Nokia ‘Phablet’ Lumia 1030 reportedly revealed in blurry photo [Updated]

Nokia Lumia 1030 Phablet

Update: Our sources tell us that this photo is not accurate and that currently Nokia does not have any 'phablet' plans. Sorry folks!

File this under hopeful thinking, but a new photo of the alleged Nokia ‘Phablet’ (that is, a device small enough to be a phone, but big enough to be a small tablet) has supposedly been revealed. The photo comes from one Dahny el Perro, who attached the photo to a Tweet and which was later posted on the fan site

In the photo, we see what looks to be a Lumia-like Cyan device in the background. With the photo zoomed in, it gets very blurry but you can clearly see three rows of Tiles, including the small, medium and double-wide ones we currently have. The difference is of course that added third row, which would be needed for 1080P display that this thing supposedly packs.

The device is also supposedly called the Lumia 1030, which would make sense since this would be clearly higher than the 9xx flagship line.

The problem here of course is that Nokia has never talked about doing a ‘phablet’ device and while it’s nice to see a real photo, it’s hardly definitive proof that this phone actually exists. If it does, it presumably won’t come out until later in the year when the GDR3 OS update is expected to deliver 1080P HD resolution support. Of course, Nokia may already be working on a device in the prototype-stage were they to have one on the roadmap for 2013.

The one bit of truth here is the credible Financial Times did recently report that Nokia is working on a phablet Lumia. So that is something to chew on.

For now, we’ll keep this a '5' on the rumor meter, because Windows Phone Central has not been able to confirm its accuracy (though we're trying, so stay tuned). Perro has no history on these rumors, in fact this Twitter account looks to have been created for the single purpose of revealing this image--that makes us skeptical. [Edit: downgraded to a '1'].

What say you? Real or fake? Shout out in comments.

