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N.O.V.A. 3 emerges as a Nokia exclusive in India, regular release in the rest of the world [Updated]

Yesterday Windows Phone Central posted exclusive first footage of Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 3 for Windows Phone 8 in action. We showed you just how the game plays, but we couldn’t talk about the release date. Well, thanks to a little marketplace slip up on Microsoft’s end, it quickly became apparent that N.O.V.A. 3 would be coming out very soon indeed. In fact, it released in India ahead of the rest of the world!

Now we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that N.O.V.A. 3 is this week’s Xbox Windows Phone release. All Windows Phone 8 users with 1 GB RAM devices (cue complaints from 512 MB phone owners and insensitive complaints about the original complaints) can now purchase the game for $6.99 or the regional equivalent thereof.

That early Indian release creates a most unusual situation, however. You see, in India and ONLY India, N.O.V.A. 3 is a Nokia exclusive game. Not only that, but those Indian Nokia users get the game for free! The Indian release doesn't seem to be set up properly for Xbox Live yet, so multiplayer doesn't work - among other things. If you live outside of the Republic of India, we suggest you buy the international release and support Gameloft for continuing to bring high-quality titles like N.O.V.A. 3 to Windows Phone.


The N.O.V.A. series is Gameloft’s take on the Halo series. After all, there has never been an official mobile Halo game until this year. But Halo: Spartan Assault is a third-person shooter and thus looks and plays a bit differently than mainline Halo games. Gamers who are looking for something closer to the first-person shooter style they’ve come to know and love will feel right at home with N.O.V.A. 3.

The N.O.V.A. 3 demo allows you to play the entire first level that we showed in yesterday’s video completely free so you can make an informed purchase decision. You’ll play as Kal Warden, a futuristic war hero on a mission to rescue an important McGuffin from enemy aliens. The game starts out in the ruins of San Francisco – which also happen to look a whole lot like modern day San Francisco. I kid!

N.O.V.A. 3 plays just the world’s most popular sci-fi console shooting series. The protagonist can run, gun, jump, and throw grenades. You won’t see it in the section of the first level we played, but before long Kal even gets to pilot vehicles – including mechs. Take that, Titanfall! And the campaign itself is extremely cinematic in nature, filled with fully voiced cut scenes that bring the story to life.

On top of an epic single-player campaign, N.O.V.A. 3 also comes with a fully-featured multiplayer mode. It works via local Wi-Fi or online. Up to 12-players can join a game and participate in 7 different modes, including Free for all, Capture the Flag, Capture the Point, and more. 10 of the game’s Xbox live Achievements (which we posted here) are dedicated to multiplayer mode, so you’ll definitely want to hop online if you want the full Gamerscore.

Update: We now have the international store link and QR code!

Update 2: The Indian version has been removed from the Store, presumably due to its broken Xbox live features. We'll let you know if and when it comes back.

N.O.V.A. 3 – Windows Phone 8 – 1017 MB

Gameloft E3 update

The big G didn’t have any Windows Phone titles to show off during E3 other than N.O.V.A. 3, but we do expect to see more from them during Casual Connect next month. On the E3 show floor they have a number of new iOS titles including Modern Combat 5 (video here) and Asphalt 8, both slated to launch later this year.

