First impressions of the NuVision 8-inch Windows 10 tablet

As some of you may already know, I've recently been in the market for an eight-inch Windows 10 based tablet with pen support. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come across one due to hardware makers seemingly pulling out of the premium, small tablet market. So instead, I settled for one of the more wallet-friendly options, a tablet from called NuVision. It doesn't have pen support, unfortunately, but it does have a lot of other things going for it.

I've not been using the NuVision very long, so today I'm just going over my very first impressions of the device. So far, I really like it. I paid around $100 for it, and you can likely get it for cheaper on Amazon (opens in new tab). I was worried that because it's so cheap, it was going to be a poorly built tablet that was just horrible to use. Surprisingly not. The NuVision feels superb to hold in the hands, featuring a cold-to-the-touch metal back plate, and a gorgeous 1080p LCD on the front.

I was expecting this device to be plastic and creaky, with a low-resolution screen like found on most other mini Windows 10 tablets. Instead, I got the complete opposite. This tablet feels like I could have easily paid $300 or even $400 for it, it looks that good. The screen is incredibly crisp and clear because 1080p at the small size of 8-inches is plenty of pixels for a high-quality display. So, considering this device retails for less than $100, where did they cut corners?

Cutting some corners

The speakers that are built into this device are one of the worst I've ever heard on an eight-inch tablet. You are not going to want to be using this tablet for music. I'd recommend headphones at the very least. Luckily, this device is featuring a typical 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can do just that.

Speaking of ports, along with the 3.5mm headphone jack, we're rocking a Micro-USB port for charging, meaning no fast-charging here. We've also got a mini MicroSD expansion slot for expandable storage, which is handy considering this device only comes packed with 32GB of internal memory, never enough for a Windows 10 device. It also has a built-in microphone, handy for quick Skype calls and Cortana voice commands.

Performance seems OK for what I'm planning to do with it. These tablets are designed mostly for web browsing, email, and entertainment consumption. If you're planning to do any real work on the NuVision, you're going to want to look elsewhere. The NuVision powered by an Intel ATOM Z3735F, which is utter rubbish for performance. It also has 2GB RAM, which isn't much to do any real tasks with. Both CPU and RAM should hold up for light usage, however.

It's too early to give a verdict on battery life. So far, it's not looking good. It appears to drain rather quickly, even when using it lightly. I'll have a full verdict regarding battery life in my full review.

So far, I'm enjoying the NuVision more than I thought I would. It feels great in hand, with a crisp and bright looking display. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any pen support, which is what I need most in a small, eight-inch based tablet. That side, the NuVision is looking incredibly promising for the price you pay for it. I'll be doing a full review on the NuVision very soon, so stay tuned to Windows Central for that.

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • If you keep to using apps, battery lasts much longer on these devices although edge is dire on my tablet.
  • Edge is dire
    on my phone. Spanks the battery and the phone gets real warm.
  • Weird, Edge doesn't affect battery life on my Lumia 950, nor can I blame Edge for the poor battery life on my nuvision tablet because I've only used it with apps; NuVision is to blame for the battery life as well as sound because there speakers are horrible so I only use it with headphones. I will give them credit, is super thin and I'm okay with the screen.
  • I have to second peachy001's observation. Of late I've basically ended my Edge-first experiment for a variety of reasons but one of the biggest is that it seems to offer very little in the way (if any) of battery usage and my devices get surprisingly warm compared to the competition. I suppose that part of Chrome's edge over Edge in the battery usage comes from the fact that Chrome has much finer control over the way it uses resources. For example on intense websites a single, super easily accessed setting--disable JavaScript--dramatically reduces CPU usage. That's a level of control which Edge does not have and likely never will. For the past few months I was trying to give Edge a real chance and even went so far as to set it as the default browser on mutiple devices. That experiement seems to have come to a fizzle. For a few weeks I was able to force myself to use Edge as the dominant browser, but, I found that I started switching back to Chrome more-and-more. The Edge experience simply does not live up to the Chrome experience :(. I do like how two finger swipe allows you to go back in Edge (I wish keyboard gestures in Edge/Chrome were as good as Safari on Mac but that's a pipe dream for now), but, that's not compelling enough to keep me there. Plus, recently, the new "feature" (more like obnoxious piece of garbage) of the "Show Tab Previews" control has sent me running from Edge. With that "feature" Edge is crippled as a touch-screen browser since I frequently end up tapping that !@#$!@#$ control by accident. Ah well, at this rate Microsoft won't win the late 2010's browser wars unless it pulls another anti-trust stunt like it did in the 1990's with Netscape and Internet Explorer. Hopefully that anti-trust behaviour in WIndows 10 S will never see the light of day in Europe, and, thus, force Microsoft to at least open up the Windows Store to real browsers.
