told in many reviews and also on the official site of Nokia , 630 can only project screen through USB , not throught Miracast , but it does have dlna for sharing to devices via the Nokia play to application
  • I have a 630 and miracast is there, don't know what sites you visit for reviews...
  • Waitaminute... so DLNA and Miracast are more hitmakers? Seriously? I don't think so.
  • DLNA is very useful for sharing images/videos / music to smart tv. So if you have a big 46+ led full HD tv , it's really cool to play videos from your smartphones , the same goes about dlna hi fi speakers
  • Sure, I know what it is.  ;-) I'm just saying that I don't think supporting it means that the phone will be a "an instant hit".  I would wager the percentage of users that even have any idea what it is or how to use it is relatively small, and the percentage who are basing their purchasing decisions on it is much smaller still.
  • It should be September, which can fight against iPhoneShits
  • November is too late. If that's the case MS don't really have any high end phone at the end of this year.
  • Lolzilla
  • Darude-Sandstorm.
  • Lumia 720 is better in every way apart from 512mb ram. It would be nice if they stick on with the same rear camera. 5mp front camera is good but it should not be a factor to increase price and remove already existing features.
  • Well , 720 is dual core 1 ghz and 730 is quad core 1,7 ghz , also not the same gpu , and we don't know yet about the resolution of the 730 , if it is 720p , and if they can somehow price it for 200$ , this could be a very good mid range phone for Nokia
  • Quad-core snapdragon 400's max speed is 1.6 GHz actually, not 1.7, but we don't know if 730 will be at 1.6 GHz. 720 and 730 do have the same GPU; Adreno 305. I don't know about the clock speeds though. EDIT: Found it. Adreno 305 / lumia 720: 400 MHz Adreno 305/ Snapdragon 400 (if 8928): 450 MHz
  • Finally a worthy( if the specs are true) successor to the 720. :)
    I may upgrade from mine. ;)
  • Maybe I'll too. -L920
  • 920 here, No no no we wont. We'll wait for the 830 hopefully ......
  • Hope L830 would be better as Microsoft will have some big compromise in it as L930 is just launched & they would don't want L830 to interfere in L930's sales.
  • Please tell me it won't have Glance...  At least it will make me feel better about my Icon :D
  • It does have Glance.
  • Thanks... F'en Nokia/Microsoft mid range devices get microSD support and Glance and the higher end 929/930 gets neither...
  • Couldn't agree with you more, this is a very questionable product management by Microsoft. It's just one of these points where I feel the people making those decisions do not use Windows Phones. Glance is a massive feature for people who care about being as productive as possible, so you certainly have to include this feature for your flagship device.
  • Except for the whole carrier exclusive crap... I cannot see why Microsoft cannot product a limited amount of phones to encompass all income classes and create new models each year like (gulp) iPhone and Andriod Nexus does.  It's much simpler for the consumer and it gives breathing room to work on awesome specs for each device. There's about 15 devices in total in at least the US!  I think this is WAY overkill for a company to produce that many phones.
  • Hey iPhone are always high end.
  • Well you have the iPhone 5c which is sort of mid range And I was taking about new models (not range of the model) each year where as there are new Lumia's are just about 1 every other month.
  • Agree that Glance should be essential. Idiocy to leave it out, especially on a high end phone. But then, I feel the same way about wireless charging and AT&T seems to disagree. They always have to fuck with something to screw every model up.
  • It's gooood......but it's not quite carling
  •   I guess it should be announced in few weeks, according to earlier leaks.
  • Awesome!!!!!
  • My next buy from 720
  • Would be perfect... Only the screen res could be better...
  • 720 pixels is good one almost full HD
  • 720 is perfect for 4.3-4.8" 1080p on 4.3-4.8" just makes no sense as u can't even tell the difference.
  • Okay. This will be the best selling phone. Beware samesung
  • LOLOLOL. I want what you're smoking. Ironic you use "samesung" yet this looks just like the Icon/930, 1520 & 630.
  • Samsung has been having the same design since 2010. Nokia designs vary vastly, at least much much more than samesung
  • Actually I want what you smoking... on second thoughts, no...'coz I don't want to be so stoned that the Lumia 730 should look like Icon, 1520 et al. Stupid comment. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • A poor man's superman in price hopefully
  • How's battery life and capacity? I hope it's better or at least on par with it's predecessor...
  • I wont buy it if its only FWVGA on a 4.7" screen. It needs to be at least qHD or 720p for it to be remotely competitive with others on the market.
  • Well the resolution make it worth less come on 4.7 with that is total rubbish
  • I wish it comes with an HD next phone will for sure be a windows phone, but with a screen of ppi more than 330 and ram more than 1GB
  • Ugh, if only it didn't look like a kids my first phone. The Lumia design has become ugly and stale pretty quickly.
