Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, no carrier logos allowed?

Interesting news coming out of Italy concerning the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phones. Internal sources are reporting that carriers will not be able to brand either of these phones with their corporate logo. The only logo allowed will be Nokia's.

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Italian carriers Telecom Italy, 3 Italy, Vodafone and Wind are all preparing to offer the Nokia Windows Phones but without their company logos. Carriers will be able to brand the Lumia Windows Phone through customized software such as AT&T's software suite or a custom hub.  A virtual branding of sorts.

With carrier influence being a little more passive overseas than here in the States, we could see this going either way.  While there was no indication if this restriction will extend to the U.S. carriers do you think we could see an AT&T Lumia 920 or T-Mobile Lumia 820 without any carrier logos this Fall?  If so, is that such a bad thing?

Source: Windows Phone Italy (opens in new tab) via: wmpoweruser (opens in new tab)

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  • Good. The logos ruin the look. I am not giving them free advertising.
  • The AT&T logo on the Lumia 900 doesn't bother me at all. It's very small and discrete. The Verizon 4G LTE logo on the HTC 8X is another matter.
  • The upside of a broken screen is that the replacement screen doesn't have a logo on it.
  • Yeah, but from the pics it looks like it's limited to the back. I much prefer that, even if the logo ends up bigger on the back, it's not something I'll be looking at all the time like the screen. Plus it's down at the bottom part of the phone where your hand will covering it most of the time anyway.
  • That and those horrible boxes the carriers supply. WTF was up with that tasteless Lumia 900 box? Ugh...
  • Yeah, I hate AT&T's orange and white boxes.  I know it's just a box that you're gonna look at for a day or two, but I don't understand why they think their boxes look nice. As far as the logo goes, I don't realy mind it on my Focus, but it would be better if it weren't there at all.
  • As an old at&t employee the only OEMs that can change at&t's boxes are iPhone, Samsung, and for some reason BlackBerry.
  • Sweet
  • As less crap on my Lumia 920 as possible please.
  • Boy, I sure hope this is true.
  • This is great news! i hate those carrier logos..
  • +1
  • Me too!!
  • Great. That means no more accessories like my screen protector that has the cutout for the ATT logo but not Nokia. It is completly blocked out.
  • It had cutout for the logo?? What's the point?
  • Big fan of NO BRANDING!!!
    I hope same rules apply here in the U.S.
  • I would love this.
  • A great move. No one wants a crappy carrier logo on their device.
  • I don't care one way or the other.
  • Might be for me too b/c I think I will buy unlocked one...
  • Good. Hate branding.
  • I think all the phones available in the market should be logo less.. I think att is not that bad..verizon,sprint ugly
  • If there won't be an AT&T logo on the windows phone, then the Raiders will win the Super Bowl
  • Ok, so no logo, I get that... But are we going to have software or OS branding like you said? I'd rather have it ON the phone instead of IN the phone.
  • you can uninstall all of the ATT crap.  only thing you cant get out of it is the stupid "shim" they put on the internet sharing button that says "call ATT"  which is dumb when you don't have service with them.
  • If anyone thinks this will happen in the US, I have  bridge you might be interested in buying.  Last I checked, the only company Verizon has ever excempted from branding is Apple.  I dont even know if that is true since I don't own an iPhone.  Does anyone really think Nokia has the pull to get Verizon to back down or its policy, or that Microsoft would let them try given they want to get the phone on as many carriers as possible? If the biggest carrier will require branding, it is almost a certainty that the others will as well. 
  • Apple does not allow single carrier customizing for their iPhone
  • If the innards of a phone will only work on a single carrier (like Verizon possibly) then branding would not be out of the question. But if a phone is identical for multiple carriers, except for the ROM that get's flashed onto it, then the branding does not need to be there. Makes things much easier along the supply chain.
    Pick a pallet of generic Lumia's out of the rack, flash them and drop in Vodaphone cartons, for example. Lot easier than forecasting for 50 or 100 different logoed phone screens.
  • More importantly, continue to make sure that whatever crapware the carriers put on the phone can be easily erased.  
