Obsidian Entertainment working on unannounced project in Unreal Engine 4

A few days ago, we reported that inXile Entertainment was working on an unannounced project aside from Wasteland 3. It seems like inXile isn't the only recent Microsoft acquisition working on other projects. According to a report by The Inner Circle Games Network, Obsidian Entertainment is also developing another title with Unreal Engine 4. That's quite the departure from Unity to say the least.

This information was revealed during a talk Senior Programmer Roby Atadero gave at the University of California, Riverside. He discussed a variety of topics, like the acquisition, and what the future holds for the studio.

Before the acquisition, Obsidian developed games using their in-house Onyx Engine. The team would then move on to use Unity for Pillars of Eternity, and now have begun work on a new unannounced project using Unreal Engine 4. Roby Atadero did not divulge anything deeper on the topic.

It's great to see that Obsidian is working on another game in the powerful Unreal Engine 4. The Coalition pushed boundaries with Gears of War 4, so hopefully that team's expertise will serve Obsidian well. There is a lot of collaboration that goes on between Microsoft's various studios.

It's unclear what this project is or what the expected launch date is, but given the fact that Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, recently launched, it might be a few years away. Hopefully Microsoft will share more at E3 2019 or sooner.

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Asher Madan

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  • This has been known for a while. The team is headed up by Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, but the game itself (codename: Project Indiana) has yet to be announced/revealed.
  • Its most likely not the same project. With unlimited resources from Microsoft to make what they want and it being a new project after the acquisition. Its a new Microsoft game. Any projects they have going before the acquisition will still be going to the platforms they wanted it to be on.
  • Not what the Obsidian and InXile stated. Because certain games were financially supported via crowdfunding those games (e.g. Wasteland 3) each company noted they have certain obligations to support those other devices that were part of the crowdfunding plans. These unannounced games were not funded that way and each company does not have the same device support expectations. So, I doubt these unannounced games will be on any other ecosystem beyond Microsoft's ecosystem. I hardly expect any game that has not been announced will arrive earlier than two years from now. And I doubt Microsoft would care to be a third-party developer beyond the current projects like Wasteland and the any planned Pillars additions.
  • "It's great to see that Obsidian is working on another game in the powerful Unreal Engine 4"
    As opposed to ... Unity?
    Unity is also extremely powerful these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDsRfbfnC_A
  • Yes. As opposed to Unity - which is garbage for anything other than mobile junk and card games. Have fun playing the Unity masterpiece Underworld Ascendant.
  • I'm guessing you didn't watch that video then.