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The secret is out: Nokia shows off Lumia 928’s PureView camera in new video

It looks like Nokia has given up on trying to keep their new Lumia 928, destined for Verizon, hidden any longer as they have tweeted about a new YouTube video showing off its low light capability.

Filmed in Farmingdale, New York at Adventureland (a place that is just 2 miles from where a certain Editor lives, ahem), Nokia took the phone on a literal rollercoaster ride at night to brag about their PureView camera with optical image stabilization.

Needless to say, it’s impressive.

They even stepped it up a notch and compared it against the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, and we don’t have to tell you which camera won the fight.

So who’s excited for the Lumia 928? We know we are (we just wished Nokia told us they were in town as we would have invited them over for a beer!).

Source: YouTube, Nokia Lumia 928 homepage; Thanks, aaa6112, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Go Nokia!
  • I love my 920 more than any piece of technology I own. Nokia has seriously out done themselves.
  • Me too :-)
  • Me's scary how I almost cradle my 920 like a child, lol
  • I'm already like that with my 8X. I can't wait to get the 928!!
  • that means Nokia Windows Phone market share to increase further :)
  • +1
  • 920 is heavy and bulky. While new updated lumia 928 is very thin and so very light weight. :-P
  • My 920 feels like a phone.. The last thing I want is for my phone to feel like a light plastic toy that is going to break at anytime like the Samsung Galaxy.
  • People compare weight just to compare for something to say.  928 is a solid phone that will not break at the slightest bump or fall.  Not any heavier than a bottle of beer, and you sure don't hear people complaining that the beer is too heavy, how could I possibly lift it to my mouth over and over and over again?
  • Really?  Do you have the same buggy, feature-lacking 920 that I have?  The one with the unusable email client and the auto-unfocus camera?  The one with the FM radio receiver that doesn't actually work?  The one with only one volume control for notifications and for application sounds?  The one with no way to see missing toast notifications?  The one with no multitasking except for horribly buggy background audio and GPS?  The one with battery life that can go two days on one charge and then two hours on the next?  The one with a big glob of dust under the front facing camera?  The one with the Web browser that won't open essential sites like  The one with no ability to do anything with PDFs other than (sometimes) open them for viewing?  The one with the lousy built-in calandar and no third party ones that can work with Exchange?  The one with no ability to install alternate keyboards?  The one with the pathetic voice-dication features?
    That 920?
    Because that one's just okay, at best.  And that's the one that I and my father and my sister and my wife and two of my friends have.  We've never seen the one where Nokia outdid themselves.
  • I'm disagreeing with you on the unusable email client, but other than that you are spot on as far as I'm concerned.  Must add that the lack of center and/or spot metering mode makes the camera sub-par in daylight.
  • Nope my phone doesn't have those problems.
  • Although I have Lumia and really like it but you nailed it .
  • Nokia WP cameras just have no competition, no point in going with any other phone if you want a decent camera.
  • How exactly is a camera that lacks center weight or spot metering mode anything but trash?
  • Woah. That's seriously awesome. Can't wait to play with one. 
  • I wonder if it'll work on other carriers like the Verizon 8X does. . .
  • That would be awesome. Here's hoping they hand out the 928 at the BUILD conference this summer.
  • I love it. Its just that when will we people from the other parts of the world will get it.
  • There are commercials of Verizon having a "huge" sale that ends 12th of this month. Usually after they get rid of their "sale" stock they usually bring something new to the table.
  • L928 looks beautiful! Please take my money soon!!!
  • Did I miss the memo where people made a big deal out of the officially revealed design?
    That's the first I think we've seen of the 928 that's not a head-on shot, and I think the revised body styling looks great! 
  • I thought the leak image of the 928 looked horrible compared to the 920. The new one seems like it has a flatter design.
  • I feel like we've seen two different leaks that purport to be the upcoming L920 variant for Verizon:
    (1)  The ugly aluminum Catwalk (which I suspect isn't as ugly as it looks in those leaks).
    (2) The plasticky slimmed-and-flattened L928:  
    I think what we're seeing is the second picture (the plasticky one), but the camera angle is hiding the rear bulge so it looks super thin and flat.
  • The video got me a tad bit dizzy. Maybe I'm just sensitive xD  
  • Drink one bottle of Corona it will help you :-P
  • the title should be lumia vs potato vs potato.
    btw. where's the reflection of the van?
  • Lumia vs potato vs calculator
  • Yes true
  • :) good one.
  • I've always wondered, was the movie, "Adventureland," starring Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart inspired by our Adventureland amusement park in Farmingdale?
    I used to go there all the time when I was a kid.
  • Indeed it was. Fun place. The director of the film worked there one summer, hence the movie.
  • Great movie.
