Office Lens gets a new name — meet Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens Ios App Store Hero
Microsoft Lens Ios App Store Hero (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Office Lens is being renamed as Microsoft Lens.
  • Along with the new name, the app is receiving several new features.
  • Microsoft Lens will support image to text, image to table, image to contact, and QR code scanning.

Microsoft is renaming its Office Lens app. Going forward, the app will be known as Microsoft Lens. Alongside the new name, Microsoft is rolling out several new features to the app, including an improved scanning experience, the option to add filters to images, and the ability to scan up to 100 pages as PDFs or images. The app is also gaining new intelligent actions, including image to text, image to table, image to contact, an immersive reader, and QR Code scanning.

These features will roll out first to Android and then come to iOS in the "coming months." Microsoft outlines the upcoming features and the app's name change in a Tech Community post (opens in new tab).

The new scanning experience for Microsoft Lens lets you re-order pages, re-edit scanned PDFs, and apply filters to all images in a document. It also lets you scan up to 100 pages as images or PDFs and to easily switch between local and cloud locations for saving files.

Microsoft Lens powers the camera within Microsoft 365 mobile apps, including Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and Office. As a result, the camera within these apps should see improvements as well.

Microsoft recently announced other upcoming features to Microsoft Lens alongside upcoming improvements to other mobile apps.

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  • I'm even more convinced Microsoft is clueless to how to market products. This name change was pointless and a mouthful. Office Lense is a much better name. Unnecessary changes. smh
  • It's one more syllable. Office Lens makes it sound more connected to Office than it really is. It's useful for non-Office users too.
  • I think everything is being renamed to, "Microsoft ____". Next will be, "Microsoft Xbox Series X", "Microsoft Forza," etc.
  • That's not a trend they need to continue with. lol But, it seems that's the way it's going, unfortunately.
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  • I suppose it makes sense to keep a stand-alone scanning app around even though this functionality is built into two other apps (OneDrive and Office). At least it's up to date now - it was horribly out of date!
  • Are they gonna change the icon? It looks like that of an Office app.