Nokia ‘Phablet’ Lumia 1030 reportedly revealed in blurry photo [Updated]

Nokia Lumia 1030 Phablet

Update: Our sources tell us that this photo is not accurate and that currently Nokia does not have any 'phablet' plans. Sorry folks!

File this under hopeful thinking, but a new photo of the alleged Nokia ‘Phablet’ (that is, a device small enough to be a phone, but big enough to be a small tablet) has supposedly been revealed. The photo comes from one Dahny el Perro, who attached the photo to a Tweet and which was later posted on the fan site

In the photo, we see what looks to be a Lumia-like Cyan device in the background. With the photo zoomed in, it gets very blurry but you can clearly see three rows of Tiles, including the small, medium and double-wide ones we currently have. The difference is of course that added third row, which would be needed for 1080P display that this thing supposedly packs.

The device is also supposedly called the Lumia 1030, which would make sense since this would be clearly higher than the 9xx flagship line.

The problem here of course is that Nokia has never talked about doing a ‘phablet’ device and while it’s nice to see a real photo, it’s hardly definitive proof that this phone actually exists. If it does, it presumably won’t come out until later in the year when the GDR3 OS update is expected to deliver 1080P HD resolution support. Of course, Nokia may already be working on a device in the prototype-stage were they to have one on the roadmap for 2013.

The one bit of truth here is the credible Financial Times did recently report that Nokia is working on a phablet Lumia. So that is something to chew on.

For now, we’ll keep this a '5' on the rumor meter, because Windows Phone Central has not been able to confirm its accuracy (though we're trying, so stay tuned). Perro has no history on these rumors, in fact this Twitter account looks to have been created for the single purpose of revealing this image--that makes us skeptical. [Edit: downgraded to a '1'].

What say you? Real or fake? Shout out in comments.

Source: Twitter (@dahnyelperro); via:; Thanks, Rafiii, for the tip!

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