  • Um, it will most likely get black and white colour variants as well.  Lots of people love the colour options though.  I hope there's orange and yellow as well.  I do love green, just wish it were a different shade.
  • Yeah, they're only going for bright colours, I really wonder where someone who preferred a red or cyan will go.
  • I would like to buy this one.How much price of it(expecting)??
  • Its not a Super phone like the 1520 so why call it superman? It should be called batgirl
  • In case you have not noticed, codenames have no bearing on reality. They are simply codenames. This is why I roll my eyes every time we post codenames and people try to "decipher" what it could mean. They are meaningless, that is the point of a codename! If you could discern properties of a secret devices by its internal name, it defeats the purpose.
  • But maybe, due to good specs for price, they thought it will sell as fast as superman can fly!
  • Superman's S means hope, this phone is their hope to gain some market share.
  • They mainly named this phone "superman" for the 5mp front camera! The first ever lumia to have such a hi res front cam. Sth "super" ryt :D
  • They are hoping it sells well like the 520/521.
  • And still no 620 successor. Maybe the 830...   I'm losing hope.
  • The 630/635 is the successor a terrible one but a successor. I'm hoping the 820 successor is pretty good
  • It's less powerful, has less features and is twice as large. That's a successor in name only.   I'm talking about an actual successor to the idea of the 620. What I mean is a small and handy device with decent specs. Not the absolute low end like the 530 or 630 and definitely none of the new trend for ridiculous screen sizes. They have to have at least one 620-like device in their portfolio for the new lineup. Otherwise they will lose many customers. My sister is currently riled up because of a similar situation with Apple. If their next phone doesn't provide a version as small as the 4S, she won't be able to buy one. And I can guarantee you that we aren't the only ones.   I can't even comprehend where the hell you'd put a modern smartphone. I got a 620 partially because my 900 was barely containable in my pocket and limited my range of motion in some situations. A 5" device would flat-out break from flexing.
  • This is the 620's successor. 530 was the successor to the x devices, 630 is the successor to the 520 devices.
  • It has nothing in common with 620, aside from, possibly, price point and hardware performance. I had the same theory, but the 730 crushed it.
  • Waiting for this! Windows phone didn't grow much only bcoz of lack of mid-range phones.. We saw 52x and 92x, but no 72x or 82x.. Ppl these days look for phones having all the features they want at reasonable prices.. Look at Moto G.. But nevertheless, we now have a mid-ranger
  • Damn. What am I going to do with my 635 I just got??
  • Your dilemma is fully justified. Look at mine. I own a one year old 620. I want to upgrade. But now the 920/925/1020 are second class devices,the 1520 is still to expensive and 630/35 are worthless. Its Windows Phone 7 all over again. Original WP8 can be updated, but they'll miss out on features due to last gen hardware. If I was on Android (Like that would ever happen, WP all the way!) I'd just get something like an S4 or One M7 or Xperia Z, cuz they are still pretty relevant with good hardware. Microsoft should have known that. Now effectively, all x20 series devices are last gen. I was planning to get a 925....but the bleak prospect of future updates and hardware limitations means ill have to hold out for this or an 830. Oh well. WP all the way.
  • 920 is still quite relevant IMHO
  • Return it back to the store you purchase it from.  Hopefully it is Best Buy or Amazon! 
  • It should be lesser than 20K here in India. If so, I am buying it for sure. Always wanted to get a 720 but 512MB of RAM held me back. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • If price right (say arnd ₹14-15k or 200-250usd) this phone should outsell all other windows phone.....
  • Minimum price would be 17k because of the premium materials used Carl Zeiss lens,Front cam(5mp),Gorilla glass 3,Clear black display,polarization filter,Microsoft's own profit(Nokia). Max should be under 25k.
  • I think it will be under 20k...
  • It should be under 20k considering the point Xiomi now has the hottest selling phone & the Moto's.
  • It should be priced At 220$ maximum
  • Pretty sure the x30 and x35 distinction is not on the basis of single-sim or dual-sum. Rather it's on the basis of non-LTE and LTE enabled. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • 720p should def be on it.. If they go with a lower resolution it won't be as big of a hit. Go 720p!!!!!! I'll even buy one as a back up phone!
  • It should have a 720p screen & why will you think of purchasing a backup phone? It has dual sim.
  • waiting to see price, wanna get my mom windows phone, was thinking 630 but this seems great
  • My wife cracked her 720 screen so I bought her a 521. She has never forgiven me ever since. Maybe I'll buy her this and she'll let me sleep on the bed again.
  • XD where do u sleep now.?
  • He doesn't sleep to much; if he see his wife coming at him and yelling - you cheapskate! 
  • Xd my friend had his Lumia 720 fully busted as it fell from 17th floor.He is using L625 now feel pity for him.
  • I'm going to throw in another possibility for screen resolution: qHD (540x960) especially since it's supported on 8.1 Update. And I think the camera is 6.7 MP and not 6.1MP. Either way, I don't think this phone is going to AT&T and it couldn't replace my 920. 
