Nokia poll results show notifications as most valued feature on lock screens

Nokia ran a poll on its blog last week, asking consumers which of the different lock screen features they valued most. Whether it's the notifications, the background images or locking the Windows Phone with a passcode, visitors had the selection of three to choose from. The team has now published the results, which aren't entirely surprising.

Nokia Poll Lockscreen

The on-screen notifications (whether it be the icons at the bottom, or the detailed alert mid-way up) won over 56 percent of the vote, with background images in third (with 27 percent) and locking the device with passcodes in last place on 16 percent. What would be interesting is if we were to run a similar poll after Microsoft eventually introduces gesture-based screen unlocking on Windows Phone. Would we then see a bump in popularity for lock screen security?

Source: Nokia Conversations

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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