  • Hence me and others waiting for gdr 2 news :D
  • Was Kristen Stewart depressed looking and only capable of one expression in that movie too?
  • Yes...
  • Every Porsche owners dream phone is no secret no more.
  • Yep, the landshark is back!
  • Damn that looked awesome! I wonder if the OIS in the 928 is a lil better then the 920's?
  • I think so, my 920 is great at low light photos but low light videos don't come out as good as this sample.
  • Announcement coming this week, finally.
  • That looks pretty dam nice, looks like the folks on the big red one are going to get one heck of a killer WP8 device. Now all they have to do is get something on the T-MO network but none the less this is very impressive.
  • There is an opening next to the usb-port on the top... for the SD-card?
  • Could very easily be the nanoSIM tray like the 920 has in that exact location.
  • nanoSim? not microSIM?
  • There is actually place for both. The nanoSIM tray is where you need to have that pin to open whereas microSD is on the other side which you can open without any special tools.
  • I think that hole is a microphone, unfortunately. Though I would love to be wrong.
  • Damn Nokia! Man I wish I was on Verizon.
    I swear, if I have to wait 6 more months to get the EOS, I will bleed from my anus. I am drooling too much over this!!! Im ready to ditch my Titan!
  • OMG! I know a good proctologist. My Titan sometimes makes my head hurt. I will keep an eye out for rectal bleeding from now on.
  • Yeah..... BS I dont believe these results.
  • Me neither. They made a big deal about the Lumia 920 camera and even after 2 software updates the daylight performance is worse than any other flagship phone.
  • It's not. If you haven't got evidence, you haven't got a clue. 
  • I can vouch for that I have a bloody iPhone 5 I think I know what quality of pics the iPhone is capable of and it looks Luke they didn't let the iPhone 5 camera properly focus.
  • My mum has an iphone 5 and I feel envious about how crisper her pictures are (daylight only). When I zoom to the blurriness I get from my 920! But it's not the phone's fault...if you use pro shot it truly shows what the 920 is capable of! It's when the phone saves the pic and downgrades the frustrated with it! Had a chat with the Dev for pro shot and he says it's due to limitations with the API!!! So...Microsoft are to blame...not Nokia! I had an N8 before and it had an amazing camera (granted it was 12mp)...but Nokia are more than capable!
  • Oh no don't get me wrong, I use an iPhone, Nexus 4 and an iPad 4 and I am VERY interested in a WP but I don't like the fact that the result has been tampered with.
  • Dude nothing was tampered with. That's how crappy the iPhone 5 video is. It wasn't a picture, they litterally freeze framed the video from the iPhone 5, and freeze framed the Lumia video. If you look at the comparison yourself the Lumia is much sharper the entire way through. Look at how the Galaxy S3's video looks sharper than the iPhone 5's video the entire way through too. I don't think Nokia would purposely make the S3 video look better.
  • You didn't understand him. He said those are videos and freeze frames from the video, not photographs. Of course video stills won't look as good as still photographs.
  • I understand thanks, but why would you extract images from a video? Why not actually do a comparison by night time photos instead of a video frame?
  • Because they are comparing video to video. That's what they wanted to do here.
    Go look at any video comparison, Lumia 920 is sharper period. Pictures on the other hand iPhone 5 comes out sharper 9/10. See what I mean?
  • Thanks, understood. Thanks for not being as rude as the guy below you and me.
  • wow I havent seen such an idiot in a long time... Lumia 920 outperforms the iPhone in low light conditions! So why should they do another low light photo comparison? the lumia 928 is meant to show low light video capabilities! The iPhone is a blatant peace of shit! stop acting like an idiot and accept it!
  • Well iwont accept anything. I have a Nexus 4 as my primary phone and iPhone as my secondary I know its not shit in fact its a rather enjoyable experience being able to use mobile OS's without bias:P
  • You might need to visit Pocketnow and spew about having no bias.  This is WPCentral and we are all about Windows Phone. It is OUR preference. Just sayin'.
  • I realise. But you can prefer a product without calling competing products shit.
  • No bro you can't win this fight lol your in their land and as a nexus owner myself I use all platforms but that doesn't matter here. They are hardcore wp fans so yea just quit lol
  • I see the iphone defense force is out in numbers today....
  • sorry but my Lumia 920 takes very crisp day light photos. if you use apps with filters they usually downgrade the resolution which is annoying but i just checked my Lumia 920 photos on the phone and they are saved at 3552x2000 which I think comes around to 7MP so it's slightly reduced from 8.7MP. i looked at iPhone 5 sample daylight photos that are on the net which it saves at 3264 x 2448 and i don't see much difference at all. That's viewing them on a 24" screen though. if you are talking about viewing them on your phone then yeah the photos may be less crisper on the lumia because the photo viewer on the phone reduces the viewing quality (not the actual photo quality) so you can scroll through them quicker. (i'm not sure if the iPhone does something similar or not). i think you can download an app that allows you to view the photos on your phone full quality.