  • Could be on both accounts, details are fuzzy right now.
  • perfect phone for my daughter...Id go lower end for her (first phone), but no flash or ffc kinda stop that.  the ffc for skype/video chat:)
  • Maybe my 2nd phone. I have L720 and i love it so much. How i wish it have a clearblack display so that the 720p look awesome.
  • Quite good phone again, but some one said to me that it will not have proxy sensors, and other core sensors which are in 630 to track motion! Also no glance screen.
    This article says it is simier so what shall I think. Cause I found it deserving once again.! Will wait for this phone.
  • There's no way it ain't getting Glance screen because it will have a lcd screen.It will maybe have no proximity sensor there are 50-50% chances of not having it.About the sensor core i have no idea of it personally speaking it is more of a gimmick because Microsoft don't seem to give more updates for it to run smoothly & battery efficiently.
  • Yes, you are right. Let see. Thnks for reply!
  • Your welcome.Sleep now 5mins to 12:00. :)
  • Lol.
  • Wow those specs...are a not impressed
  • DAFUQ it is more like a perfect successor.What else to expect Faster newer processor 1gb of ram *Finally* 5mp front cam.
  • Oh, it needs to have CBD at least. Otherwise I am out. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Why its still named Nokia in Case Cover...Its makes us to believe that it's a fake
  • Dual-SIM capability is a HUGE attractive in emerging markets -- like here in Brazil. This phone will be a hit!
  • I still love my lumia 1520
  • Will look forward to upgrade my 625 to 735
  • Gotta stick with my 720 until the end of any updates it can get and witness it's true capabilities, cos i love torturing my 720 >:)
  • Me too
  • A woth Lumia buying.
  • +720
  • Awesome specs.. I think it'll be priced around 20k to 25k... The codename SuperMan will put this phone in the hands of majority users.
  • Add HD resolution and is the perfect phone for me. I'll buy this next year when I get bored with my 720.
  • I wish the lumia 730 comes out with 4.3 inches screen and responsive button with lime colour it would be awesome!
  • this 1gb ran is something which nokia failed n lost the game with 512 mb ran for mid range phone but unfortunately stupid decision of providing wireless charging things...else they shud hav provided 1 bb ram...unfortunately 720 is a looser in market....
  • Back camera 6.1 MP or 20MP please confirm it.because its camera look like same as 1520
  • you will never have a 20 MP ZEISS on a midrange phone *facepalm*
  • The 854x480 resolution may kill the phone no matter what a price Nokia will set. Frankly even 960x540 pixels wouldnt satisfy me.
  • May be MS can even concentrate on Superman colours (blue and red)... Kind of a dual shot (like L620)
  • The most exciting bit about this to me is the return of the more traditional Lumia design with rounded sides and tapered edges. I am really not a fan of the 630 and 930/Icon that look like 1980's style boxes. Hopefully we will see more devices with this general housing design going forward.
  • It looks like they recycled the 1020 design, minus the camera hump.
  • And the 1020 design was based on Nokia N9
  • What price are you thinking it will be??
  • I think it will be 500$ or more
  • Way too high, half that maybe
  • Using 720 now and all upgrade i have wanted comes in lumia 73x. Has to be my next Lumia.
  • 128Gb @@ So expensive to buy this
  • if this has wireless charging, it will be my next phone
  • How confused will we all become when talking about a 720 screen (the resolution from the Lumia 720) and a 720 screen (720 lines of resolution)? Can't wait to see people get fired up in arguments only to find out they are referring to the same thing. Makes me wonder: What is more expensive given the same resolution? A 4.7" screen with higher pixel density or a 5" screen that is less dense?
  • Yuck! Screen resolution sucks! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Thanks to virtual buttons :)
  • If this phone's not 720p, they've shot themselves in the foot.
  • This is definitely the moto G's killer!!!! it is perfect!!!
  • Moto g killer is mi 3.dont compare crapdroids to WP.
  • My first WP was the Lumia 710 and I loved it! Looking forward to upgrade from my Lumia 625 to this one! I love cheap good Smartphone under 200-250$!
  • I Love my Lumia 720 and it's camera .... GREAT to see it's successor .... ^_*
  • I hope it Will be dust and water proof
  • I like the sharp ege conners
  • On screen key and (if) no camera shutter key is a deal breaker for me. Typical Nokia. Omitting things as usual. But, if priced right, I can see it overcoming my hate for on screen buttons.
    Let's hope Tesla or 830 doesn't make the same mistake.
  • Sounds like a powerful phone
  • This phone seems near PERFECT for WP. Not too big screen, perfect specs, all that's needed now is a decent price in India ;)
  • It will surely boost up wp market... :)
  • Can someone explain why emerging markets care so much about dual SIM? The only reason I can think of is work/home, which would make it seem just as attractive in the US. I honestly don't get it.