Source: Twitter (@dahnyelperro); via:; Thanks, Rafiii, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • If they kept going, by the time it's 2030 or something... 3310. :P Ugh, phablets. Keep those to Sammy.
  • Why surrender a rapidly growing market to Samsung? Might not be for you but a majority of people want them. Nokia needs to go high end and do it asap.
  • As long as they keep still producing High End devices with smaller screens as well I see no problem but the fear of many people is that it will go similarily to Android devices: want a high end phone it's going to be HUGE.
  • Samsung has a G4 mini coming for the people who like small phones. I'd assume Nokia will eventually do the same.
  • That would be the Lumia 820, both have 4.3 inch screens.
  • 822
  • I deinitely wouldn't say that a majority of people want them, but only a subset of the consumer market. Non techie consumers have been getting 4.5+ screen phones, but that's not by choice but what's being forced down consumers throats by these OEMs thinking that is what people want. As for me, I would never want a phone bigger than 4.5". 
  • People don't buy big phones through choice? Erm, what? There are plenty of small screen phones out there, large screen ones sell better. Do you honestly think they are all strong armed into it?
  • It's not what OEM's think. It's a fact. The original note was not originally released in the USA. It sold so good Att got it. Now just about every carrier has it. Not because of OEM's because consumers wanted it. The number 1 selling smart phone was 4.8 and the new version is bumped to 5. That's what the majority of people want. A large HD screen to watch, game or browse. I know it's not for everybody. Some can't afford it, some have little hands and some just prefer smaller ones. It's all a personal choice. I'm just glad Nokia is giving W8 fans a choice.
  • @tbonenga: THIS!!!
  • Nope. The number one selling device is a tiny-ass screen iphone.
  • Hmmmm seems like everything I've read says the iPhone is losing market share to the Galaxy. I wonder if Apples woe's are because consumers are tired of that tiny screen.
  • +1. I would've bought an iPhone a long time ago if they didn't have screens suited for 15 year old girl's hands. (Mind you, I am 6'6" w/ abnormally large hands...)
  • You realize the US isn't the center of the global economy, right? Sure- we are very influential, but this is one of the few huge markets where the overpriced phones sell well due to carriers subsidizing. If a majority of people wanted them, the low end that IS the mass market share apparently missed that memo.
  • Notes sells well in the UK as well as Asia.
  • US is the center of the global economy for the most part believe it or not. Remember the recession?? If we fall, China falls too. And the rest follows.
  • So let's just look at something. The US has ~300,000,000 people. The world has over 7,000,000,000. That's less than 5% of the world population. If we are talking global economy, yes, the US and China have the LARGEST, however, clearly "mastering" the US market doesn't mean you have a global success. And the Chinese market and US market are essentially seperate thanks to communism. The UK has less than 1% of the population so you can ignore that, too. To say something sells well in "Asia" is terrible. How does it sell in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, or Pakistan? Depending on where you consider it, what about Russia?
    Most of China's population cannot afford a smartphone let alone a super highend one. It just so happens that, when dealing with relatively inflated numbers, you get seemingly large numbers out the other end. In China, Samsung sold 12.5 million smartphones combined across all products. It isn't even worth getting into the percentage of just the Chinese population because it's so small. Is 12.5 million a lot of phones? Well, when you have over 1,000,000,000 people in the market, not really.
    Let's put this into a different perspective. Until recently, Nokia was the largest mobile phone maker in the world. How can we talk about a "rapidly" growing market when (a) the majority of the world's population lives in poverty and (b) the overwhelming majority of Nokia phone sales are low-end devices, a large part of which are feature phones. For comparison, over 40% of Samsung phones sold last quarter were feature phones.
    Claiming a "Phablet" is a growing worldwide trend is just ignorant. Most of the world's population would rather spend money (or their time bartering) for food, clean water, what we would call basic medicine, and shelter. A new teacher in America is in the elite income bracket on the world stage. And you're going to tell me a high end device is setting a trend for what people are buying in the world? Wow. I might agree with you if you say a current worldwide trend is investing in wireless towers for data usage instead of building up a wired infrastructure. Implying the majority of the world is even equipped to use a Phablet... utterly dillusional.
