Official WPCentral patch 4.4.20 now available - fixes notification crashing issue

It's patch day again for the official WPCentral app. After a slightly rushed fix we released last week to address problems some regions were experiencing when using Microsoft's pubcenter advertising controls, a new issue was introduced that affected users with the Iconic tile enabled when launching from toast notifications.

We're happy to say that said issue is fixed with today's release of version 4.4.20 for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. You'll find the full change list after the break as always, but if you'd rather just go grab the update then see the Windows Phone Store here.

WPCentral v4.4.20 change list

  • Fixed crash on launch from notifications with Iconic tile
  • Fixed a message that would appear regarding the iconic live tile even when live tile is turned off
  • Fixed an issue where the tile was only updated with one headline
  • Disabling the live tiles now returns the original static images
  • Disabling the live tile with the iconic pinned now removes the iconic tile from start
  • Corrected a typo on the settings screen

Please note that if you have the live tile currently turned off you will need to toggle the live tile on to return to the static live tile images. You should also be aware that the static live tile in this state will still have 2 sides to it. This is due to a limitation imposed by the Windows Phone operating system whereby once a tile has two sides it appears to be impossible to return to a 1 sided tile.

We'd like to remind everyone that this release is still targeted at the presently consumer-facing build of Windows Phone (so version 8 not 8.1). There are a few issues that affect only those running the developer preview of 8.1 that we expect to be providing an update for in the coming weeks. In the meantime please head to our forums if you'd like to provide any other kind of feedback.

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Jay Bennett