Let’s hope they come to Windows Phone 8 too, and sooner rather than later! All gamers can do to help that happen is buy the Windows Phone 8 games they’re selling in order to convince them that this market is one they should continue to support.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us about the Indian release, starting with Prodigy Hero and ending with Mark "Strudel" Tepper!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Complaint from 720 user.
  • Deal with it pal or get a console
  • I wrote this in response to Paul "cue up the complaints" comment. But, you obviously took it far too seriously and felt the need to set me straight. Well done, pal.
  • Here's another complaint.. At 1gb these games take up a lot of storage, and they are only going to get larger.. I need a phone with either 64gb of storage, or expandable storage.. I WILL ACCEPT NO LESS ON MY NEXT DEVICE!!
  • I saw the push notification in my 8x, "Nova 3 emerges as a Nokia exclusive" and then I get all sad. But the I click it and it says "In India" YEAH!!!
  • I felt the same way. Can't wait for my L925 to come
  • Don't you mean 920? There's no such thing as a 925!...
  • Ridiculous!
  • Ridonculous!
  • Will this be the link to the US store?
  • No
  • Needs a controller and it'll be fun
  • Grabbed it for free. From India here. Nokia is pure awesomeness!!! Will settle for the campaign for now.
  • three cheers for India???
  • @ I believe it is :)
  • :) :)
  • Aw man.. India gets everything.. Its not fair! Stupid US.
  • Not available in UK yet
  • Not in CA either. :(
  • I'm assuming you mean Canada, in which it is available now. its on the front page of the store right now. 
  • Looks like a great game! And not to be too critical, but those of you who purchased a 512MB device shouldn't be complaining. You should know what you were getting into by purchasing a cheaper device - you won't be able to play high end games. Its like purchasing an atom laptop and expecting it to play battlefield 4 when it comes out
  • I have Nokia lumia 820. It has everything this game needs but storage. This "others" problem is making nuts. I reset my phone 2weeks back and again I can't install a game. Windows phone sucks. I have uninstall all my games. I have 3gb of free space but still no use.
  • How does "Windows Phone suck" because you don't have enough storage?
  • The inability to install games to SD cards, inability for many Windows Phones to clear their 'Other' storage, and the requirement for 4X storage space in order to install a game are actually major problems that Windows Phone faces. We should all hope that Microsoft will at least correct the SD card issue in the near future.
  • Android doesn't even allow you to install apps to the SD...
  • Yes it does
  • Because of the others storage problem which has not been address till now and because we can't install apps on micro SD card
  • yooooooooooo Indiaaa................
  • Oh yeah!!!!!
  • R achievements unlocking iin Indian version ??
  • None so far. Even of they don't not a deal breaker for me
  • Will buy the paid version instead .. Cheevos are imp for Xbox Live version
  • Either this will available for 512 Mb ram
  • Good can get it for my Ativ S when it comes to UK
  • Isnt it possible to change region, install the app and then switch back?
  • ofcourse u can..hurry up..!!
  • Do I still receive updates?
  • yes u will...
  • Not. Only if this game/app becomes available in you region. Or you will have to manually check for updates changing the region.
  • Of course I'll buy the game as soon as it becomes available here in Sweden, support the developers and all that!
  • Support gameloft! Read the article.. Otherways we won't get MC5 or asphalt 8 and those.. Don't get it for free, buy it..
  • Dude, you do realize that Nokia is probably compensating Gameloft for lost revenue in some way right. This like saying don't buy games on Steam when they are on sale.
  • And here's the first excuse for theft, bravo!
  • @theefman I am actually from India. So if Nokia India is giving the game for free, how is that theft. Come on man, I buy so many games every month :(
  • Who here thinks Gameloft is giving the game away for free in India? They aren't. Nokia foots the bill. No regrets switching to India region for a Nokia sponsored free game :). Glad I have a Nokia.
  • Yeah u can. That's what I did...
  • If you use Xbox Music, or bought music i would give a word of warning. When fiddling with time DRM may block out your music. Only way to fix that is a factory reset, and we all know how a pain that might be..
  • A 512MB ram user is sad here... :(
  • To all the 512 RAM phone owners..
