Official ROM update leaked for the HTC HD2

We're all used to basic builds of Windows Mobile leaking out. It's also not unusual for full-on official ROM releases to squirm their way into our fat little fingers. Such is the case with the latest for the HTC HD2. The 1.48 ROM (up from 1.43) purportedly fixes issues with the calendar and provides some overall speed improvements (which is saying something when you're running a 1GHz Snapdragon processor in the first place).

The above video from YouTuber Xmoo123 shows off the before and after. It apparently is running Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 21869, up from 21864. (By comparison, I'm running 6.5 Build 21877.) All that said, this may be an "official" release, but it's not been officially released by HTC (when it its, you'll see it here), so consider yourself warned. [HTCPedia via wmpoweruser/pocketnow]

Phil Nickinson

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