  • interesting topic exploring windows 10 tablet. i use my 2013 asus vivotab me400c every day with creators update and the edge extensions.  I love this 10 inch screen and the weight of this tablet.  i will be in the market for the same form factor when a dévice has 4ram and 128 memory. There is a market in the $200 range that will have longer battery life
  • If a machine with these specs can run full Windows 10 why can't my Lumia950 run it. I always say it'll be a deliberate action for Microsoft not to give the current flagships WoA.
  • Because Windows 10 on ARM is not a real thing yet!
  • It's been known since last year that none of the current phones meet the minimum requirement so won't be getting WOA.
  • I understand your question, but why odd Microsoft the only phone OEM expected to support devices forever instead of having the same device lifecycle as other OEM's?
  • Well I have similarly priced tablet and the battery they use is really not of a high capacity and best quality, it average around 4 hours of battery life. Not too bad for occasional usage, but continuous use isn't enough, really not for long trips. And I just limit the use of using Windows Store apps and Edge. This is why Microsoft should release a great 8-inch Surface tablet (call it Mini or personally I want to call it Note) that have Surface Pen support and normal cover without keyboard as an optional accessory. So that OEMs will be encouraged and follow along. We just don't have much choices on small Windows tablets. Not to mention that Windows 10 Tablet mode still needs more work, we can't even Snap apps on portrait mode and the animations of Task View is just plain bad and amateur-looking.
  • 32GB HD with 2GB ram? This tablet is worthless.
  • Its hardly worthless.  You can actually get its bigger brother with the X5-Z8300 for as little as $59 sometimes.  Windows 10 was reformulated better with 2GB than Windows 7 eer could and you dont need a lot of 3rd party overhead to keep it running.  For storage, you can always up usbflash drive or SDCard for cheap.  Its designed to be chap, but it does have an incredible display.  We use 3 of them at work for remote diagnostics and the $59 tablet replaced about $500 of other equipment.
  • Where can u find that one at for $59?
  • When on sale at the Microsoft store online.
  • I purchased 4 for the kids at Christmas from the Microsoft store for under $60/ea. Great value.
  • It has a great screen for the price. I use mine with apps only.
  • Good day i bought 49$(on sale) and around 59$(if not onsale)tablet called Edge HD(totally unknown brand) it runs windows 10, 7.9" with 2048 x 1536 resolution and other specs are almost the same as this nuvision tablet here,you can't do hardcore games but i've run lol here so i guess it can atleast play some older games,well other than web browsing and watching video. it's pretty good except for battery i only got 3-4 hours here also it got hot when you push it. Fun fact i use mini hdmi for extra monitor and i think it's worth it.
  • Did you want a Surface Pro for that price?
  • Ever used a windows 10 tablet even with a 1gb ram?? I know 100% u have not as even on 16/1gb tablets full windows 10 runs smoothly.. this is aint windows 7/8 anymore
  • True, my dad has one. Still running fine with Creators update. In this tablet, the W10 size is only 8GB, I don't know why.
  • For basic uses, maybe it okay..but they should increase more ram + internal memory. For example, give 4GB ram basic + internal memory 128GB with slot MicroSD
  • 4GB and 64GB of Storage would be fine for a "Plus" version, but be prepared to pay $100 more it.
  • And then you'll pay a lot more for it.
  • Been using your ad blocker, love it.
