Nokia's giving away a few Purity Headsets

Nokia is having another giveaway contest over on Facebook. This time they are giving away three Nokia Purity Stereo headsets (opens in new tab) (in-ear) and three Nokia Purity HD Stereo headsets (opens in new tab) (over ear).

Entering for your chance is about as easy as it gets. Just head over to this Facebook page (opens in new tab), tap the enter button, fill in the blanks and your done.  When you submit your entry, you can choose the style and color of headsets you prefer.

Closing date for entries is June 14, 2012 at 16:00BST (British Summer Time). If my time conversions are correct, that would be 11am EST on the 14th. Winners will be contacted by June 28, 2012 by email. Good luck everyone!

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  • Anybody have problems with the enter button
  • No options for a non facebooker like me. Bummer
  • Just make a fake Facebook.
  • You're done*. Awesome, by the way, though I usually don't listen to music on my phone because, I'm afraid people are going to hear what I listen too:D
  • Nyan cat on loop?
  • Buy some IEMs, even cheap ones under $50 will do. SQ will be amazing compared to any stock earbuds you've used and others won't be able to hear a thing.
  • Man, try this from your Nokia phone and you will throw it at the wall, come on guys make a touch friendly UI.
  • It won't work at all on my Lumia 900 or my iPad 2,... :-(
  • I did it just fine
  • 404 error on my Lumia, but it worked fine on my computer.
    By the way, it didn't force me to post on my wall that I had entered. Suprising, knowing Facebook.
  • and entered. I've been considering getting a pair of these for awhile since they're obviously the best headphones deisgned for WP compatibility out there however I am a bit concerned that they're just repackaged beats (and I really don't like beats) Can anyone actually vouch for whether or not the sound quality is actually different between them?
  • What regions is this competition available to??
  • From the rules:
    "The Contest is open to participants/contestants (hereinafter referred to as “Participants”) world-wide"
  • The Lumia is a Zune HD with a dial pad. I love it!
  • It works on your phone if you set your browser to "desktop version," instead of "mobile version."