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Here is the one-handed 'Arc mode' in Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard for iOS

Last night, we revealed some of the first screenshots of the new Word Flow keyboard that is in private beta testing for the iPhone.

Today, we can add a bit more information to that including some images of the one-handed mode with the new Arc mode that is available too.

Arc mode is a one-handed option that lets users align the keyboard to the left or right side of the screen. It then curves the keyboard around presumably to shorten the distance that a user's thumb will have to reach for letters on the edge. The motion is likely more natural for the end-user due to the orientation of the keyboard when using it one-handed.

On Windows 10 Mobile, there is also a one-handed mode where the keyboard shifts to the right or left of the display, but it does not curve. Users can also control the size of the keyboard and move it around the screen freely. (Windows Phone users can read our how-to and deep dive into that feature right here).

Additionally, we can now confirm that so-called Shape writing aka swiping on the Word Flow keyboard is present despite our earlier doubt. Shape writing is a subset of features in Word Flow as text prediction is the real core aspect of Microsoft's technology.

Now, before everyone gets into a tizzy, our beta tester did have this to say about the experience so far:

"In my initial tests - our native WP keyboard and the stock iOS one are way better than Word Flow for iOS."

Granted, Word Flow is still in beta with an expected release date in June, and this is just one person's initial opinion. However, as of now, at least one users is not overly impressed with the new keyboard from Microsoft. Things could still improve over the coming months, but iOS is well-known to have some issues when using third-party keyboard e.g. reverting to default when a user did not intend to do so and some performance issues.

Nonetheless, Shape writing is something that Windows 10 users have been asking for ever since the OS's release last year. While using large-screen devices Shape writing does not make much sense, at least on tablets like the Surface 3 and others the option to at least use Shape writing seems like it would be a no-brainer. As to why it is not present on Windows 10 and if that will change in the future we are not too sure.

For what it is worth, Word Flow for iOS is only intended for use on the iPhone and not the iPad at this time.

Another novelty feature with the iPhone version of Word Flow is the ability to set background images and themes for the keyboard. Although the function serves no practical use, many people enjoy the ability, and it would be fun to have on Windows 10 and Mobile as well. Indeed, on Android, there is a booming market in selling in-app purchases for these themes where companies give the primary product – the keyboard – away for free.

