Office Insiders in the monthly channel just got an Action Pen and much more

Laptop with Office 365
Laptop with Office 365 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Insiders in the Monthly Channel for Office on Windows have a new update to install.
  • The update brings several new features, including an Action Pen for Word and the ability to link to a slide in PowerPoint.
  • The update also adds a join online button that allows you to join a meeting in Teams from the Calendar to-do bar.

Microsoft recently rolled out an update for Office Insiders in the Monthly Channel. The update brings several new features across a range of Office apps. There are several new features based on marking up content and sharing content with other people.

Word has a new Action Pen. It's a drawing tool that allows you to edit documents with ink gestures. It replaces the old Ink Editor button from the Draw tab. Word also gained support for private annotations. You can now create a private copy of a shared document so you can mark it up without other people seeing your annotations.

In Excel, you can get a quick summary of what's in a workbook using a new Workbook Statistics feature.

PowerPoint grabbed two new features in the update. First, you can link to a specific slide. The link will jump straight to a specific slide within a presentation to make it easier to share. You can also sync changes within a PowerPoint presentation even if you're in Slide Show mode. If you'd prefer to keep slides unchanged while in Slide Show mode, you can turn the option off.

Outlook now has a convenient button that allows you to join a Microsoft Teams meeting directly from the Calendar to-do bar.

There are also some other features available across multiple Office apps. You can read the complete list of changes on Office's Insider page.

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