    Considering how awesome the Lumia 920's night shots are along with the videos with OIS then the iPhone 5 is trumped big time. just check this shot out I'm proud to have taken myself:
  • Lumia 920 has horrible noise reduction that ruins the detail. This happens bother under low light and day light. They've not been able to fix this even with a software update which leads me to believe its just shoddy camera hardware. Let's hope the 928 is better.
  • Awesome picture!
  • You do know if you zoom in on the phone it's crappy because of the phone zoom.  Look at the same picture on a PC and it's better.
  • Download HD photo viewer to easily view your pics without degrading viewing quality
  • You don't own a bloddy 928 so you also don't know how much better that camera is.
  • I don't but neither do you correct? from what I'm reading its GOING to be announced. I actually own an iPhone I KNOW the camera is not that ****
  • We would love to see night time rollercoaster video from your iPhone then.
  • "didn't let the iPhone 5 camera properly focus"....during a video taken on a roller coaster? What were they supposed to do? Stop the ride so the iPhone video could focus?
  • Apologies,I did not know it was a shot from a video, but what does this prove? That the video quality on the 920 is better? OK.
  • Duh!
  • I don't think it's the operator's fault if the iPhone couldn't focus quick enough ...
  • I'm an ex owner of a Lumia 920. So yeah. Move away.
  • Stop trolling
  • I've taken side by side shots with my HTC One and girlfriend's 920. The One takes crisper shots with a little more noise. While the 920 takes brighter, more saturated shots. I actually prefer the HTC One pictures better, because it shows more of the true detail and color. The 920 uses software tricks to achieve it's results, muddying up the details in the process. It pops the colors, making blacks less black, while smoothening out the noise. my 620 does the same thing. They should have used it against an HTC One and GS4. That would have been the true test. Putting it against last year's phones is kind of not fair.
  • I see iPhone fans are now infesting WPC. Not good. Not good at all.
  • I'm not an iPhone fanboy. I messed up OK? I thought this was a picture comparison. But yeah good job Nokia that's seriously impressive low light quality.
  • Kudos for owning up to the mistake.
    If everyone would do the same, comments sections across the web would be much nicer places.
  • Thanks:) I've never been afraid of admitting my mistakes.
    Now can all the people that just because I made a mistake I am automatically an iPhone fanboy? I will defend ANY OS if I know they are in the wrong.
    unlike phonearena where there are dedicated trolls in every phone brand /  OS .
  • So the question is: is it a step up from the 920? Because mine's a month old and I already want a Lumia 928. :p
  • Ohh 928, y u so prettayyyy
  • hahaha, marketing WPC for if nokia comes next time, let them know there is beer :P hahahaha.
  • Stop focusing on camera! My D90 can do the same thing. Just please focus on Apps and the system!
  • Obviously, you shouldn't be reading articles about Nokia then. I'm glad that finally mobile photography is being taken seriously.
  • Agreed.
  • Why don't they put the gs4 in the comparison instead of the s3?
  • maybe its sold out already :)
  • Maybe they created the video before the S4 hit the shelves. Besides all the S4 has is a larger resolution. No other improvement
  • This.
  • That.
  • Uhhh wow no it doesn't it has a lot of new stuff. The 1080p screen is just the icing on the cake.
  • Quad-core vs. Dual-core, 13 mp. vs. 8 mp., 1080 vs. 720, thinner, lighter, bigger screen almost the same footprint. Those aren't as easy to accomplish as one would think, upgrading all that while still keeping/upgrading the thinness.
  • It is not the 928 and it was stated clearly on the nokia site it is currently available lumia!! Can't u read ?
    It is mentioned that the 928 will be unveiled soon...
    Stop BS news dude
  • From Nokia US Facebook page: We've got a brand new Nokia Lumia on the way with PureView camera, Carl Zeiss optics and Optical Image Stabilization. Check out how it handles "The Hurricane." More details to come soon...
 So yeah, this is not BS news, dude.
  • You are thinking you are on Verge. This is WPC. BS doesn't happen here :/
  • Lol
  • if they only release the 928, why present it in London? I mean, why reveal a US-exclusive handset in UK??
  • Because i think the UK show maybe for something entirely different/new for this region.
  • Wait a minute... Since the top of the phone shown in the image has a USB, SIM slot, and a headphone jack. What's on the bottom of the device?
  • There you'll find the big speaker and the digital amplifier.
  • No that's at the back of the device already shown in previous leaks.
  • And you are saying that those components don't take any room from the bottom end of the device?