  • Thing is the cost would be higher, and these tablets aimed to be really cheap Windows tablets. Big name OEMs should do that but alas that's the problem we have now, even one article here in WC were written about it. We just don't have much options and proper competition. Also, I rather have Windows 10 to be run well with 2GB RAM for efficiency and reduce the size of what Windows 10 eating which is still ridiculous. Windows 10 needs a serious leaning, maybe for Windows 10 S SKU would be good for that and perfect for these small tablets.
  • I have the newer version with the Atom X5-Z8300 with 2GB RAM and 32GB HDD, it also comes with a mini HDMI port. Performs well and I agree on the build quality and screen. Excellent Windows tablet for the price. Nothing beats full Windows 10 for my use case scenarios.
  • Why not 4GB of Ram. Everything else seems fine. We are just missing a tablet in the 250-300$ price range
  • The cpu only supports 2GB. Maybe next year they'll do it?
  • Tablet sales have been steadily declining for years now, however hybrids have not so OEM cooling on traditionally non hybrid units.
  • :
  • Not bad!  Good for surfing.  Maybe leave it in a travel bag.
  • Try the speakers on a CHUWI Hi8 Pro for the worst in an 8ich tablet. Most of these tablets are the same, rubbish CPU, medicocre screen, barely there speakers, still 2GB of ram and a battery than can't cope with every day tasks never mind gaming. Manufacturers need to do better.
  • You can't expect a premium feeling from a device that costs less than 100 bucks. For the price, my chuwi hi8 has great screen and great battery. Plus Windows 10 on a device that costs less than Windows 10...
  • There are seem rather unrealistic expectation with $100+ Windows tablet. I'm actually even glad that we can get a Windows device for around $100, the retail license itself tends to cost more. Also Chuwi Hi8 were nice tablets too, got a pretty high resolution for its size. I just only wished that these tablets have better battery, even with same specs. Windows 10 just needs a bit more optimization and UWP runtime too.
  • The $100 you're using is two High, i purchase two of these at the MS store for $49 each. People here in the Windows central forum wasn't the world for a penny!
  • I picked up a couple of NuVision tablets last year when the Microsoft Store had a big sale on them. I ended up returning them, because the MicroSD slot kept forgetting that their was a card in it. I tried a number of cards that I knew worked, so it was either the tablet (cheap SD card port) or the OS (bad drivers). Make sure you test everything out before the return period is over.
  • I've got a mid range Surface with that same problem. I wouldn't vilify the NuVision for that. Look to the OS.
  • Linx make a good set of 8inch tablets here in the UK, Linx vision tablet comes with extra Xbox controller attachment for streaming from Xbox.
  • The 610L is a little bit better as it has dual microphones to speak to Cortana. The only major disadvantge of these tablets is it's slow wi-fi as it uses only 2.4 Ghz and not 5 Ghz  
  • Will be sad when my Dell Venue Pro 8 gives up the ghost. I commute 20 hours a week by trian and it comes in handing to have a small tablet for reading and web browsing and watching video. Once in a while I will need to type a memo or update a spreadsheet for work and it fine for that. I have taken it on vaction and have had to VPN into my computer at work. Yeah full Windows 10 on a mini there is a market for folks like me.
  • My Dell Venue 8 Pro has been going strong since 2013, amazing tablet! I got the original model with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage before they started making different versions with 1GB RAM and 4GB RAM.
  • My grandson still uses his HP Stream 8. Nice little tab but no pen.
  • Windows 10 on small tablets I think there is really a market for them. The problem is that there aren't alot of choice and back then when apps on Windows Store are fewer. Hopefully we will get one when Windows 10 on ARM is released. That would be perfect for these small tablets when battery life is seriously needed, yet still not costing like a laptop.
  • Where can you get this in the UK? Amazon will not ship it from the US to the UK.
    My Lenovo Miix 2 8's microUSB port has died and I need a replacement.
  • I got a Miix 3 10.1 inch a few years ago that was around £100-£200. It came with 8.1 and I think there have been similar devices released, too.
  • I have the same table and I can confirm this table is crap ! Please don't buy this. This people must have got money for reviews !
