An NVIDIA DLSS repository is here to give you more control over your games

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What you need to know

  • DLSS provides visual and performance enhancements to games.
  • Acquiring specific versions of DLSS 1.0 and 2.0 has been a tricky task for many users.
  • A new repository is making it easier for users to safely acquire any versions of DLSS they want.

Ever wanted a newer or older version of deep learning super sampling (DLSS) in your game but were unsure of how to safely acquire the necessary file? There's now a place dedicated to ensuring you can get the DLSS library file sans malware or risk.

As spotted by PC Gamer, TechPowerUp has a repository of NVIDIA DLSS client libraries available to give gamers a bit more choice in how DLSS is implemented in their favorite games. Here's what TechPowerUp had to say about its creation:

Recent discussions on tech forums and Reddit revealed that the DLSS libraries, which are usually located in the game's installation folders, are user-swappable, meaning that one can replace their DLSS library file for a different version that enables a different set of features or potentially even image quality or performance improvements. So far people have shared these files through sites like Mega, which of course introduces a malware risk. That's why we decided to host these files ourselves, located in our Downloads section.

TechPowerUp mentions it's acquired 23 versions of DLSS, all of which are unmodified and safe to end users. Whether you want the baseline of DLSS, 1.0.0, or the much more recent 2.2.10, this repository has those and many more version numbers in between. However, TechPowerUp wants more. So if you have additional versions handy that you'd be willing to share with the collection for all users' benefit, go for it.

And if you want the latest in official DLSS news, take note that NVIDIA may have a DLSS 2.0 ultra quality mode coming in the near future to help you further enhance your experiences with the best graphics cards (such as the RTX 3060 Ti).

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