    Oh...and that world recession- Since that isn't really on topic, I won't get into it. To make that comment just screams under-informed. I would just strongly encourage you to read more about the numerous events that took places at the same time. In some cases, these events are STILL unfolding while the US economy has been "recovering". In other cases, they would have happened regardless of terribly thought out investments by multinational investors. The beautiful thing about a world economy is that, should a big player fail, there are multiple players sitting there waiting to pounce.
  • No matter what you say the note/galaxy are top sellers worldwide. Samsung is the #1 OEM worldwide.
  • Please provide us with data to support your claim that #1 OEM = flagship phones are top sellers. I think everyone would LOVE to see it. This data needs to have unit sales for those two models and total phone (feature and smart). It would be even more believable if it was the actual Galaxy SIII/SIV and not just the Galaxy line considering numerous phone models are available under the Galaxy line and are NOT high end phones.
  • lots of people think that nokia lumia is expensive and it has big "guts" inside.they dont know that smooth comes with software :D .just yesterday i was comparing my trustfull old 710 with new htc that my work buddy have.he couldnt belive that his android has better proc and more ram and 710 is smoother :D
  • Nokia should sell a 3310 running Windows Phone :-)
  • they have series name so this wont happen. but maybe we will see nokia lumia 3310 in future
    who knows?
  • Weird that people remember 3310 but not 3110 which was IMO the truly unbreakable phone. I accidentally cut one in half with an angle grinder and it still worked.
  • I aboslutely love phablets. I usually use a bluetooth headset for answering calls anyways. So, a portable size close to that as a phone, but larger is perfect. I actually wish every tablet available came with call capabilities. I was very disappointed when Samsung was disabling the call abilities on the Note 8 for the US. I'd take a 7-8" Windows Tab with calling capabilities any day of the week!
  • I want one :( I almost bought the Note2 but just had to get the L920 instead :) Note2 would have been a massive mistake!
  • If it comes out I would buy one.
  • 5" hell yeah im in
  • It looks bigger than a 5". I mean, look at the Htc One which is close to the Nokia and compare them: the nokia seems way bigger than the One so it should be 5,5" or 6"
  • That's so true btw , I wouldn't have noticed it if you didnt say so , I totally agree with you
  • Maybe that's an htc one mini.
  • I want a windows RT phablet.
  • If this comes to light, I'll need to buy pants with bigger pockets.
  • LOL +1
  • Yeah, really
  • And grow bigger hands....and bigger car...and bigger house...and bigger girlfriend...and...
  • "Finally! Our phones are becoming obese too!"
  • My Wizard 100 and Touch Pro2 were obese. Phablets are just big and tall :)
  • I hope its real at 5 inches!! With 1080p will rock!!
    And hopefully its EOS
  • maybe not i guess, but i think we will see 1080p and quad core phablet in nokia world for sure. maybe screen size between 4.8'' to 5.5''
  • SOLD!!!! Where do I preorder???? Take my money now.
  • It would be cool if this is true. I like the idea of 3 tiles on a row instead of 2. I also spy me an instagram-looking icon halfway down on the right, but it could just be one of our existing clients.
  • Nah I think that's the store icon.
  • which btw is the WP7 store icon....
  • Looks fake to me, the capacitive buttons look like the wp7 gen ones, would be cool though
  • Whilst I'm not sold on this at all, the middle windows button is the WP8 style flag not the WP7 style one
  • Was going to say dame thing JayT
  • Saying that, the "Marketplace" tile is the old style flag... Smells fake to me but then I'm a skeptic
  • How do you see that? This might be normal for such a big device but the buttons are also closer together like on the wp7's(atleast like on my L800)
  • Looks more like a larger HTC 8X than a Nokia.
  • Agreed!!!!
  • Ugh, hopefully fake. If the 5+ inch phone is the 1000 line, then what will the EOS be? 
  • Maybe EOS
  • Eos most likely will be a different variant of something like the 800 or 900 series but not the new Flagship. Most likely due to the size constraints.
    Similar to how the PureView 808 was delivered outside the regular series. With Symbian Nokia had the N8x series for the most advanced still capture phones.
  • Probably anothe 920 variation? There's nothing that indicates that EOS won't be a 920 with a 41MP camera.
  • Actually there have been rumors stating that it might have the same hardware as the 920, just with an extra GPU like the 808 has for photo rendering/processing. Anyway, there are also rumors that the launch date for the EOS will be July 9th...putting context clues together...that means, it probably will have the same GDR3 doesn't release till Fall.