    As ugly and self-serving as carrier logos are, I would much rather have a carrier logo than some crapware that I can't remove.
    My gf's old Blackberry Pearl was rendered useless after just over a year because of a combination of RIM being cheap with ram and Telus putting tons of apps that used up whatever ram was left after a BB OS update.  Those Telus apps were impossible to remove - worse than a virus!
  • This has always been a big plus for windows phone. No crapware baked in!
  • +1 first thing I would do on my Android devices would be to turn S off & rooted because I hated all the crap my carrier would bake in to it. Android phones are so bloated
  • I'm hoping this applies here too, my Focus is missing Rogers labeling (well, I'm not really missing it). I don't know if it was a side effect of being an early adopter or if they just didn't bother with branding the devices.
  • I don't think they bothered. It seems like they 'ignored' the phones they were unsure of.. I for one enjoy the unbranded phone
  • I with with Nokia. If you take time to make an amazing looking phone, you don't want anything to ruin or even come in the way...
  • I hope Verizon does not have an issue with this.... I want my Lumia 920 in White please !!!
    I did double check, My wife's iPhony 4 does not have a Verizon logo, so I guess it's not off the limits of things.... I hope..(my wife's best friend has a iPhone, yea, I tried)
  • Apple also does not include their own logo on the front of the phone - I hope that's where Nokia is heading with this.  I do not need to know who my carrier is or who made my phone when I look at my screen, and nobody can see it when it's up to my ear.  It's a horrible practice that I hope all companies just stop doing.
  • If I had to choose between the two I'd rather have a carrier tramp stamp on my device. Bloatware is the devil.
  • Bullshit can't happen
  • I would love this, but this would NEVER EVER happen in the US. The only way I can see this happening is if AT&T or Verizon carries 2 SKUs and charge $50 more for the non-branded version.
  • Apple managed to do it for the past 5 years...definitely not impossible.
  • I don't like the logo
  • I was always wondering about that branding business .. to be honest, I wouldn't want a Swisscom logo on my phone! Thanks god branding doesn't take place where I live. And the extra provider software can be easily removed.
  • Hope this is true. Coz i like this.
  • I put a case over it anyway so I don't really care.
  • I'm sure there will be carrier branding. Or else why would they put it on their network. It's not Apple, it's a third place platform. I don't care though. AT&T sponsors a lot of the stuff I like to watch, so I'm happy to return the favor :-)
  • If this is true, Nokia is my hero. I don't want crap on my phone or in it.
  • Wishful thinking and not gonna happen. The phones are actually designed to accept carrier logos, that's why the Nokia logo is off to the side (so the carrier logo can go on the other side). Nokia, always, always puts their logo in the middle on their unlocked and non-carrier branded phones. See the Lumia 900 U.S. version compared to the international unlocked one as the latest example. 
  • Yeah, something that has always happened can never possibly change...especially when your biggest competitor already does it.
  • Yup, and now it's official... the story was b.s. There will be branding:
  • good move by nokia 
  • Please
  • Hopefully this is the case, seeing as I work for Sprint I don't particularly want an AT&T logo on my phone :P
  • Sure hope so. I already like that the only branding on my DVP is "Dell" and "Windows Phone." I'd like to stick to that manner if simplicity.
  • Here in Canada, Rogers doesn't brand their phones. My 900 is unbranded and I prefer it that way.
  • Nokia setting the rulez
  • +1 I think it should be implemented here too good idea, cause if u plan to use a prepaid sim won't have any logo on your phone.
  • If this is true, I like Nokia's style.
  • An AT&T logo, with a led light right in the little globe, just to show who's the boss.
  • Yes please!
  • Why not, Apple dont allow AT&T to Muck up the iPhone...
  • I hope this is true. If Apple can do it then why not Nokia? It's great because it shows that Nokia has some leverage this time around. They deserve to succeed.
  • Carrier logos are awful, I would never buy a phone with this logo slapped on it.
  • No car dealer tags on my car, and no carrier tags on my phone. Especially since AT&T has updated my Focus only once.
  • Is it just me or does the At&t logo on my 900 look really nice and it looks nicer than just Nokia?
  • Nokia should have confidence in its design and keep its own logo to the back too.
  • Great news! I hate branding.
  • Yes, I don't need ant att logo on my 920
  • Just stick a black tape on the logo. :-D