Nokia Maps updated to version 2.5, adds Groupon support and more

Nokia has released the version 2.5 update for their popular navigation app, Nokia Maps. Version 2.5 adds a few tweaks and fine tuning to improve performance and stability. The update also brings a few new and useful features into the mix.

The new features include:

  • Plan and edit routes
  • Live traffic that is updated every three minutes (select areas)
  • Groupon Now! deal offers on restaurants, coffee shops, spas and more. Find nearby deals, buy them with a few taps and then plan your route using Nokia Maps’ advance route planning. Find the best way to get there by car, on foot or with public transit. (US only)
  • Pin a route to your Nokia Lumia start screen or share the route with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Sync your routes across your Lumia smartphone and the web ( Your favorite destinations are always close by no matter where you sign in.
  • Explore Nearby feature shows you the top 25 places around you with one tap (based on user reviews, trusted guides and local providers).

Keep in mind that Nokia Maps is an exclusive app for the Lumia Windows Phones.  If you aren't seeing the update pushed out, just go to the Nokia Collection in your Marketplace app and you can update things manually. Or you can just hit this link (opens in new tab) to the Marketplace listing.

Thanks, Fakhre, for the tip!

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  • Can the planned routes be transferred to Nokia drive?
  • Yeah was kind of wondering the same question, is there collaboration between the 2 apps, if not is it actually worthwhile having both of them?
  • I want offline maps.
  • That's in drive
  • Nokia should pause for a minute and try to get Maps, Drive and Transit all working in tandem before going all Groupon. It's weird that I can't map a route in Nokia Maps and have that launch Drive, ready to take me there, or have Transit fire up when I want to go via public transport. At the moment all these otherwise great Lumia apps feel very isolated, and given Nokia's preferential status on WP, all the API-related limitations ought to be sorted.
  • This is the main reason why I don't use Nokia Drive or Nokia Maps. When I search on Bing and find a restaurant, I should see a link on the "apps" page to take me to that venue using Nokia Drive. It shows Nokia Maps, but even from there there is not a way to route using Nokia Drive. Like the above poster said, if I choose directions on foot, provide a way to use Nokia Transit for public transportation. Nokia, please bring all of these apps together!
  • Why can't I get this on my titan......just kidding
  • I agree, why are there three nav apps? So annoying.
  • Great
  • Hi everyone, this is Pino from Nokia.
    More communication between different apps, like launching Nokia Drive from Nokia Maps will be included in next updates. We are also working on an offline experience for Nokia Maps too.
    Also consider how often and fast we are updating all these apps: in 9 months we have updated Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport 3 times, additionally we have introduced Nokia City Lens and Nokia Pulse. This is just the beginning.
    I know it's frustrating to wait for that particular one you find particularly usefu but at the moment we are trying to implement legacy features and new ones too.
  • Thanks Pino, as a group we really appreciate you feeding back to the developers. I'm really excited about the integration!!! And also thanks on letting us know about the awesome dash mount cr-123!!! It works great!
  • I'm super happy with the support Nokia is giving it's customers. Way to set the bar!
  • I would really love it if while using drive and it speaks it would lower the volume of the audio you are listening to.
  • Would be nice if public footpaths were visible on the map (and were included in directions).
    There's miles of footpaths near me, most of which can be quicker to walk than driving the near equivalent route by car.
  • Route directions = Win