    you'll get over it later just like you did yesterday, last week and last month.
    oh and you will get over it for future games that won't run on 512RAM either.
    And you can take that to the bank
  • But my bank doesn't accept sadness as a deposit.
  • Would love to buy it, but I can't cause I have no storage.. I have 1,00gb free, and N.O.V.A. 3 is more than that. And it requires about 4gb free to download. Woppidoo! Thanks, MS, for not fixing that fucking other storage problem!!
  • You can get by with less than 4 gigs if you queue the download from the website instead of directly from your phone. That said, I bet you'd still need 2 Gigs or so.
  • Yeah,but when I go to abd try to, it says that I have to first use the same Microsoft account on my WP, as in the web page.. But I already am using?? So I don't know what to do..
  • I bet the region is the problem. Just wait until it becomes available in your country and then try it.
  • No,I mean't that it says that with every game. I've tried it with Amazing Spider-Man,and Modern Combat 4 (which are both live at Finland).
  • Sorry to hear that, man. You should create a support request at and see if they can help you resolve it.
  • Yeah, I think that I have to do that.. Just not liking this, as last week I had a chat with someone from WP Support team online, because my Microsoft account didn't work in my phone.. I had to put my password again in my phone. And since that it have just said 'account not synchronized' or something like that, and gives me an error. What's wrong with my account? :o
  • Install from trust me ;-). The web store bypasses the 4gb b.s
  • Changed region to India, downloaded it for free. Ding!
  • Thanks you supporting the developer and make them develop for WP in the future
  • Im glad i didn't pay for this, as it is clearly not optimised for WP8, given the battery drain i witnessed.
  • I always do. But it's free in India and not out here yet, so what do you suggest I do before it's out and possible to buy here? Jump on the first plane and hand the cash to the developer myself? If you knew how much I have supported WP developers you would have passed out the second I told you.
  • Amazing the excuses people come up with.
  • So when Gameloft sees how their game is being stolen and doesn't release their newer games we'll know why. And I'd love to hear the justification from the thieves downloading it for free.
  • Lol, first of all, its hardly thieving. MS allows us to change our regions. Whether it is ethical, i suppose would depend on your viewpoint! Id happily pay £6 for a game title, if it was optimised. This game, unfortunately isn't.
  • Keep the excuses rolling, I'm sure this is exactly why MS added the capability to switch regions. Such pathetic people who rush to save a measly $7 after buying an expensive smartphone, then come back and whine when they dont get the apps on other platforms.
  • Something is really wrong with you. Grow up and stop trying to argue like you know people. It makes you look like a jackass.
  • You're the jackass, making excuses that you've previously bought WP apps so its all right to steal this one. Pathetic
  • Please don't pick fights, Theefman. We must accept viewpoints that are different from our own (when they don't involve bigotry or limiting people's civil rights).
  • 1. You don't know what I will do when it's actually possible for me to buy
    2. You are imagining me stealing something
    3. Learn to read what I actually write
    4. Pick your fights just a tad better next time
  • @theefman if a game is free (or becomes free) in the US region (or whatever region you are from) (old or new game, doesn't matter) will you grab it or you will pay for it?
    I guess you downloaded the 4 miniclip games when they were free back in april-may for 1 week (istunt2, fragger, gravity guy and monster island), did anybody called you a thief when that happened?
    I bought istunt2 last year when it was on deal at 1$, and i downloaded the rest for free in april/may.
    Maybe it's a promotion/deal in India with Nokia and Gameloft and MS, to release this game free in that region. It's not a glitch or a crack that somebody found in the OS or in the store.
  • I guess the indian link/published by nokia has been pulled as i am from india and its showing me not available for your device....earlier it was.....i should have downloaded it at that time for free ... :/
  • The moral police seem to have invaded wpcentral.
  • LOL @ thiefman laying down the law on the thiefmen. A meme in the making.
  • I downloaded this by changing my region to India. Unfortunately, the back of my phone got unbearably hot, and the battery depleted by 30% after 10 minutes of use. Uninstalled!!!
