Offworld Trading Company 'Jupiter's Edge' DLC adds a new moon to monetize

For those of you who may not be familiar with the game, Offworld Trading Company is essentially what it sounds like. You're in charge of setting up an off-world company to do some trading, exploit some markets, and ultimately take out the enemy without shedding any blood. This isn't a slow-paced management simulation, however. You've got to pay attention to what's happening on-screen to win.

It's more like an aggressive economic strategy game instead of a city builder like Cities: Skylines. Matches don't last long, especially if you happen to be up against competent opponents. It may appear simple on the surface, but it becomes one intense battle when playing against others.

Lo and behold

So what's new in the Jupiter's Edge DLC? Firstly, Stardock added what the company says is an incredibly difficult, but energy-rich Jupiter moon, called "Io," to challenge even the most experienced entrepreneurs. New resources have been implemented for Io that work differently than what we're accustomed to in the base game. Interestingly, water doesn't exist, so it's required for companies to adapt to what's available and expand from there.

There's not only a brand new campaign to battle through, putting the skill to the absolute test on Io, but there's also an "Infinite Map Challenge." The latter is an interesting mechanic that sees each map evolve as the game progresses, offering increased levels of difficulty. The goal is to play through as many maps as possible before space overcomes your established colony to best others and get your name on the leaderboard.

Offworld Trading Company

Lastly, we have two new factions: the Diadem Trust and Penrose Collective. The former is an elite business group that has the ability to purchase any patent at any time. The Penrose Collective is a highly adaptable group that can establish two headquarters at the beginning of a game, bolstering its chances of success in the harsh climate of Io.

Playing the new factions on Io showcased just how harsh this game can get, and I love the extra challenge.

Pack your modules

Offworld Trading Company

If you already own Offworld Trading Company and desire to try something new and more challenging, Jupiter's Edge is a must-have piece of DLC at $13. I enjoy Offworld Trading Company and believe Stardock is an incredibly talented bunch of individuals, but some have mentioned how they just can't help but get bored with the title (and its subsequent expansions) after some time.

It can certainly feel compact if you're expecting something as massive as, say, Galactic Civilization, but it is still bags of fun. I'd recommend you give the game a go if you're a fan of management simulation titles. Just take note that there's a bunch of DLC available.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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