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Nokia poll results show notifications as most valued feature on lock screens

Nokia ran a poll on its blog last week, asking consumers which of the different lock screen features they valued most. Whether it's the notifications, the background images or locking the Windows Phone with a passcode, visitors had the selection of three to choose from. The team has now published the results, which aren't entirely surprising.

Nokia Poll Lockscreen

The on-screen notifications (whether it be the icons at the bottom, or the detailed alert mid-way up) won over 56 percent of the vote, with background images in third (with 27 percent) and locking the device with passcodes in last place on 16 percent. What would be interesting is if we were to run a similar poll after Microsoft eventually introduces gesture-based screen unlocking on Windows Phone. Would we then see a bump in popularity for lock screen security?

Source: Nokia Conversations

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Sorry, nitpicking. It should be blog
  • It should also be Background images in second* not third!!
  • Yeah, that made me chuckle.
  • Aww, I forgot you've told about the same typo first. Shame on me...
  • Gesture based unlocking would blow the roof off this place!!
    Sounds like a perfect candidate to be part of the "Blue" update
  • I think something similar to that is coming in the next update or so. Double tap to wake! Sounds great to me.
  • Yeah..but I believe that will be specific to Nokia... But the kind of unlock-screen in Windows 8 where you can set a picture password (so to speak)...that would be truly amazing..
  • I love the picture gesture password on my Surface RT is awesome! I'd love it if they brought the feature over to WP.
  • I love notifications!
  • Bog
  • Aren't these things already possible on WP8 .. :O
  • Notifications is the real deal on windows lockscreen
  • You ran a poll Nokia? I would be embarrassed to tell anyone that. Unless this is their way to announce notification, which would be uber-cool, this is like duh.
  • huh, why not?
    They have been running polls on their sites for ages. Can't see anything wrong with that. If nothing else, at least some people got feeling like they can reach out to them. 
    And remember that it's not Nokia putting out those features, it's MS job
  • Because its a no brainer. Smartphones didn't just arrive on the scene. It is the number one request, other than instagram, since wp dropped.
  • pretty lame poll.  This was really mailing it in. 
  • That item was missing from the start of wp
  • Nokia ran a poll to establish the fucking obvious. Great idea 
  • Hey now, easy on the mother fucking cussing please. Thank you. You don't see me fuckin throwing Fuckin F bombs all over the fucking place do you?
  • Fuck no you don't.
  • You just made my day !
  • Its kind of mindboggling yes.
  • Fuck,fuckety,fuck fuck fuck. -Cartman
  • Whats the purpose of this poll? Are they going to enhance a particular feature?
  • thats normally why nokia puts these polls up on their site, it lets them in on what they may need to inhance or fix to make the use of the overall experience better for customers. this is why i love nokia they actually listen and do these types of things for us to be more comfortable and able to use the phones to best capabitlies it has to offer. their one of the only phone compaines to do it, yea it seems pointless and useless but hey they gotta find out how people feel about certain things to know if they can maybe do something that could overall make it better, and its just a small thing that we wouldn't even really consider before they change it.  now they only thing is to be able to change message notification sounds, and bring on the double tap sleep screen from the N9 then all is right in my phone world. especially if we could change the toasts notifications, we have 2 lumia phones and when a toast pops up we are both popping the phones out to see lol
  • This is Nokia's way of politely informing Microsoft of how so fucking out of touch they are with their customer base and therefore potential customers.
  • doubt it will matter soon enough, once Nokia becomes THE Windows Phone OEM microsoft will just buy them.
  • If they were going to do it, over this summer is when they should. Before next holiday, after Verizon Lumia. Based on patents alone MS would own every smartphone and cell phone. All of it.
  • Hey hey, didn't you fuckin see a couple of fucking comments up about cussing??
  • "put-em in da closet!"
  • Last got the least percentage because it already there. how can i vote for something which is already there leaving out something which is not there. All the three are important .
  • I love the notifications most (although there are way too few possible to set).
  • maybe they will add notifications below the time when the screen is off because of this?
  • How about options for all 3.
  • While I have never really got into the Notification arguement, I have to say that Notifications are lacking in WP8.  For instance I play Galactic Reign and when a notification comes in, if I don't immediately click it, it is basically worthless.
    None of the tiles show a notification occured (icon etc).  E.g. nothing on the game hub.  If I go into the game hub there is no sign anything was received.  It's pretty worthless.
    We need a list of notifications somewhere or better icon integration.
  • The background settings is in the second, not the third. It must be a typo fix in the article.
  • Hell, I would like for all of the current notifications for apps to work. My Xbox notifications have not worked since day one on WP8. They work fine on WP7.X
  • This is what makes windows phone a windows phone. Sadly Microsoft didn't implement their great invention, tap the notification to go to that content such as missed calls, text messages etc and let Apple steal it.
  • Notification on lockscreen is good, but a notification center is much more absolutely definitely certainly needed feature.
  • There's a lot of features I'd like to see added to win8phone, but mostly I'd like to be given more choices like when I go into settings why can't I rearrange them so the ones I use the most are on top: Airplaine mode and brightness.
  • Gesture codes are cool, but I do love the bottom icons. They let me know if there's anything to look at before choosing to get further "involved" with my phone ("glance-and-go"). A little enhancement of that feature might be nice.
  • On screen notifications is where Windows Phone lacks a lot. Notifications don't stay there, only icons that don't give much information and you don't have any real center to view them and they can't access multiplie apps form lock screen notifications. They should rethink it, in my opinion.
  • That's app specific. My double wide tile can tell me my last text, email, weather forecast, tweet, status update...etc. Toasts on the other hand...
  • The thing is, iphone can do just that. I had an argument recently with a co-worker about how fast information flows on Windows Phone and that I could do many things faster than him. It seems that I was wrong. He got a notification on Facebook on one of his status updates, it showed up on his lockscreen, he swiped it to the right and his app popped up letting him responde to the comment.
    I challenged him to post a status update on twitter just to prove my point, I launched the Me tile and he just swiped his status bar from top to bottom and had a twitter status updater hidden, he proceed to type out 'test' and send it. He was faster.
    I really didn't like the experience. I always thought WP was better with information than for instance iphone but it seems it's different now.
    Going by his words "Showing the last tidbit of information isn't practical, I have all my notifications cronoligically ordered with more than just a picture, I have the whole information".
    Hope I don't come across badly, but that experience I had was kinda defeating.
  • Sounds like he can type faster than you do hahaha
  • Definitly not
  • IOS added Twitter integration after the WP7 features were first announced so they had time to copy the idea. They followed up with FB a year later when WP had shown how well integrating it was. It does sound like he's using a special app though...
  • I wish there was a notification light, miss that about my n900
  • I want my screen to never lock itself. Let me lock it on my own terms, kthx.
  • You can just set the lockscreen settings to "Never"
  • Yep... And that's been available since WP7!
  • I want a notification center as well the ability to see detailed notifications stack up on the lock screen. That is the thing I miss the most from my iPhone, well that and snapchat but I won't get into that lol.
  • What does the 3rd one mean? We can already have PIN to lock our phone...
  • Where's "none of the above"? :P
  • Yess!!! Gesture based screen unlocking. That's a perfect trademark to have on the WP.
    It will make it 10 times more unique