Although some of us have both a desktop PC and Surface Pro for travel, many people make the Microsoft two-in-one their central computer all the time. One trick in doing that is using a Surface Dock and some accessories like an external full keyboard and mouse.

The Octa Spider Monkey is a $69 part that you can pick up on Amazon. The concept is simple: a metal coil lets you mount the Surface Pro wherever at almost any height. The "claw" grip holds on to the Surface Pro, and the user can adjust the coil appropriately.

Octa Spider Monkey Surface Pro

I've been using the Spider Monkey for the last week, and it's an ingenious device. Some uses include:

  • Mounting the Surface Pro on an elliptical or treadmill to watch TV when exercising.
  • Using in the kitchen when cooking and following a recipe (or watching the news).
  • Leaving at work as part of your Surface Pro desktop setup.
  • Using it in bed to hold your Surface Pro while watching a movie.

The quality of the Spider Monkey is excellent, and while you may worry about it being top heavy, I didn't find any deal-killers when using it.

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Sticking in a bag is possible as you can straighten it out, but it's a bit awkward depending on the size of your bag.

Overall, I think the Spider Monkey is a worthy purchase if you use a Surface Pro for media consumption, or take it almost everywhere in your house.

Check out my video review above and let me know what you think.

If you have any other Surface-related accessories, you want me to review let me know in comments, and maybe we'll take a look!

See Spider Monkey at Amazon


  • Quality materials and easy to use.
  • Lets you use Surface Pro is new ways.
  • Great for Surface Pro-as-desktop setups.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Can be finicky with some bounce and movement.

4.5 out of 5

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