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Nokia: Your family photos will be ruined by the darkness if you don’t use the Lumia 925

Microsoft has finally started getting some hilarious videos to promote their products the past couple months. Maybe they’ve learned a thing or two from Nokia, who have always had a strong marketing team. Case in point, the video you’re about to watch below that highlights the low-light prowess of the Lumia 925.

Long story short: buy a Nokia, don’t let the darkness ruin your family photos. Don’t forget to read our Lumia 925 review if you’re still on the fence about getting it. Hint: get it.

What did you think of the video?

Source: YouTube

Thanks for the tip Edwin

  • Nice
  • lol the darkness...
  • Do you also fight giant space squid with lightning guitar?
  • Getcha hands off of my woman!
  • hey that was a good one, lol
    Darkness everybody Darkness is spreading!
  • hahaha...ah, thanks for the morning laugh. That whole skit is the best ever!
  • That's awesome!
  • I love the fact that Nokia is really pushing WP8 & and delivering quality devices without breaking a sweat
  • Nokia only talks about photos. Seems to me that they are selling a camera and not a smartphone.
  • No different than the silly but fun commercials Samsung does with their gimmicky features. At least the camera aspect for Nokia is less gimmicky.
  • Most smartphones do the same things, so when advertising you want to show what sets you apart - what you do better than anyone else.
    In the case of many Nokia phones, that difference is the camera.
    Of course I realize now that if I have to explain this, I'm probably wasting my time.
  • We are at a point where smartphones can be differentiated by their cameras. Even Apple is doing ads with cameras now.
  • No, Apple have a ad for every feature. Facetime, Camera, Siri... etc... a smartphone is that.
    Get is what gets people attention and not the camera. They dont need to point the camera on every commercial.
  • I would agree, they need to express more about other features of the phone and OS, but to be truthful, the audio sucks.  My two year old HTC Radar has better audio than my new Lumia 925, and that is just sad.
  • Agreed. I can't even play music on my Lumia 800 because the sound its so low that I even thought at the first time that i had a faulty lumia.
  • Nokia does the same too. They have plenty of ads which are not related to the camera. (office+skydrive integration) (big screen+4g LTE on the 625) (super-sensitive screen) (rich recording)
    It's just that Nokia mainly focusses on the differentiating factors, low-light photography (925,920 etc) , zooming and reframing (1020), big screen and LTE at that price (625) etc.. 
  • They have a good smartphone with a camera that destroys all others. So do you market something that people expect, or something that no one expects but use all the time?
  • Agree, They should start making cameras instead.
    - Lumia 620 owner.
  • Ok....that was funny as hell!!!
  • LOL that's a good one. Hope to see this on TV.
  • I don't. Could've been better. Don't get me wrong I thought it was okay but the commercial needed a little something more...
  • More cake on the wall?
  • Lol maybe
  • More cowbell...
  • I like it but I feel like all the new commercials just keep pushing the camera, none of them show why WP8 as an OS is awesome. Kinda feels like they are selling a camera rather than a smartphone, but that's just me
  • I agree push both os and camera that way you not only sway towards an awesome camera but a awesome os that not many people know about. everyone knows by now most phones come with a camera but they don't know wp8 and they need to
  • Same feeling here. They promote the camera so much without even mentioning the OS. Most uninformed consumer nowadays love the camera but got turned off when they know Lumia use WP8 instead of their favourites Android. If they can push the cool features of the WP along with the camera I believe people will realize they won't really need Android in their phone.
  • Yes, people like us want to see our OS promoted.  The masses however, want a cool device that they can relate to for things the see value in.  People (other than us on these forums) don't necessarily see value in an OS as such. They want a cool device.  And to a huge legion of smartphone consumers, the promise of quality photos (for a phone at least) excites them, because mobile photography is a significant value proposition to many.  Most consumers haven't been captivated by the Windows mobile brand, so showcasing the device more prominently than the OS is potentially more effective to capture their attention.. And once you capture their attention you have an opportunity to win them over with the OS.  It probably a pretty good marketing plan actually.
  • That's the right way of doing it. Samsung does not put too much emphasis on the Android OS of their phones in ads either. Neither does Apple talk much about iOS in their iPhone ads.
  • True, but that's because everyone knows about iOS and Android. Not many even realize WP8 is its own operating system.
    You wouldn't believe how many people have asked me if my phone (L928) runs Android with a "Windows Theme". As in, they think its just a branch of off Android, not its own OS...
  • It's more important for MSFT to push  single-mindedly the brand, Lumia in this particular case since they will own it rather than the OS or the company behind it. When Lumia phones become widespread, people will just get to slowly know about the OS. MSFT's work now is to put the Lumia phones in peoples hands and not to educate them about the OS. When you sell, it's the brand you sell, not the OS.