  • Yippee, got it for free here in India!!!
  • These big games take forever to download at work...
  • Um, yeah so I shouldn't get it for free via Indian store you say? Gameloft should thank to Microsoft, as they are unable to charge my Debit Card since 2 months, and due to that I can't buy anything. :p I won't create paypal account or credit card... If they accept Debit Card, the they should learn to charge it with fees... Calling Finacial Institution, and Microsoft plenty times resolved nothing, so I don't feel like a thief, and don't want anybody to call me a thief. Finito ;)
  • I am buying From my debit cards only.. Hdfc , icici works
    international version available....!!
  • I changed my region to India last night and got it for free!
  • Free is good
  • There is NO point to release these massive games for existing devices, because there is no really device available at the moment where is enough memory!!! I have Lumia 820 and if flash my device then I might have enough free memory...
  • @Vesku I had less than 2GB free. Downloaded the XAP file and installed via SD card. Now I have 1 GB free. Using Lumia 820. Game is running smooth and fast!
  • How did you download the XAP file and install it via SD card? I have Lumia 820 too
  • Not a thief its free if my region is India which it is wouldn't make a difference if it where in the us Nokia is paying for like they usually do with our exlusives like mirror game
  • Ativ S user from Switzerland here... Seems to be a Nokia only game in our marketplace
  • You tried the new international link and it still says Nokia is the publisher?
  • Ahh yes, it's working now! Cheers
  • Keep them big names coming. Whats going to happen after Gameloft releases these 12 games? Are they going to keep giving us new releases or are they going to forget about us. I guess we'll see.
  • Hopefully we'll find that out when we meet up with them again at Casual Connect!
  • I'm anxious to hear a release date for 'Order & Chaos Online' and hopefully the engine for that game is better optimized for WP8. The only Gameloft game for this gen that seems to run smooth is Asphalt 7. 
    It is still great to have these games on our platform, I can't complain!
  • When will they turn on the multiplayer and achievements? Please dont be another broken Lamegoft game...
  • When you stop region changing probably XD
  • I region changed and stole the game legit. I demand the full game and all of its achievements for my hard work!!!! This is unacceptable.
  • I have a 512 device (720) And it performs beautifully, shame about the ram but, I have an 360 and a ps3 for games, but if a quality game is available for 512 mb then count yourself lucky but for now, stop complaining and get a console
  • Hi Paul, other than the lack of multiplayer capability in the Indian version of the app, are you aware of any other differences between the two versions? Thanks.
  • I'm downloading the trial now. Does anyone have any details on how this game performs on the Lumia 920? I wasn't all that impressed by what I was seeing in the videos, but maybe things have changed.
  • @useless It runs beautifully on my 820 which has the same processing power as the 920. The game runs great man!
  • Should I feel naughty for becoming and Indian for a few minutes to download and then Americanizing myself to play it.  I feel like a spy.
  • I used to be a big fan of these games when I had an iPhone... I don't know how I used to enjoy them though. The day one of these big developers makes a near-console quality game (not necessarily graphics, but story, length, controls, etc,) and charges $15-$20 for it on a smartphone, I will be amazed and incredibly happy. I'd rather peck away 10-20 minutes at a time from an amazing game, than the same from something with no real payoff. (I'm sure the ending to this one is just as underwhelming as the ending to the other two.) I'm glad Gameloft and others are supporting WP8, but the games themselves in their current form will never be that appealing. (At least, to me...) I suppose what I'd prefer from a smartphone game is some sort of "experience," some sort of "depth," some sort of "soul." Right now, they're all just flat.
  • I would almost buy it if it wasn't so expensive.
  • 4GB free storage and can't download because of lack of space. Microsoft, please fix this stupid Other storage and photo bug now.
  • Achievements not popping and multiplayer broken for none Indians downloading from the Indian marketplace, just so you all know. I only downloaded that way as I wasn't greatly interested in the look of the game overall and never would have bought for that price.