  • They do, its just weird how it'll be flush on the bottom opposing to a USB charger like on the 920. wouldn't you assume they might have room work with just like they did with thr 920?
  • Maybe, a msdc slot!
  • A Merlin V-12 with Supercharger, 4 blade paddle prop, and nitrous tanks.
  • Best way to check Lumia 928 is compare it against Galaxy SIV and Lumia 920.
  • ..and HTC One.
  • Nah, I like what they did, most people own an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S 3, so showing those people what their phone looks like against the 928 really shows them what they're missing.
  • I do not purchase phones based on low light photos alone I choose by a OS that actually has apps, has a notification shade and does have separate volume for media,notifications and alarms.
  • I suppose when you look in your bank account and you see 150,000 in there, you think hmm...I wish I had money...(Choosing to ignore apps isn't the same as "actually not having apps") Notification shade? That's something that's a 'must' for you? Because Android has that, iPhone copied Android to get that, and us WP users don't need that. (Live tiles, toast notifications, Unification, soon NotifyMe) However, I semi agree with the volume dilemma, but for me to say that's a thing I "look for" in an OS is simply preposterous.
  • The iPhone did not copy android, they employed people that made a cydia tweak and then they were employed. Yes it is important for me.
    I used to be the same with iOS, I used to say that we have badge numbers that's all we need but no its actually really useful.
    Regarding apps do you guys have flip board gmail, Gdrive,G+ etc?
    Also do you have pocket or speed test?
    Legitimate question here I love and use all those apps frequently and am thinking of buying a WP so would love to know if those apps are avalible.
  • We have, the others we do not, but in due time Chetan, in due time. Just read Rubino's article about how WP8 is "slowly", but SURELY gaining tread. Just as you 'think' a "notification shade" is pertinent, some 'think' that a good low-light camera and superb video stabilization are pertinent.
  • So not even an unofficial port of gmail? I saw the post about the YouTube update and it looks stunning!
  • I mean, I get my Gmail through a mail client, but Google is strong-arming Microsoft so an official one is not out and to my knowledge there are no ports.
  • Damn those tiles look sexy.
  • I know, sometimes when I "hang" out with my girlfriend "Mary J." I get so lost/memorized staring at those tiles lol ha ha.
  • I think you previously said you have an android phone. In the google play market Microsoft released an app called "switch to windows phone." that app will take your existing app list and compare it to the windows market, finding either the exact app or an alternative that performs the same function. What's better, it will copy that app list up to their servers so that the apps can be automatically downloaded to your new wp8 device through the switch app on that system. This should be a useful tool for you, I think :)
  • Oh wow that's so useful, I will still keep my android phone as a back up(and I always upgrade to the latest iPhone) next year I will definitely have a lumina.
  • Awesome :-) I plan to have one as well...just chugging along on a HTC Trophy with WP 7.8. I would love some Nokia goodness!
  • It will be great because then I would have 3 different phones with three different OS's.
  • I have that going now, so I know what you mean! It really is nice because they all have their great points. I just use the WP as my daily driver. Call me a nerd, but I use this one despite also having had an iPhone 5 since December lol...I just prefer WP, and the OS is optimized such that I don't have a problem using the WP OS on lesser hardware!
  • *Points finger at tmccaghren and calls him a nerd*
  • Lol, knew that was coming! =P
  • Yeah the iPhone uses a custom designed dual core chip with 1gb of ram these are the specs fellow android nerds call mid range. And yeah I really love how optimised iOS and WP are for their hardware.
  • This.
    I personally love how people hype full HD on a 5" screen...granted, that's impressive on paper, but beyond 720p there really isn't much that can be discerned by the human eye...i would prefer to have enhancements made to refresh rate... Video playback is AWESOME on a high refresh rate--not as many shadows on the screen =)
  • Exactly. Manufacturers should focus on other important things like saturation calibration optimisation instead of hoping more powerful hard ware will hide the issues. Really its only some android manufacturers doing it Apple shows you don't need much specs and WP.
  • is the screen size the same as the lumia 920?
  • yeah. I believe that it'll carry out an AMOLED screen though
  • Realy nokia?
  • ask ourselves how often do we shoot in the dark? We need an all-rounded camera but not a night vision security camera
  • I do every time I go to Europe, usually end up in clubs and other amazing places mostly at night. So yeah, I use it pretty often at night.
    Perhaps the right question is, what would you finally be able to take a picture of at night?
  • I work during the day like most of the world and don't get paid to take pics but am out most nights after work and other than three summer months, it gets dark in the UK around 4-5pm. So yeah..
  • You're obviously missing the point. You clearly don't represent most of the world since there are mane people like me that work at night or in dark conditions. Not to consider any youngster out there that likes having fun during weekend nights.
  • Just videoed a 4 year old"s birthday with candles...would have loved to have the 920