  • microsoft pushes the os. nokia pushes the hardware and the best part is the camera. do you see a samsung commercial that showcases android? no. you see them showcase the latest gimmick theŷ added to their phones.
  • Because the android and apple users don't care about in-depth features, they just need something to brag about, give them an amazing camera and the can boast to their hearts content, they wont have a clue about any features they don't see an ad about
  • Getting someone to switch from an OS they are familiar with to something different requires them to want something they cannot currently get with their current phone and OS.   Otherwise, why would they bother?
    The phone's camera is a big hook.  It's what puts the phone on the "maybe I'll check it out" list.   From there, they have to be convinced to give the Windows Phone OS a try, and decide whether it will work for them.  But getting them to a store to hold one in their hand and see its features in person or to go online and start researching the phone and OS is the hard part.
    You have to hook them.   And there's nothing wrong with that.   From there, the Windows Phone OS will either impress them (sale) or not.  
  • Curious questions, how do you even delete your own comment?
  • Click the x
  • The x where? When you are editing your comment? Since no x is showing for me.
  • Are you on the website or on the phone app? In the app, there should be an 'x' in the top right corner of you comment box... or you can hold down on your comment until an options menu pops up.
  • Ahh okay, I guess that's one way to do it. But I was on the website, but thanks for the tip for the app!
  • Funny video...Darkness! Darkness is spreading! They should have gotten Charlie Murphy
  • With Rick James...bit(h.
  • Now that would've been funny!!!
  • Buenísimo!! Jajaj
  • ...otherwise, you will get beat up by a guy in black whenever you take a pic with a (s4??)!
  • After this news of this acquisition we need wp8 ads like crazy. Many feel like these are signs of the end(including me) Ms needs to let the world know that its not!
  • Nobody except an annoying minority thinks that.
  • Very annoying.
  • Very, very annoying.
  • Extremely annoying
  • Unfortunately, most of the people I know IRL saying this are iDroid owners considering WP--leaning toward were considering since the announcement. Microsoft and Nokia need to pour it on like never before.
  • I believe... I believe in thing called love!
  • The add is great...but it wouldn't hurt them to actually show the phone in it, would it? I mean...this add could be for the Z1 or the L920, or the L1020...or any other phone who takes photos good photos in low light. Showing the phone would help.
  • That's what it was missing. The damn phone!!!
    I mean the commercial was okay but it doesn't seem professionally made. I thought it had great potential but definitely not my favorite.
  • Exactly. You need to know what you are looking for when you walk into the retailers.
    This is the second low light ad that doesn't show the phone.
    And where's the proof anyway? This is the sort of ad campaign that you run when your product is well established and known. A reminder ad.  Like Coke still advertise but don't need to.
    At this stage of the game Nocrosoft need comparison-based advertising.
  • Glad there is another ad, but honestly it doesn't sell me on anything. I was expecting sudden dim lighting and pictures that turn out awesome anyway.
  • Same here
  • Well, another advert about camera. And now we have a new contender - Sony Z1. I wonder how Nokia will bash Sony too?
  • I think the only way they'll be able to take on that one will be if they point out the fragility of the phone compared to the L1020's construction. The Z1 is, as the Z, made of glass. So it's no way as resistant as the L1020. As for the photo quality...we'd have to see a side by side comparison (I'm actually eager to see that. After all the Z1 does have Sony's years of expertise as a camera maker behind it)
  • Even before the Z1, Sony already had tons and years of expertise as a camera maker yet they have only produced good camera phones so far but not great nor exceptional ones. So ok, there's a bump from 13MP to 20MP in the Z1. But putting more MP is not the only thing that matters in producing a great camera phone like the 1020 - or even the 920/925/928.
  • Nokia or Newkia Lumia?
  • Just Lumia please. Now that MSFT has decided to drop the Nokia name, they should focus on selling, selling, and more selling of the Lumia brand until it becomes a household word, and until people dream of Lumia in their sleep.
  • Yeah about that newkia I hope its not all the old Nokia crew if it is don't know what will happen
  • From inital samples, the Z1's cam is anything but special. Even the G2 (which has a very good cam btw) does better.
    No comparison to the 1020..Much smaller sensor, no OIS, no Xenon..
    Even then, at least it should better the G2, which is apparently not the case. Shame really that Sony cannot make the camera's of their flagships perfrom well, considering their history in the imaging department. 
  • Not quite, since no one will use a regular smart phone to take a family photo
  • You would be surprised.
  • it happens more than you think i remember people with their blackberry taking pictures... i handed them my lumia 920.... almost had it stolen(aka not returned) three times