  • 9xx I presume, a direct upgrade to the 920 line with a superior camera and whatever other changes it may come with.
  • I'd buy it
  • Looks like somebody got some dirty thumbs. 
    Not a fan of phablets, i think the l920 was too big. 
  • Am I the only who noticed that extremely mishapen Sony device front center? I can only assume it would be called the Sony Bowstaff.
  • Noticed that too. Wonder what it is?
  • So fake.
  • That sure is an old Xbox Live tile, or is that some other app I don't use?
  • No Xbox live tile on that screen so I'm guessing the latter :)
  • I believe it may be a mockup or a dummy device next to other dummy/live devices. The Android phone in the foreground with the visible screen looks like another dummy to me. It could just be a dummy made to compare to other phones on the market, to tweak the design, get an idea of the size, etc.
    Whether or not it's an official dummy or one someone made themselves is a whole other topic...
  • Its not a working model, more like the toys mock ups at cellphone stores. Look at the angle the photo is taken at and how clear the tiles still look. I don't think amoled is even that good!
  • Nice, sold
  • There's no reason to believe it wont be at least 5" come the September product announcements. 6" and we can talk Phablet.
    A better question is where Apple goes. If Apple goes 5" then here's hoping Nokia went the extra 1/4 inch with HD. MS says Win Phone maxes out at 6"? Let's see it!
    CES and MWC should be crazy with WIndows Phablets. from 6" phones to 7" Win Pro devices with LTor Sim slot. 
  • I see no evidence that it's a Nokia. Just because the thing is blue doens't necessarily mean its a Nokia... Anyway, the "phablets" (what a stupid, stupid name) are a really REALLY small market. The vast majority of people don't want a phone that's bigger than their heads. I would leave that to Samsung if I were Nokia, but hey... I have absolutely zero interest in "phablets" so I don't really care, but if this is real, I don't expect it to be released until 2014. To me the 920 is already a tad too big, let alone this.
  • Says you. I dislike 'phablets' as well, but many people want them. Everyone laughed at the Galaxy Note, but see how well it sold? Older people tends to appreciate the size, but I see plenty of professionals with Notes as well. Just because you do not want one doesn't mean there isn't a market for one. Nokia would be silly to not want at least one product in that market category.
    It reminds me when Nokia were so insistent to not get onto the popular clamshell form factor market, only releasing a small number of low end devices in that form factor. Samsung capitalised on that mistake, which is sad as the few clamshell devices that Nokia released were neat - but underpowered. 
  • Says market research. That's why you only have one real phablet - the Note. And it may have sold well in the US but that doesn't mean the same happened around the world. Also, I didn't said there isn't a market, I said it's a very small one. Professionals normally have company hardware, and companies normally give tablets and smartphones separately because that allows them to easily re-negotiate a contract without touching the other.
  • Samsung sold 5 million Note II within 2 months of release, so it's not a small market. In fact, just how many Lumia 920 did Nokia sell within 2 months of release? Notes are popular with students as well (I doubt universities hand them out) and old people alike. A 80 year old granddad I helped wanted a Note because he found the Lumia 920 'too small for his aging eyes'. Hell, he wanted an iPad Mini, but was disappointed as couldn't make phone calls! So there is an untapped market for it. Why do you think Nintendo's comically large DSi XL sold so well?
    And I am from the UK. The Note is extremely popular here with both students and oldies alike. 
    I wouldn't want a Note size Lumia myself, but it would be foolish of Nokia and MS to ignore such a growing market segmant. 
  • Wait -- You're telling me that's not 920?!* (jk, haha) I think that's when it's time to just get the Nokia Tablet (if they make one before the phablet). *Me: a happy Lumia 920 owner
  • How sure are you it's Nokia?
  • How sure are we that it's even real? The person who posted the photo says it's a Nokia 1030, so that's what we have to go on. We're trying to confirm its authenticity though.
  • Pull a Obama move and wire tap Elop's phone.
  • Pull a Google and track everything he does. :)
  • Pull a Bush move and just go in full force into his home and question him.
  • definitely a nokia. the apps shown is cinemagraph (the rectanglish one) and here transit (the bus)
    also the placement of the nokia logo on top. although it Is very blurred, you can see additional white stuff on the top center of the screen... long enough to write NOKIA ;)
  • wpcentral didnt know that CEO of Nokia said that they are working on a 6" phablet and it will be launched Q4 this year :)