Will Microsoft bring feature parity back to Windows 10? It's a good question one that would make sense for Microsoft to follow through on, but going by their past track record and knowing these are separate teams working on these projects we are not too hopeful.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • One behalf of all the Microsoft fans that buy and support you, thanks for your support in return. Basically...thanks for nothing.
  • lol
  • Finally! Microsoft helps poor Apple on their struggeling mobile business :P
  • Well Apple is failing to innovate themselves so it's nice to see an old friend help them out.
  • Again.... You do remember Microsoft bailed Apple out of bankruptcy in 1997? 
  • If this many people are complaining about an obvious, ongoing issue,,, then there MOST DEFINITELY is a tangible truth to their concern.
    Let's not sugar coat the situation... The fact is that MS DOESN'T give other platforms more attention than it does to it's own.... But, if it's OS is in great need of refinement the fans are going to bark at the slightest hint of MS giving another platform the smallest amount of attention... Personally, I don't blame the fans. They've (we've) been let down for years, and they are sick.... Anyone who hates, or doesn't understand, fans outcries when these situations arise needs to wakeup, and open their eyes... You can't blame people who support Windows (Phone) to want it to be worth their while.. They deserve, and should be able to reserve that right!..... These are the true fans, not overly idealistic sheep that follow MS around thinking they can do no wrong.. If that's your angle, then fine, but PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB REAL WINDOWS FANS WHO LONG FOR PHONE TO BE THE BEST IT CAN BE.... Don't hate!
  • Here's Microsoft plan: They invest money in building a killer keyboard for Apple. It becomes a huge seller in the App Store, and Microsoft makes millions on it. They pay back their initial investment, and they use the huge profits to build stuff for Microsoft users. See? Brilliant. Unless of course the keyboard is free, then Microsoft is just flushing needed development dollars down the iOS toilet.
  • Lol.. Millions?. Wow. Ok. Once again, LMFAO!
  • The fact that iOS 3rd-party support is still poor at this stage, even SwiftKey struggles on iOS because how buggy the keyboard support of iOS is. I don't even think Microsoft can make millions on it, especially that Microsoft is kinda new in the field of being 3rd-party keyboard developer. Maybe they can on Android, as 3rd-party keyboards over there thrives quite well.
  • He's joking....
  • I mean seriously... this borders with stupidity... 
  • I dunno have you typed on the iPhone? It's pretty awful. Someone had to fix it :P
  • you are right... I have and hate it... change my mind... way to go Microsoft!
  • MS surely has to be aware of the poor performance. So why even bother wasting resources? Makes no sense to intentionally create a poor UX. How does this move the W10 vision forward?
  • Simple, by using other platforms to guinea pig ideas, if successful, it will be broguht to the OS, if not, they didnt tarnish their 1st party product with a bad idea.
  • No, they only tarnished their name with an even bigger user base.... Lol. Facepalm.
    Think about that.
  • What tarnish their 1st party product? The product they don't have? Or the product that's still so buggy that's just unusable? Or the product that noone uses? Which one?
  • It is terrible, that's why I use Swiftkey. Of course there are still the OS based problems that you outlined in the article. I really expected Microsoft to make changes to SwiftKey by merging in Wordflow features instead a separate app.
  • Yeah, for me they should just rename WordFlow into Swiftkey as this brand is already well established. Just make the WordFlow features became part of SwiftKey instead and vice versa. On Windows, it will be renamed as SwiftKey and instead we get the SwiftKey features as well. They should just combine Hub Keyboard, SwiftKey, and WordFlow with all of those necessary features and make it under brand of "SwiftKey with WordFlow tech".
  • I want to cry every time I have to type a wifi password on someone's iPhone, can't imagine how anyone can get things done on the stock keyboard.
  • Same here... Or just navigating on it period. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Very true... I can't stand the keyboard on iOS. With Android, I have found a few good keyboards, but I love my windows phone keyboard the best... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • By nothing do you mean a keyboard that's been on Windows Phone\mobile for a long time? Or do you mean the Arc design that Windows devs deemed not good enough for Windows phone and went a different direction while still offering one handed use? Or (most likely) do mean that you want a hello kitty picture behind your keyboard?
  • Who deemed the arc design as "not good enough"?
  • He himself. The developer he is talking about is him only.
  • I didn't develop the keyboard. I don't work for Microsoft.
  • If you'll recall, this very feature (although I think it was unnamed at the time) was leaked as coming with the new Wordflow keyboard for Windows Phone 8. For whatever reason, they (whoever developed it at Microsoft) decided to scrap it and go with the one handed typing design we have now. I'm not making this stuff up, this happened a long time ago. There's an article about it on this site somewhere.
  • That's a far cry from being deemed "not good enough."
  • I couldn't have said it better!
  • From the people who love and pay hard can it be to provide arc keyboard to windows phone user!!!! MAKE WINDOWS GREAT AGAIN!!!! Rather than iOS
  • They did. It didn't work right so they scrapped it and went with what we have today. Daniel should have mentioned this in the article.
