Nokia Lumia Live augmented reality stunt in Sydney [Video]

A video capture of the augmented reality event in Sydney has been uploaded to YouTube showing the stunt in action with a member of the public having a go. The dance-off was with Australia’s Got Talent and now local recording star Timomatic, who was also present at the event for signing and promoting the event.

As well as this event, there are two more lined up this month in Brisbane and Melbourne so be sure to head on down.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I like the fact that it's promotion. But for some reason I don't like it.
  • It was good to see some love given to WP7 in Sydney. This just seemed underwhelming.
  • I went along, there was a lot of people there having a look and getting in on the fun.
    It is a shame that Nokia didnt maximise their presence by having some stands there for people to actually find out about the phone and use it. Hoping that they do a bit more in Melbourne at the event there, and continue doing the media blanket like they are in Sydney!