  • Wow, a detailed and insightful assessment, complete with disparaging remarks. I'm certainly swayed.  I have one too, and find it surprisingly good for the price. If your expectations are tempered, I think anyone would be pleased with it. Adonit pens work well with it, and mitigate the lack of active pen support a bit.
  • For $90 it ain't crap. I bought 2 for my daughters and they use it fine for YouTube, movies while travelling and some lame store games. Does the trick.
  • It took mine 15 hours to install all the updates after I initially turned it on. That was with fast wifi. Other than that I enjoy it for light web browsing
  • that's the bad side to it, yes, it took that long. My dad's 16GB tablet needed fresh install via media creator (I ran it from microSD card though) to run creators update. But yea, once it's done, it's pleasing to use for my dad. well, he's an old guy that has 3 laptops at home, 1 tablet, 1 Lumia, 2 iPhones, and he can do a fresh install on all of them except he needed my help for the tablet. My dad is techie, eh?
  • I would like to see a review of the HP Pro Tablet 608 G1, it is a "professional" 7.86 inches tablet with pen support, USB-C, docking etc. It seems to have GPS with the 4g module.
  • I have that and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless that u can get it for 200 or 300 bucks. it has lots of issues. Like poor battery life, not waking up after sleep. The performance is not good, the worst thing is a problem where the screen becomes unresponsive if u upgrade the BIOS. HP doesn't care about it  
  • What? I haven't seen any W10 mini tablets until this article.
  • The battery performance is important for the device to get Good market.
  • Again, these tablets should be sold to restaurants, medical waiting rooms, etc. with easily written specialized apps for scrolling menus or filling out forms. That's where their true calling is with these specs...why waste money on iPads when these should do the trick.
  • lol why didn't you get the 610? its same price for a newer atom x8300, almost same slow crap but hey at least battery should be better or something, it seems we got them at pretty much the same time, I'd say for the price they are an amazing bargain
  • I'm confused. You like it for it's utter rubbish? There's nothing more frustrating than a small tablet you think you can get by with and then it fails left and right when you're not even trying to do that much. Why pay even a cheap price for something you constantly have to make excuses for when it under performs. The bar should be raised, not dropped down to...
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 is much better. No microSD but faster processor and quite premium build quality.
  • 2/64
    2048 x 1536
    64-bit Atom X5-Z8500
    Type-c Port
    All metal casing No micro-sd, but much better than the above.
  • I'll start with the bad stuff first: Poor speakers, mediocre battery life (~4.5hrs), and okay performance. Now for the good, you get full Windows for under $100, good screen and build quality, and okay performance, which is actually very good for what it costs. Overall, I am vey impressed with mine, it's noSurface Pro, and I don't expect it to be for a tenth of the price. I use it frequently for for minor tasks, and a travelling device on short trips. Zac, I think you will be glad you got it.
  • 4.5 hrs battery life?  Im out.  I get 10-12 hrs on my LePan mini 8" android tablet....that has all microsoft services on it.  Plus alot of other things that Windows does not have for apps.  best part?  it was 59.99 at best buy!
  • Actually wish tech writers would stop pushing nuvision just because its in big box stores. 9/10 times its worse than what china has to offer. Look to brands like chuwi, xiaomi, teclast, Lenovo, you'll find much better...
  • Like people say "did not read but do no agree". I have Dell Vanue 8 Pro. 4gig ram 128 hdd and guess what!? I still cannot use it like I use iPad. Itis slow, win10 is not touch friendly apps are not good too. Not enought apps. Heat problem with Atom CPU. I tried ro use it for almost 1 year and gave up. Bought ipad mini 128 gig and now I can do almost everything i need incouding remote desktoping to my work to fix things. :( I want Microsoft to release good table and update win10 to be more touch friendly, until then, any MS tablet suck. :(
  • Remote desktoping. That's it? Get out. 
  • You were using an 8 inch Dell tablet for business? Error. Did you at least add a keyboard and mouse?
  • The capacitive touch sensor is the blame, not W10.