  • Dual sim is very helpful. Especially in India we have certain networks which provide cheap callling tariff and then there are some that provide cheap internet plans. So I personally I think that most of us one sim for calls and messages and the other for using the internet. :)
  • Really? I've fu*ki g seen people with around 10 simcards and chinese phones with quad-sim slots. YES YOU READ CORRECT! #thisworldisrotten
  • If it provides 1080p resolution with snapdragon 400 processor and priced abt 14000 ₹ in india ,im the first one to buy it
  • If it has that I'll make all my friends switch to WP. ;)
  • Stop dreaming its Nokia not a cheap ass China company & having a 1080p display on a 4.7" display makes no sense as it is not required 720p is better. Regarding processor it will have a Snapdragon 400/600 Quad processor for sure.
  • If it has all the mentioned specs along with a glance screen this will be the perfect upgrade for me. Currently using a 520. Thought of upgrading to the 630 but it wasn't an exciting prospect because of the 512MB RAM. Just hope the pricing is between 16,000-18,000.
  • It will have glance screen if it has Lcd display.Hope it is priced between 17-25k lesser would be better.
  • Lumia 520 uses LCD and have no Glance
    Lumia 1020 uses AMOLED and have Glance knows your facts straight
  • Lumia 930 doesn't has Glance screen because it has OLED display not AMOLED & L520 has the hardware to support Glance screen but NOKIA choose not to enable because they didn't wanted L620's sales to be poor.
  • you're welcome :)
  • I think it will be around 16-18k ... :)
  • It has to be within that range to withstand the competition.
  • Do anybody know what the 5 dots near the flash is? Microphone?
  • Took a minute to notice on my L920 yes they are microphones expect good audio quality as it is placed well in the direction of sound. :)
  • just keep it priced right and it will be a game changer.  
  • If this is the selfie phone, shouldn't it have at least a camera button?
  • That's exactly how I think, it's necessary.  Hopefully it will have wireless charging, because I cannot see the three dots that the 720 has.
  • too good to be true, I mean too good to be on the same level of 720. now trying to figure out what it lacks of when compared to the 720: smaller battery? worse screen? smaller aperture? or perhaps its gonna be more expensive?
  • Nice?
  • Is NFC dead? Would love to see a kickstand for any new Windows Phone device soon. Technically it should not be a big deal to design something comparable.
  • No news for any higher end devices?
  • Daniel need an option to tag friends like in Facebook & YouTube. :)
  • If it provides 1080p resolution with snapdragon 400 processor and priced abt 14000 ₹ in india ,im the first one to buy it
  • 1080 or not match Moto G price i am buyin it
  • How do you know it will b 14k ? If you are right then it will be the perfect price for the perfect phone... Cant wait :)
  • If its priced at 14k I'm so upgrading....using a 720 with cracked screen...lucky I decided to wait a few months before going for some other phone or repairing 720..!!
  • There will never be 1080p for this phone. Mostly it will be 720p
  • I love windows phone. I prefer smaller screen than 4,5"++. I don't want an entry-level or low-end phone. How can I get one? HTC?
    Well thank God at least there's still "Nokia" brand written on it.
  • Still comes with NOKIA logo. Funny.
  • The first "Nokia by Microsoft" will be tesla, its been told.
  • 480p? Oh cmon cmoooooon *facepalm*
  • any info on launch date
  • It is written Fall. But November is the fall as well. And it may not be launched around the world  simultaneously. So you had better be pessimistic. Sorry...
  • Hope they release it in cyan. What's up with the nasty looking green? 
  • The "6.1 MP rear camera" can't be right. The image shows a camera "bump" on the back. No way you would need to have a bump that large (or any bump) for such a trivially low-res camera. Must be a mistake.
  • The phone might be thin, so the hump is understandable...
  • This little fella' looks a lot more to the successor of the Lumia 620/625, just like the 630 it's more comparable to a 520 successor.
    Meaby the 830 or something like that it's going to be an actual successor to the 720 and 820.
    Just saying. But I like this, have a 4.7" screen, just like my Lumia 625, better resolution, a more powerful hardware, a slightly better camera, a perfect successor, yesh indeed.
  • They really know how to make us wanna buy all of their phones:
    1020: Best camera, no sd support, bad battery.
    720: Best battery life, sd support, low ram.
    1520: Good camera, excellent screen, too massive, sd support, amazing battery.
    930: Beautiful design, decent battery, awesome screen, no sd, no glance.
    730: Nice design, possible decent screen, sd support, best ffc yet, mid range specs
  • Here is the dream phone (in my opinion) 925/930 design with 930 size, 720 thinness, 1520 battery, 730 ffc, sd support, glance, 1020 rear cam, 930 internals, built-in Surface style VapourMg kickstand and 720 or 1520 speaker. What do you think?