  • They did. It didn't work right so they scrapped it and went with what we have today. Daniel should have mentioned this in the article.
  • Well said.. SMDH
  • I think even Daniel gave you a like.
  • Thanks Terry. Focus is perfect.
  • Terry is in charge of Windows 10 and all Windows. This is iOS development and likely under a different group. I'm not sure what iOS devs at Microsfot could do to help in developing Windows 10 with Objective C and SWIFT programming.
  • That right there is the problem at MS. A keyboard team should be involved on all things Word Flow/text input not spread around various businesses that mean nothing to the bottom line
  • I assume it's more of a Venn Diagram where Word Flow program managers overlap with the actual iOS vs. Windows devs for teams.
  • Sorry Daniel but this doesn't promote cross platform development, also if it's based on wordflow isn't the code base likely to be c# or c++
  • I disagree about the statement that shape writing doesn't make sense on large screen devices like the Surface. If you're holding it and don't have the physical keyboard open, shape writing is a must. Punching letters individually is cumbersome.
  • ok
  • I totally want it on my surface 3, especially in portrait mode.  I don't use it with a keyboard, I use it primarily in tablet mode and I always want shape writing, I'm so used to it on my phone.  I already up'd as many feedbacks as I could on it and created my own lol.
  • I would like small curved keyboard on big tablets, with shape writing of course. You could hold tablet with both hands while using just one thumb. Full size keyboard on 12" screen is sad experience.
  • Windows 10 is not ment to be used with only your thumbs. Not yet.
  • Either stop whining and get an iPhone or Android (and possibly return when W10M is ready) or just be glad that the software company that makes your OS will garner good will with people other than already die-hard fans so that, in the long run, the ecosystem can grow and sustain itself.  It's really not that difficult of a concept.
  • You could also take the somewhat radical idea that someday and iPhone user may want to use a Windows 10 Mobile device (c'mon, suspend disbelief) and by making so many serivces/features available Windows 10 Mobile would hae a lower learning curve to pick up and use. I'm not saying that will be the case, but it is a logically sound argument :P
  • I agree.  Microsoft has to play the long game here.  They can't sink in millions to an already failing department otherwise the stockholders would demand it be cut off entirely--like some prematurely thought to do with Bing before they realized how integral it was to Microsoft's long term plan.  Mobile is still part of the plan but they HAVE to go where the numbers are with iPhone and Android.  When some of the best apps on those platforms are from Microsoft, people won't be so hesitant about switching to that platform down the road.  I just think it's silly that someone would be angry that a company they like would develop for another platform.  Microsoft isn't a single-minded company like Google or Apple, nor should they ever try to be.    
  • Wrong. Those companies you mentioned are not single-minded companies; they do make their software available for other platforms. The difference is, users that have bought into their hardware get treated with a certain, "you are important to us" flair.  Here, we get second fiddles. And oh, if we cry foul, we get told by people like you that we should stop whining and be thankful we got anything at all.  Call me crazy but I thought that the best way to get the Microsoft experience is to buy actual Microsoft hardware. 
  • Cry foul all you want.  All I'm saying is that if you feel you've been slighted by Microsoft, you should go out an buy an iPhone or Android and be done with it.  Complaining on internet forums won't do much in the way of getting results.  Also, follow the money and you will see that Google is simply an advertising company.  Apple is simply a hardware company.  Microsoft is simply a software company.  Each company will do anything necessary to keep their cash flowing which makes sense why Google will go where users are (Android, mostly), Apple wants to keep people locked into their hardware alone (hence no outside development) and Microsoft is forced to develop on any and all platforms.
  • I wish you could write comments in brief.
  • I do not agree. What makes more logical sense is that Microsoft is helping a Windows Mobile user ease into iOS. The learning curve on iOS will be much easier with all of Microsofts services there.  
  • I agree completely with this perspective.  The transition from WP to iOS is almost completely pain free at this point and it keeps getting better.
  • Not if they keep overpricing their phones. $199 for the 650 was a joke. That's more than 4x what a 640 could be had for with an equivalently good SD400 cpu and reasonably nice styling. I'm not for paying 300% more just for looks, which makes me an iPhone user.
  • But, like you said, the keyboard is not good enough. Why the iOS user should use W10M? "But after Beta it will be good", so why MS can't bring it too W10M? (customization and arc mode)   Meanwhile, iOS user go to W10M and see that the app on iOS was better than the W10M...
  • What if the arc mode is actually garbage? Why does everyoen need to have a "feature" just because the other guy has it? You remember they also tried the arc keyboard on the old old UMPC concept. Perhaps it's not THAT great of an idea that we should all instantly whine we don't have it. Maybe this team just implemented it, but will find it to is a bad idea.
  • What if none of us want the Hamburguer Button because it's Garbage? Why do W10M needs to have the same features from Android?