  • ...and why would you buy an 8" tablet anything for business (ok, maybe a POS device)? You should have spent your money on a Surface tablet.
  • Sure, less than a $100 vs approximately $1000 makes a lot of sense.
  • This tablet should be avoided. Metal back is nice, but the surface area of the plastic cutout for wireless signal is just too small. Get more than ten or fifteen feet from your wireless router with this device and you'll be cursing it loudly. And forget about streaming video over Wi-Fi and channeling the audio to a Bluetooth speaker. This device would be worlds better with a quality-made plastic back cover. This tablet is proof that metal is not always best when it comes to mobile device construction. The author of the original article will come to all these conclusions in due time.
  • "And forget about streaming video over Wi-Fi and channeling the audio to a Bluetooth speaker" Yes this issue bugged me alot when I tried a simillar tablet, but with a plastic back the CU update fixed it for me. It's working fine now. But given the price, I think it'll do fine man. 
  • The wifi problems could be software related. My HP Stream 7 was a dismal device for the first year that I had Windows 10 on it. I had to do a special rain dance every time with the driver to get it to connect to wifi. Then, after about a year it would take a while to connect to wifi but worked without the rain dance. Now, a few months later, wifi problems are a thing of the past. It connect immediately, no problems whatsoever. I blame Microsoft for the improvement in wifi :). It may be that the same thing is going on with these devices. I am no fan of Windows 10 on the tablet form factor (it's a terrible tablet OS and a mediocre touch laptop OS), but, Microsoft does good work at rooting out bugs and pushing bug fixes.
  • I have had mine for a few months and it connects quickly and reliably all over our condo which has concrete walls. It also loads Windows 10 cumulative updates faster than my Surface Pro 3 and my other much bigger, more expensive PCs. Why would one expect quality audio from a less than a $100 computer?
  • Just grabbed an hp envy 8 note not long ago... similar specs BUT it has a Wacom Feel compatible stylus, and LTE. I paid about $160 new and a coworker found one on ebay for $50 in great shape. I just wanted a small tablet for a vacaton coming up and didn't want to bring my surface.
  • HP envy 8 was a RARE unit where I live. Chances are, when you find one it's either over-priced or its the display unit itself.
  • I really don't know what people are expecting from a relatively low-cost device. Oh, no Atom and only 2 GB RAM, so painfully slow. Just what are you trying to use it for? A device like this is for general media consumption, email, general web browsing, and editing the occasional document. If you want to crunch a bunch of data, edit your video masterpiece, play graphics-heavy games, or fire up heavy-duty development tools you have only yourself to blame for using underpowered hardware for the task. Come on, people, certainly we are smarter than that. At least we used to be.
  • I tried playing MOBA games with this kind of specs. 25-30fps at the lowest settings, sometimes dipping 16fps low. I think it's okay.
  • Think of this as a complete Kindle FireHD. That is where the expectations should lie.
  • It'll surprise you what people expect for next to nothing in payment. These cheap tablets are great for what they are intended and for what you pay; I got mine for $59 as well during some sale. It's my go to comic reader - installed Comics++ and Cover (my two favourite comic/manga apps), popped in a 128GB microSD loaded with tons of comics and mangas and I'm good to go. That's all I use it for, nothing else, not even email or web browsing. Also used extensively for reading ebooks.
    For Surface Pro performance, one must pay Surface Pro price...
  • I have the one with the x8300 chip and paid under $70. I use it as a backup or when I'm at a conference or the like and don't need to lug around a big tablet. I'm very satisfied and it does what I need it to do. It's perfect for email, web browsing and the like.
  • For some reason it's annoying the crap out of me to see both a physical Windows button ( I assume this being one ) as well as the regular Taskbar Windows button in such close proximity to each other. It would be neat if one could remove the regular one though it would require for the physical one to also feature a right click menu - Maybe a long press?
  • I bet hp stream 7 works way better only because it runs 8.1
  • I bet hp stream 7 works way better only because it runs 8.1
  • I have a Stream 8, and its great for what I do!
  • Thanks for the first impression review Zac. Looking forward to the full review.
