Office Lens can now scan documents straight to PDF

The super-handy Office Lens app for Windows Phone today's received an update that enables users to save their scanned real-world-paper documents as PDF files. The update to the free app brings it up to version 1.4.3727.0.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Now you can convert your pictures to PDF files with selectable text, in addition to Word and PowerPoint files, and save them to OneDrive.

That's right, folks, PDFs with text parsed into a selectable format. We're not just talking about saving a PDF of an image, this is the full Office Lens you know and love, now with support for saving to Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files. Isn't that awesome?

Thanks to Stuart, Arpit, and John for the tips!

QR: office lens

Derek Kessler

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