  • Hin:get it.. That sounded so evil.. 3;)
  • nice. They should evoke Vader and the dark-side on their next commercial... That would be killer
  • Different entities of darkness would be fun.
    HellRazor, Batman, Venom, jack & sally, vampire, joker...
  • Yea, that was pretty funny.
  • LOL!!! The artwork is an Android coming out of an apple!!!!
  • You win!
  • Congrats you won... Cake!
  • So if I tape two of those together will it make a Lumia 1020?
  • Nope, he wins Key Lime Pie
  • kitkat
  • I know, but the video still has the pie in it
  • It's an android and an apple in a shirt collar surrounded by flying fish and a Mad Hatter. This of course symbolises the flighty and insane nature of iDroid users. Um.
  • Look site indo, L925 lose, Sony Z1 good, why ?
  • Do you see who did the "study"?
  • I couldn't understand the article lol
  • engadget has some sample pictures taken by the Z1. I just might be biased but they all look soft to me:!slide=946596
  • Funny, but I find these a little on the strange side.
    And those saying Microsoft needs help with this, a question. Weren't "The Recital" and "The Wedding" primarily Microsoft developed ads? They are US ads featuring the Lumias, but they are Windows Phone ads tied to specific carriers, and I personally find them more convincing and funnier than the two examples I have seen recently from Nokia.
  • Have HTC One, non issue. When there is sunshine, my Ativ-S is fine.
  • Mmm, craving for a key lime pie now. :D
  • Nice ad! But since MSFT had already decided on dropping the Nokia name, they should now focus on drilling, drilling, and more drilling into peoples consciousness the brand LUMIA - until people dream of LUMIAs in their sleep. That way it becomes so natural, like breathing, to just go out there and buy a LUMIA.
  • Nice ad, but show the phone taking a pic or a least the picture it takes!
  • I compared the camera Quality of iPhone 4s and Lumia 920.
    Even if the press praises the lumia camera, I think the iPhone just does better pictures.
    They are looking better an sharper.
    And the camera  from the iPhone is much faster then the Lumia.
    Anyone compared Lumia 925 and iPhone 4s?
    I want to switch from iPhone to WP when new Hardware is released with GDR3.
    But Camera is very important.
  • I've got a Lumia 920, my friend has a 4s. We got stunning low light photos without the use of flash on the 920. When we go out for a meal next we'll get photos using both the 920 and the 4s. Then we can do a proper comparison.
  • The 920 pre-Amber did take softer photos than the iphone 4s/5, but the difference was small. The difference in low light,indoors is huge, the 920 destroys the 4s thanks to the  OIS. The 920 with Amber and the 925 are much better, as sharp as the i5 in good light (check out GSMArena's image comparison tool with 925 vs i5), while still retaining that low-light advantage.
    If camera is that important, then you can always go with the 1020.
  • The camera on the 92x with gdr2 is just fucking epic, finally trumps the 4s and 5
  • have you personally compared?
  • "Maybe they’ve learned a thing or two from Nokia, who have always had a strong marketing team"
    One of THE most incorrect statements ever made. The team that consistently failed to promote the best sat nav available in a phone? The team that oversaw such a massive decline in business that they had to sell part of the business, then all of it to Microsoft? OK a marketing team is only as good as the products but still, all of the great innovations that Nokia have brought to the table over the years (flip to science, glance screen are YEARS old)  have been consistently overlooked when marketing.
    They followed instead of trying to lead and failed. 
  • Unfortunately, the Finns as a people are very grounded and modest, hence for the longest time Nokia management felt that as long as they continued to create great systems and features like that then people would know and remain loyal. And for the longest time, it worked. Unfortunately they woke up a bit too late to the fact that it had become required, and are now playing catch up. I don't mean they're catching up in what they produce (they were, but no longer); but with the right marketing from the beginning, even Symbian could have remained popular and therefore been financially viable to upgrade, remained current, and never have got a bad name.
  • I couldn't agree more, Symbian should have been the market leader instead of becoming the stick with which Nokia was beaten into the ground. RIP. 
  • Now that's funny i hope i see it in the States !!
  • Awesome sauce!
  • Justin Hawkins won't be happy about this
  • Maybe Nokia should have switched to the camera industry instead of selling their featureless devices to MS.
  • Hi guys click following link and vote Nokia to Microsoft don't remove Nokia brand
  • And that advert is really going to convince me to buy the phone?? Silly pointless advert that tells me nothing
  • Lol
  • Given how much the marketing is focusing (hoho) on the camera side of the Lumia, how long before Panasonic kick their butts since they already have the Lumix range of cameras?
  •   That was stupid. But it did make me laugh.
  • Funny stuff.
  • Ahahaha, I really like this one. 
  • At least show a sample photo from a competitor smartphone vs the 925. Not everyone is gonna believe some blue text in all caps is telling the truth, and I personally wouldn't go out of my way to test this out for myself when it should be shown that this really is the best low light smartphone camera.
  • Or I'll just use my DSLR!!!!!