  • Most of the Indian users are using Lumia 620, 720 and 520 mobile. In india make this game paid please. 920, 820 Users shouldnot get free
  • No idea how you guys spoofed the region. I was going to so it to try the game out, and purchase if I liked it. Even on I can't download the Nokia version. Heck. I can't even find it!
  • Do I have tor eset my phone in order to download it from Indian region? I changed my region to India, only by restarting the phone. Still asks me to pay, lol.
  • Same here.
  • There are two links. Make sure you are clicking the right link.
  • Wow, its telling me I don't have enough space... I have 3.9 available...
  • Any Bugs? Game just crashed and sent me to start screen. Also sometimes mobbs go invisible so you have to shoot the place down to hit em.
  • Hmmm, also its a very low frame rate so its not as smooth as I thought.
  • Are you kidding me? It runs buttery smooth on L920 (Indian version) Although I'm stuck in a part where it keeps crashing shortly after going upstairs to the street level.
  • I hope we get new gameloft title at the same time as the other platforms
  • Bought this game now.! Supporting the devs especially Gameloft. I hope this will not be the end of their releases for WP. Guys, I hope you all support the devs whenever possible so our WP community would grow more as more 'big' names develop for WP, more people would join us on WP. Peace y'all.! :)
  • Did anyone bother to read the description for the India version? It says "Try it free! Enjoy the first level of the single player campaign without paying a cent."
  • No more free indian ver.
  • Seems to be showing up on my US phone.
  • Playing through the trial I gotta say I like it alot. But man, the load times are insane. My screen times out on me 4-5 (@ 30 sec rates) before he next scene opens up. Is this the case foe full game too? 928 here
  • it loads soon for me.. takes around 30s for every new scene.. lumia 920 here :)
  • Grabbed the full game from the US store on a 928. Damn good looking, awful frame rates.
  • Hey Paul ,
    I see u have the first screenshot photoshoped with the Indian flag, but u got the Feathers on the head wrong . If you dont already know, there is a difference between native american (aka american indians or native/true americans) and people from India (Indians). Too bad Columbus screwed it up for us centuries back.
  • I was wondering when someone would catch my little joke. :)
  • :)
  • Wtf. I have 4gigs left in storage and I get a "you have reached your storage limit". When is that storage app gonna be available so I can remove cached and useless temp data? also. What's the point of having 4 gigs available if I can't use it. This is the first time I am pissed at my WP
  • Plz bring over Gangstar Vegas!!! Oh and Asphalt 8 and...Modern Combat 5 :)
  • If you remeber the news about microsoft going to give nokia incentives for selling wp8 and even managing to beat bb's rim. Maybe msft is gonna nokia exclusive apps and some for free. I hope they make many xbox one games for lumia phones and maybe some for free. That would make competition better against android phones. Games like medal of honor halo and really hot xbox games going to lumia is really good
  • I wonder if the "How to fix Xbox on WP" series had any effect on MS..
  • They did decide to make a Halo game at last... But I'm not sure they listened to much else.
  • Well, it takes time for these things..
  • Very good game. Nice graphics. Comfortable controls. And doesn't drain the battery like modern combat 4. And all this for free. Runs smooth on my 920
  • Thats gr8 news for indians..Btw when 925 is coming to india..
  • NOVA in India now costs Rs. 360!!
    Good that I downloaded it free yesterday night!  :P
  • Your so lucky :(
  • Don't uninstall it (till it goes boring) as nokia exclusive version has been unpublished from the store. It cannot be reinstalled. Next time, fresh download & fresh purchase.
  • This is f**king frustrating. It was in store (nokia exclusive), downloaded it in the night, installed it today morning & found it to be unsupported as the app has been unpublished from the store and a new version is there to download.
    Why this mess?
    Now, i need to download it again and purchase too.
    If Gameloft/nokia/microsoft wanted money, they could have done it with the same publish itself.
    Carrier billing is nowhere in sight. Dont understand the logic.
  • Doesn't it mean that, nobody will be able to reinstall the Nokia exclusive version once uninstalled.
  • That seems to be the case, yeah.
  • Strange how this game runs fine on my ipod touch 4th generation with a single core 800mhz A4 CPU and only 256MB of ram...   My Lumia 625 has three times the specs and it's not supported???