  • I think all manufacturers avoid making such a perfect smartphone. Otherwise all the other their models would stay on shelfes... 
  • Why not? The flagship model should be worth it!
  • Today flagships have 5+ inches Full HD displays that is not nice for me. Im sure a 4,5 hd display is quite enough for smartphones.
  • Great thinking
  • this phone will surely boost up the wp market ... Just a perfect phone... Cant wait for it... Any expected price ??
  • I hate phablets... 5' screen size is a decent one.. More than that its like a skate board :/
  • Shut up and take my money
  • id those specs are real and they price it at 250-300usd i could say thats the best bang for the buck ever on a wp
  • I want a high quality flagship on att not some selfie machine with awful specs! Just saying 1520 is too big for me I've been saying this for like a year now sad I'm gonna get fed up one day and switch, I'm waiting Microsoft!
  • can't you just get a phone on another carrier, or get one unlocked?
  • I'm on att and I have a upgrade why would I pay $500+ on a phone when I can pay $100-200! No logic
  • Sorry, but I am really failing in understanding why you can't get a phone on another carrier
  • If exchange offer is available for 720. 730 it should be fine
  • So the 830 might be an updated 920? 8 mega pixel camera, quad core, maybe 2 gig ram, and 720p screen?
  • Please be at least 720p...even though someone will still complain it's not 1080p =P
  • This is my next phone replacing my oldish nl620
  • Well I'm a Lumia 720 owner and I like the configuration but I want all three hardware button and camera hardware button with Glance and then it is true successor to Nokia Lumai 720.
  • 520 - 530
    620 - 630
    720 - 730
    820 - 830
    920 - 930
    1020 - 1030
    1320 - 1330
    1520 - 1530 exchange is better for Lumia devices
  • MICROSOFT: Canada wants the 730!!!
  • What's Lumia debian red??
  • I guess this is a killer to Android mid level phones. Just excited to see me "SELFIEing"
  • I hope the higher end when ever it comes out has a micro slot and physical buttons. As well as 32gb on board storage. With the usual spec bumps as well.
  • If it is cheap compared to its android counterparts it is good for Ms but without any doubt i am buying this one. If priced right
  • Should be a winner with those specs. Can't wait to see what the 830 packs
  • It capture market easily
    It sold more confirm
    Nokia 520 user loves it because we wait combination of quad core and 1 gb ram.
    It is only another one which rival with Lumia 520
  • On screen buttons and NO camera button is all to keep it in mid-range. I Respect that but, why do Developing country people fu*ki g need two sims? I end up getting a bloody unnecrssary sim slot and a messed up OS >:(
    This World is rotten!
    please! single sim version!
  • I don't get it. Those specs are low-end. The Moto G packs exactly those specs for $179. That's how much the Lumia 630 costs. For $300 mid range phone, the specs need to be better. 720p, snapdragon 800 (which remember is old now), 8-13mp camera, 1GB ram is ok, and 16GB Internal. Remember for $350 you can also get a Nexus 5 and for $300 the Oppo equivalent with 2GB ram, 1080p, snapdragon 801, etc... I think this phone needs to be under $250 to be popular. 
  • The 630 costs 50$.
  • This phone will be hit in India.
  • More phones Microsoft, be like Android! Don't worry about your OS, application and store!
    P.S. You need only two devices : low-cost and premium.
  • Not my replacement for my 920, come on Nokia, you can do better...
  • Everything is absolutely perfect a 720p display would be like cherry on the cake,now all Microsoft needs to do is price it right and boom we might be looking at another 520
  • I feel that the 730 is gonna be the most sold phone in the x30 serie
  • That's mah phone! Let's just hope it's not very expensive.
  • This phone seems like a decent upgrade for people with lower version than the 720, but I'm hoping MS releases a powerful flagship phone this year. It will go nicely with my phone upgrade. Seriously, though we need a high end phone with mouth watering specs
  • Is this specifications is true...Then this will be a great hit like lumia 520 specially because of 1gb ram.
  • I'd like to switch from my 720 to 730 ;)
  • No one should be buying a phone with 512MB RAM in 2014. I had a phone with 512MB in 2011. If you do, you should be fully aware of the gaming restrictions. The L730 (If specs are true) should be perfect for those who want a no compromise device on a budget.
  • 930 keeps on looking like the real deal...meh
  • The Lumia 930 doesn't support HSPA over AWS, so not good for T-Mobile, Wind, Mobilicity, Roam Mobility, etc. I waited until after the 930's release to upgrade, but went with the Lumia 1520 because it supports the five frequencies in use in North America for GSM (700MHz, 850MHz, PCS, AWS, and BRS) and does so over both HSPA and LTE. Well, the Latin American version does, the AT&T version doesn't. The 1520.3/RM-938 is the ultimate roaming phone in North and Central America, save for its lack of dual-SIM.