  • Did you mean three columns instead of three rows?
  • or max six columns using small tiles...
           4 * 1.5 = 6
    1280 x 1.5 = 1920
    handled with GDPR3 before Xmas
  • looks soooooo fake to me.. cmon guy lol 4.4/5 inch is sweet spot for me
  • I say it's real because Santa loves me and knows I am a good boy. He wants me to get this for Christmas.
  • Isn't this a just a blurred version of that mock up someone made awhile back? (think WP Central posted an article on it). I vaguely remember it having the exact same tile placement...
  • Honestly that looks more like a blown up version of HTC 8x rather than Nokia.
  • Fake as shit.
  • 5inches to me is not a phablet so I hope Its at least a 5.5. That's if this is really true.
  • looks like the store tile has the old windows logo ...
  • HTC One photoboming!
  • This would negate the argument in the wedding commercial, eh?
  • Those capacitive buttons are super close to the edge. On a phone that big I think it'd be hard to reach. The 920 has lots of space between the buttons and the phones edge. I like the looks of almost all screen but the functionality might be a little lacking
  • why people keep saying 'it's to big' ,'it wont fit on my pocket',  hey if Nokia and other manufacturers use all the real state possible in front of the phone for just the screen they can keep a decent size phone with a 5 in. display, instead of having a large phone with a combine bezel of more than 1 inc. (Lumia 920).  Look at the Galaxy S4, they manage to keep the same size as the Galaxy S3 and add 1 in. of Display.
  • This looks like a 6 inch to me. Hope it is not too heavy.
  • It looks like this was a twitter account created just to release the photo. The account has only been active the last 12 hours. The photo of the alleged nokia is the persons account photo as well and as of the time of this comment, there has only been 12 tweets total, so I don't know. It doesn't look legitimate, but If its a leak, it looks like an on-purpose leak...
  • Yes yes yes
  • These are always conveniently blurred. Public stunt!
  • DAN what you think Nokia would price it at here in US ?
  • With a phone that big they could get away with a 40+mp camera
  • Nah to big
  • This is the best rumor I've heard all year. Been waiting on a Nokia or Samsung Phablet since forever. I just hope it's not a AT&T exclusive, and will be available for all US Carriers (especially T-Mobile:))
  • If it's around 5", I will get one definitely. I still carry my iPad around
  • Looks good more tiles
  • Double-tall tiles?
  • Its' done in photoshop im affraid, the blur around the phone is completely off and the right side of the UI doesnt align with the edge of the phone. Take my word for it as a professional. Its fake!
  • Was just about to post this myself. The misalignment completely kills it.
  • If you make the 928 edge to edge it'd be a 5" screen. Do that and make it 1080p please.
  • I hate phablets for the same reason I hate 8" tablets! Everyone is going to focus on these sizes and that it will leave out someone like me who wants to stay at 4.5" phones and want a 17" Surface tablet. My fear is OEMs will focus more on these sizes and forget the 4.5". They already forgot the 17" laptops and I doubt they will ever make a 17" tablet.
  • could be a dummy model then, or just a cool paperweight
  • Any one else notice on the 3rd row 3rd icon down it looks like the WP 7 store icon with the "banner windows logo" not the new square one used in 7.8 and 8? It could be just my eyes but thats how it looks.
  • That's so true , I think its fake after all
  • Real
  • Oh GOD!!! Please,...YES!!! ME WANT!!!
    Ok, sorry, rant over.
  • Everytime a rumor like this comes along it is most probably true. I can still remember the rumors that came out since Nokia n8 so I would say YES , this is the next phanlet/phone that is coming from Nokia . But this makes me wonder , if it is going to be big enough to be a tablet , shouldn't it be powered by windows 8 instead of windows phone 8 .
    It would be amazing to find out that it can run both at the same time , you just have to choose what to use on which occasion
  • It has the new live tiles arrangement rumored about a month ago, this would be amazing, if it has a good build quality and an updated OS I would definitely buy it.
  • I think it looks real. By the way, it's three "columns" not rows. There are more than three rows. 
    Rows = horizontal
    coumns = vertical
  • I'd even go for a 7-8" tab with calling abilities.
  • I want this to be true. Please be true!!
  • Looks more real than other "leaked" images that have come out (for other devices)... looks great IMO... I'd be in for one!
  • Could well be what I have also heard from a "source".
    6 inches, 1080p, 17mp (or so) PV branded camera, 3000+ mAh battery. Out in the fall. 
    Before that a 720p EOS model, possibly out in August.
    6 inches is to me at the border line of being a tablet and might actually be quite usable as such. Wouldn't it be fun if they could make it dual run Windows 8 RT and WP8, the former when you turn it to landscape? :) One can have crazy ideas once in a while.