    Actually, I do not know why we don't have this kind of cheap tablet in Thailand. The price should blow all Android tablets here away.
    Someone, please market it here T_T
  • "Actually, I do not know why we don't have this kind of cheap tablet in Thailand. The price should blow all Android tablets here away." Sawadikap :). Thailand holds many great memories for our family. I hope to return someday! As for 'blowing away Android tablets'--these devices won't do that. I've got an HP Stream 7 and an HP 1000GT and Windows 10 is an exercise in frustration on both devices (the 1000GT is lot nicer a device than the Stream... it also cost many, many, many times more and likely still costs more used than the NuVision). If you can make use of Windows on a small tablet, it's a decent solution. I don't mind WIndows 10 on the HP Stream 7. Of course, I have no real alternateive to Windows anyway since Ubuntu has ditched their touch interface (I could go back to Windows 8 but that would be a major headache). If you can use a tablet and don't need anything unique to Windows (and, if you're running UWP-only then there isn't anything unique worth mentioning :( then Android is a substantially better solution at the same price point. Andoid is a much faster OS (far fewer update headaches), has a much greater software selection and is also actually designed as a tablet OS whereas Windows 10 is a desktop OS first and tablet as a distant third.
  • Thank you for your kind words. You have got the point here. I do not deny that Android is a better tablet OS. I just argue that since the price is cheaper, a market for tablet for web browsing and video playback device is there. Here, the consumer does not have a choice but to buy Android tablet.
  • I had this tablet but it was just TOO SLOW and apps didn't scale well to make them readable. I agree, the display is awesome but performance was the killer for me. 
  • I don't understand how a writer for a tech blog can plan to purchase and review a product and then not do the research to know there is a more recent version of the product. I was hoping for an article on the Nuvision tablet but since this is based on the old version, It pretty much makes the article pointless. The new version can be had with 64bit Windows 10, atom 8300 which performs better, and a micro HDMI. It still includes the MiroSD slot and the good screen and build quality. It also still includes the horrible speakers and 3-4 hour battery life as well as only 2.4 GHZ WIFI. As far as those saying it was laggy and slow. That is due to the Windows update. After updating Windows on this you have to go into disk management and remove the previous Windows installs. After that the tablet should be pretty snappy and responsive.
  • I purchased an Insignia P08W7100 for use at my Church. For the price, I'm happy with how the device operates. To be sure, this is not something you would want to use as a primary computer. It is a consumption device. A friend donated a Bluetooth mouse which is proving to be a helpful add-on. Funny thing, if you add a mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard, the cost of the accessories could exceed the cost of the tablet.
    Using the onscreen keyboard took a little getting used to, but I'm slowly getting there. Neither tablet can utilize 5GHz channels. The specs of both tablets are so similar that I wonder if all 8" Windows tablets are manufactured by a single company and then NuVision, Insignia and others customize the tablets that they sell. Either way, I'm thinking about purchasing another tablet for my own use.
  • I like the tablet itself enough, certainly for the price, but the wi-fi connectivity is just "rubbish," as Zac would say, Maybe I'm missing something, but compared to my phones, it's an absolute joke, and really unusable. I needed it to run my PayPal Here app, but without connectivity, I'll use the phone.
  • It may be your WI FI, mine connects quickly all over my condo which has concrete walls.
  • Could certainly be, but my phones work fine... I'll look a bit closer. Are there wi-fi settings I should be aware of?
  • While shopping ate Office Dep[ot for a replacement for a dead Samsung Note, my wife spotted a NuVison 8.9" tablet with Windows 10. It was on sale for $79. I figured I couldn't lose much so I told the clerk I would take it. He replied the one on dispaly was the only one in stock. I aksed if he could sell it to me and when he said "Yes", I joking said "Can you give me a break since it was on display". He replied sure 10%. When he came back with the box I was surprised to learn it also had  a keyboard. My wife now uses it a lot to lay bridge while siting in the living room. To top it off when Microsoft issues acumlative update, this littl tablet updates much faster then my Surface Pro 3 or my other two computers. It is definitely a winner for the price.