  • Dear MS, what is your marketing tactic to not include SD Card slots in every phone? So called midrange and high end should ALL have them. SIM keep shrinking and there's plenty of room for less than a dime-size object. Is this to force OneDrive use? I DONT GET IT!! Fucking odiots.
  • I don't think this one has no SD card expansion
  • It does. I'm speaking generally
  • How to take the so famous selfies without a dedicated camera button? Just with the Glam Me app?
  • A smash hit in India declared...... With above specification..... I think L720 still can give most beautiful phones a run for their money.
  • If its a "selfie" phone, I hope the shutter button can be remotely accessed by Bluetooth so that those selfie accessories like monopods and remote shutters will work too. Those are available in iPhones and Android devices.
  • 1GB of ram yes ! As a mid-range phone and at least 720 p HD with widows 8.1 perfect in my book : ) Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Now am sure to buy this
  • Only one last step, the price, lets hope they don't overprice it as it could be a really good competitor with the Moto g
  • I don't get the onscreen buttons.  Are touch buttons really that expensive that we should eliminate them?   At some point I'm going to have to replace my 920, and I may have actually considered this but for those onscreen buttons. (Although I find myself using teh 920s camera a lot, so I probably want something with a similar camera.)
  • Please come in a dual-sim version with the five North American frequencies! Many of us with single-SIM flagships would buy this as a second phone for travelling between the U.S. and Canada. Millions of people travel between the U.S. and Canada every day! We need a phone with 700MHz, 850MHz, PCS (1900MHz), AWS (1700/2100MHz), and BRS (2600MHz). HSPA and LTE too, since some of those frequencies are LTE-only and getting a signal is the most important consideration when roaming. I could live with 512MB, crappy cameras, a slower processor, or a higher price tag to get it dual-SIM/dual-pentaband.
  • The battery?
  • Price it fairly, heck if I were Microsoft, I would even price it at a break even point because with a decent price tag, this phone will be a major hit, guarandamnteed
  • We are crying about cyan...but, Debian Red!
  • And of's huge.
    Hey Microsoft, we need a SMALL phone alternative with good specs! Enough with the phablets.
  • are you a kid with tiny hands?
    4.7 ain't THAT big, even for an Asian whom generally have smaller hands
  • I love my 720, will consider upgrade to 730. Hope 730 have 720P and camera button. Price around or below US$300
  • 720 was my first windowsphone until 1020 arrived. To me it was financial wisdom to purchase it over the 920. Now the 730 is crowning it all up. I'll definitely get this too for my wife.
  • Please come to T-Mobile.
  • If it came with 16gb I would buy!
  • 14,599 indian rupee
  • The Lumia 1020 has spoiled me. Can't see myself with a camera less than 20MP now.
  • I do need camera button , if it's a selfie phone, you should have camera button. 
  • Wtf ???? 6.1 rest camera ?? , the 720 had a 6.7 , I'm sure its 8 cuz the 830 with come with 13 pure iew
  • Waiting for the 725 or 825! Should have at least two internal memory configurations (8 and 16 GB).
  • I don't like it. Its still too weak. I'm starting to hate Lumia devices. All the WP8 Lumia are a fail. Tired of waiting. Now I remember why I left Nokia for other OEMs in the past. I'm stuck with this POS 1020, that should of had a better processor to begin with, until WP9. The 730 is the best they are going to release this fall, sad. I'm going to switch to HTC. I buy a new phone every year anyway so who cares about their weak support. At least their devices have what I want. And I flipped a coin to decide whether or not to buy the 1520, tails, not buying.
  • To weak?? It's a midrange device, priced around 200/250 Euro it would do great here in Europe. There is a new flagship phone and its called the Lumia 930/Icon. It sure can go hold its own against the HTC M8 WP edition. You can bitch all you wanf, but the fact is they need marketshare bad, and the only way to make marketshare is to conquer the developing markets. To do so, you need a amazing midrange device, at a cheap price, Microsoft gets that! For the high end buyers they have the 930 and 1520. The low end 530, 630 and 635. They need to release New middengedeelte devices, that is the only part of the lumia line that did'nt got a 2014 refreshment. Good to see the try :-) Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • How much will it be priced in India
  • The processor won't be above 1.4 GHz quad core , cuz the 1.6 GHz quad core will be for 830
  • The 830 won't have a Q400 SoC. Adreno 305 on 2nd best device ? Not a chance.
  • If this is the 730 I'm excited for the 830.
  • Phone looks very nice. And it has got Carl Zeiss optics :)
  • The same 6.1MP camera disappointing, at least it should be 8MP
  • L720 was anything but disappointing. We'll have to wait and see.
  • Amber, Black, Cyan, Debian Red and the next is E......., ABCDE.....Z
  • Debian Red is the codename
  • May be it will be E for Emerald...
  • Will pick this one does it have LTE.
  • Probably not.