  • Hmmm wonder if third row tiles will come to 920 with gdr3 update. Why does display have to be 1080p to have 3rd row?
  • just, WoW!!! :-)
  • SOLD!
  • Fake. Take a closer look and you will see the old Marketplace icon from WP7.
  • The tile layout on the WP device is 5 x 3, which looks more like a 1280 x 768 5:3 on the 920 screen than 1080p, which would end up having to be 1920 x 1152, or 1800 x 1080.
    Edit: not implying that the device in the photo is a 920, just that the screen looks to be the same aspect ratio.
  • Yes!!!!!  Bring it on!!!
      I would love a 5" Nokia smartphone running WP, it's perfect. What if Nokia achieves what Samsung did with the Galaxy Note.  They truly succeded in the ugly-Android market. Just imagine the beautiful WP on a large 5" screen!!!
  • Sources...they ruin everyone's fun.
  • Its strange because there are three devices being leaked here, Nokia Lumia 1030, Sony "Togari" as well HTC m4. Its not HTC one, look at frame, its white, not silver alluminium, also speaker grills are smaller compared to HTC one.
  • Looks great
  • Want it even if it is fake.
  • Ok, so if it's fake, what is it? Why did someone go through the effort of making this device (assuming it's not just shopped in) It's one of the 2 out of 11 devices that are turned on.  Ok it's not a Nokia Phablet.  What is it??!  Why go through all this effort just to have a fake device on a table with a bunch of other devices?  The presence of other apparent prototype fabled devices are on hand.. Nokia is obviously working hard on new products... so.. what's going on?  Why does this scenario, with all these devices sitting on a table exist?
    Ok, yes, let agree it's fake.  What's going on then?  It's a plausible device. It seems to be in line with what we've been hearing coming from WP8 resolution upgrades and the only OS in the world that offers a phablet so far is Android.  This seems like it might be a possible product. I don't know who your sources are, but are is it in their interest to dispell this as fake when it isn't?  
  • I came from a Note 2 so I'm no stranger to big phones but this is ugly in itself
  • How can you say it's a fake when you don't even know if they're making one, let alone plans for it? Makes no sense. That's a pretty damn good fake if you ask me
  • Why even assume it's a Nokia. Could easily be a HTC or another manufacturer. In fact it looks suspriciously like an oversized 8X.
  • Samsung ATIV Mega?
  • wpcentral didnt know that CEO of Nokia said that they are working on a 6" phablet and it will be launched Q4 this year :)
  • We need big-ass Windows Phones! Geez man, so tired of waiting! Phablets are definitely flying off the shelves and I'd like a Windows Phone version!
  • I don't believe that Nokia doesn't have any 5inch phone plans.. That would be just stupid.
  • I do believe you are wrong for down grading this to 1 as the picture also shows the HTC M4 that matches leaked press shots and a Sony device of which the front glass was leaked back in January so that is in favor of the picture
  • If this were true, and Sprint offered it, It would be a answer to my prayers.  Even better if they offered something other than the fat fingered stylus's.  I'm a convert over to teh Galaxy Note 2 Phablet and really appreciate it.  I came from the old PDA days when you could actually take notes on your WinCE/2003/5/6/6.5 devices.  If Windows offered something like that in a Phone device, I'd be back in as long as it took me to get to the store to pick one up.  I'm not a fan of teh Android OS but I really appreciate my Note2 device and the way it lets me work and use it.  I'm not a fan of the RT tablets either and just can't see spending more than a good laptop or desktop with better specs for the sake of having a tablet.  The Full Win8 units are even more.  There really needs to be something coming to market  that can compete with, at least, the medium spec'd  Android tablets.  Leave the low end for Droid and the i(whatevers) to the rest of the crowd who aren;t willing to change.  I really want a windows phone and tablet device to go with the rest of my Windows computers in my home.  I just don't want to pay a premium for the purpose of owning one.  I really miss my Windows mobile experiences.
  • PocketNow is saying their informant says the pic is real.
  • I hope that Nokia is in fact working on a phablet.  I think theres a market for WP8 phablet devices from Niokia HTc and Samsung Ativ in sizes from 5.5 to 6 inches or more (Mega 6.3)
  • Just a quick edit Dan, you seemed to have mixed up rows with columns; the "third row" is actually a "third column"..
  • I like how this phone turned out to be the Lumia 1520 even after "Our sources tell us that this photo is not accurate and that currently Nokia does not have any 'phablet' plans." :)
  • Haha yeah, both the 1320 and 1520 would've qualified for this rumour... although this one is almost definitely the 1520