  • Tempting.. But I have hard time resisting the 930. Maybe the 830 will make take the plunge. 720 owner.
  • This is not exciting me. I'll wait for the 830 and if it has no camera and capacitive buttons, I'm going to buy a 925 instead. Last year's high end is this year's best midrange.
  • ? Selfie-centric but no camera button?  Do these guys have a clear strategy or do they just need to get a 700-series phone out the door? Why would you remove the feature (dedicated camera button) that helps distinguish your phones from the rest - especially with a photo centric (to the extent that selfies are photography) unit like this?
  • Does iPhone has a dedicated camera button as that phone is mostly used for taking selfies in the world......?? Just saying.
  • No. Why?
  • Cuz that phone is mostly used for talking selfies around the world WITHOUT A CAMERA BUTTON! So stop whining...
  • Sonny, if Lumias are just like iPhones, people will just buy iPhones.  The trick when you enter a market late is to differentiate yourself from the market leaders so people see the advantages you offer. There's your free marketing lesson for the day. Go back to your mommie's basement.
  • you both have valid points...
    I think the omission of shutter button is due to the cost; this is a midrange phone, so MSFT wouldn't want to spend too much to manufacture of they're going to keep its price low and that's YOUR free marketing lesson for today
  • I completely get the cost thing but not with a photo-centric phone. Why would you make a selfie-centric phone that takes two hands to operate - one to hold the phone and one to tap the screen to capture the shot when you could just have a camera button you can squeeze as you hold the phone?  When you do that, you eliminate the unique selling proposition that a selfie phone with it's very own selfie button would offer.
  • I honestly think that photo-centric phone is something like the 1020: great main camera and not the secondary if this 730 is going to be super thin, I'm sure you won't have much trouble selfie-ing with only one hand
  • Please Please Plese come to the US with a price tag around 150 or less
  • WTF !
    Why you release another tablet ?
    I want a phone !
    It better has a 720p resolution, otherwise another Nokia/ms hardware fail ! If this does not get glance, the fail will be epic.
  • I don't think anybody is worried that this won't get Glance
  • Impressive specs! Looking forward to some new Windows phones this fall!
  • I have just put a hold for buying lumia 925 32GB edition since i jave heard this is coming out. If it is 1GB ram i'll go for it. It will be around 280$ i guess.
    Finger crossed ✌
  • Why hold out? The L925 32g will still be the better handset.
  • If it has Qi charging with or without a separate cover, I'll get one.
  • its amazing Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • The only thing I'm not liking is no camera button.  I'm not liking this trend.
  • Me too. I can confirm its a pain not to have it on the 630.
  • Finally. A phone I like Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Guys, what will you be saying if this phone has a 854x480 display?
  • "oh well"
  • Microsoft/Nokia 8GB of Storage internal!  That is a third world specification type smartphone.   How much more would doubling the RAM be $3-$4 dollars?  I know you can get a micro SD card.  But has WP 8.1 make it able to save apps into the SD Card?   I know in 8.0; you could only save data, music files and that about it!
  • Yes, you can save apps on the SDCard in WP8.1
  • I may upgrade to 730 if it is available either on T-Mobile or comes in an unlocked model.  I not crazy about the exclusivity marketing based on specific Lumia model.  I think it hurts instead of helps the marketing because most in store cell phone sales people have there set of phones they like to sell.  And most have never even used a WP model so how can you sell it?
  • Yes you can save apps to the SD card now.
  • Yaaaas!! This confirm 830 will have 2GB same as 930.
  • I don't think so , maybe 1.5 , when they release another high end phone , the 930 will be a mid to high end it wont be a high end anymore !
  • it's amazing how this is something to be impressed by for windows phones users.
  • This phone has an impressive specs. I'll surely consider it if it's priced around $300 - $350
  • If the reports about the specifications of this Lumia 73x is true and if it is priced at the right price.. Then this phone can be the game changer! Other mid-range phones are gonna have a hard time!!
  • am i the only one who thinks Nokia firmwares in testing phase have better names than final releases?
    Bittersweet Shimmer* - Black
    Cherry Blossom - Cyan
    Debian Red - (some simpler name) *this is my favorite! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • November? That means India will get it by January because it is Microsoft. When are they ever on time...
  • Saw this phone in orange in some leaks looks stunning! patiently waiting for this phone to release hopefully they don't delay its release in India and keep the camera button :D
  • Am a die hard fan of Nokia n its Lumia series. Nokia did some big mistakes (in my point of view) on price tags n products launch times. Wen compare to its competitors (both OS n manufactures), Nokia's price little higher. This is why Nokia has came down. So hereafter it should not not happen. They must launch their products at right time too. So fix the right price for 730 n launch it soon.
  • Am a die hard fan of Nokia n Lumia series. Nokia did some big mistakes on its price tag n products launch time (market availability also). When compared to its competitors (both OS n manufactures), its price was little high. And products availability also too late. So MS must consider this issue n fix right price n must launch 730 very soon.
  • "No dedicated camera button" - that just sucks! But this is a perfect example of how a successor should be! Unlike the 530 & 630!
  • This 730 is not a worth successor of the 720. Poor back camera - 6.1MP and no camera button too... Loses the real features from the Lumia720.. mite b a real failure
  • I want to buy this
  • The perfect phone but i hope the pricing is good else it won't beat the low end phones.
  • Are they kidding me? Of course it HAS to be 1 GB RAM & 720p, otherwise how can they compete with Moto G?
  • On screen buttons.. qHD supports only 15:9.. But onscreen button needs 16:9.. So it may be the same resolution of Lumia 630 or may be higher.. Wait for the best...
  • I think it's 126 GB not 136 GB .
  • I see there are no Qi connectors on the back like on 720. Not that I like adding a charging cover to my phone but that's a downgrade. I really hope it has a HD screen. FWVGA would look horrible on 4.7 inch. I'm waiting for L830 myself and hope it's a better value for money than 930.
  • I love WP! After being a iPhone person and playing with android, WP 8.1 is wonderful. With that being said there is one huge problem, apps. The apps don't feel, finished, is the way I would put it. Come on get the devs to step up Microsoft!!!!
  • appears what my nxt wp be like... perfect! i would have opted for a 625 bcause its not too pricey but the front cam is awful. glad i saw this. i hope it'll be released by Q4.
  • Aaarrgh, can they please stop calling phones with an improved front facing cam "selfie phones"? At first I thought it was just Huawei's ridiculous marketing trick (I laughed my balls off the first time they said it on TV), but it should not, repeat, should not be a term to describe a phone. It was only just about time they started improving the cam up front, but no need for such a silly label! Please don't make this the next "phablet"
  • I like this phone, but of course they removed a great feature like the camera button.
  • This will feature FWVGA resolution.. Because of onscreen buttons... qHD doesn't support 16:9 ratio for on screen buttons..
  • Am die hard fan of Nokia, WP n Lumia. Nokia did some big mistakes on its price n product launch (market availability). Wen compared to its competitors (both OS n manufacturers), Nokia's product price is little high. So at least here after Nokia n MS must consider these issues very seriously. For 730, it must be launched very soon.
  • Am die hard fan of Nokia, WP n Lumia. Nokia did some big mistakes on its price n product launch (market availability). Wen compared to its competitors (both OS n manufacturers), Nokia's product price is little high. So at least here after Nokia n MS must consider these issues very seriously. For 730, it must be launched very soon.
  • Am die hard fan of Nokia, WP n Lumia. Nokia did some big mistakes on its price n product launch (market availability). Wen compared to its competitors (both OS n manufacturers), Nokia's product price is little high. So at least here after Nokia n MS must consider these issues very seriously. For 730, it must be launched very soon.
  • Hmm this looks like the perfect phone for casual iphone users :P since majority of them touch the screen to take pictures. Who play some games (which are available on Windows phone), use whatsapp, calls, sms / imessage. I know basic iphone users I mean proper basic, no apps, just sms / imessage, calls and can't use facetime... they only have an iphone because people said it is "Gooooood". Honestly the amount of money they would save on a annual basis by sticking to a phone like the 520...
  • Why do they always have to ruin a phone experience by removing the photo button ? Just bought 630 for my wife (she had a 520 before) and she just can't live without that button. Whoever came up with this idea should be fired.
  • on GSMArena they say it has a 8MP back camera , Having a 5MP and 8 MP back with a 720p Screen doesnt quite make it a budget smartphone 
  • Just make sure that 1gb RAM is on board.
  • Kinda dumb to not put a 720p display on this and the Lumia 830. They should have 2 phones with 512MB & 480p (Lumia 530/630), 2 phones with 1GB & 720p (Lumia 730/830), and 2 phones with 2GB 1080p (Lumia 930/1030). Here's how I would do the 2014 lineup of phones: Lumia 530 - 4GB 512MB 480p 4" 5MP ~$50
    Lumia 630 - 8GB 512MB 480p 4.5" 5MP ~$100
    Lumia 730 - 8GB 1GB 720p 4.7" 6MP ~$200
    Lumia 830 - 16GB 2GB 720p 4.7" 13MP ~$300
    Lumia 930 - 32GB 2GB 1080p 5" 20MP ~$400
    Lumia 1030 - 64GB 3GB 1080p 5" 40MP ~$600
  • Should I upgrade my 720 to 730 or wait for 1520 successor ?
  • Sounds like a great phone (depending on what the price is) but not having a dedicated camera button just plain sucks.  I don't know about others but I almost always use that button whenever I take pictures with my phone.  Not having it is a big,big black mark against it.  Unless the price is really low, I won't be considering this phone.  I hope they stop this trend of releasing phones without the dedicated button.