  • Tell that to microsoft that it's garbage. They've used the "hamburger button" since windows 1.0 :)   It is not a bad concept in and of itself. It needs to be implemented consistenly. That's the bigger problem. The original Metro language didn't scale well to more complex apps. We may have seen MDL2 in its current form whether android took off or not. The "hamburger button" has become a learned affordance. It's used EVERYWHERE. It's not going away.
  • Really? Downvoting because i said it "might not be that great"? What a community!
  • Words from MS might help! One does get the didn't feeling that MS does not care about fans or even current users, with an attitude that in 4 years the product will be great and users will flock to it. Who needs a handful of whiners. Alot like Verizon, you WP users can actually take your business elsewhere, you are less than a blip to our bottom line. Careful, in 4 years Android and Apple might have fixed the things I hate about them.
  • We need to stop being hypersensitive about features or apps being on other platforms and not on W10. Microsoft has to maintain relevance in the average consumer's mind as an innovative company with compelling services and products. Even if they bridged every gap in W10M tomorrow, they wouldn't even dent marketshare (reference BBerry adding Android app compatibility - did nothing).  
  • Seriously, what a bunch of whiners sometimes! What is more important, Windows Phone, or "Microsoft"? Last I checked MS was a software company. They just used to also happen to have a dominant platform to develop additional software UPON. Now in this new space, they aren't the king, so they move their SOFTWARE to other things. It's like the old iPod Halo effect. I think people here keep missing the forrest for the trees because they have some sort of emotional attachment to their phone.
  • I suppose it is too much to ask that while they are doing that, they also take care of the people that have also bought into their hardware as well. 
  • It IS too much to ask, you only actually paid for your device, clearly thats not enough. /s
  • Or I can keep on buying Windoes Phones because I like them, and continue complaining about idiot moves by going with that one.
  • Xbox department should follow the lead. Microsoft the software company is totally missing the biggest console platform PlayStation. Halo etc. on PlayStation would even make money unlike these freebies ported from mobile to iOS & Android.
  • Thanks Microsoft!
  • It's funny, a lot of this comes down to Are you a fan of Microsoft as a software company Are you just a fan of Windows Phone and everything else comes second, third, etc. If you can answer that question then you know where you fall on this iOS/Android and Microsoft issue.
  • No reason they cant treat their own platform equally, not giving it preference, just parity. Thumbing their nose at their own OS repeatedly is what pisses people off.
  • They don't have to be mutually exclusive.  We get that they are a software company but they also make hardware. We bought the hardware. All we are asking is that we don't get treated like second class citizens. Don't think it is unreasonable to expect to get the best Microsoft experience when one buys into Microsoft hardware. 
  • Probably what i should have said. We should be able to be MS fans as well as WP fans not one or the other because essentially thats what we are or else we wouldnt have bought the phone in the first place.
  • That's reasonable. I dont mind that the Word Flow keyboard is making its way to the iPhone, but seeing that they may get that Arc capability does feel like a snub against their loyal supporters. Like we're taken for granted. Or maybe MS has a plan to kill WP and wants to make it an easy transition for WP users when they have to use a different phone. Who knows?
  • If, I were to buy into iPhone or android i won't be bother with MS stuff. Really posted me off.
  • This is a really narrow view.  On the software side, Microsoft creates a wonderful experience.  Many of the MS apps are much better alternatives than the built in iOS apps. 
  • People are WAY too emotional about this stuff. I guarantee you that the average user doesn't care.
  • Who ever said that WC is a place for the average user to not voice their opinions about technology?... Lol. I think you're on the wrong site, dude.
  • You're right....
    The length that fans around here will go to justify MS's shortcomings is alarmingly insane.
  • You can be a fan of both and still not completely approve of how they are handling the split between their software on their platform vs competitors. At the end of the day WP falls under your first category. 
  • MS needs to choose. It's a software company? So, stop to delivery hardware. If they really just want to be a software company we all should go to Android/iOS and use their services. Is it good to them? Yes, they will continue to get revenue. Ok, at least we can have a premium treatment from them.
  • No thanks, I actually like their Surface products and will eventually purchase one.
  • Sorry, the focus of the comment was on phones. Surfaces are really cool :)
  • It sounds like YOU need to choose.  If you want to have a premium mobile app experience, you are definitely better off going with iOS or Android.  It's not an overstatement to say that Microsoft's apps are much better on iOS/Android than they are on Windows Mobile.
  • Dude, you just killed a possible Surface Phone.. No thanks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • No its really not a matter of that. I am a fan of halfway decent support for the nearly $1600 worth of phone hardware I buy from them every six months. In any case windows 10 is software. Making a concerted effort to eliminate a pain point (poor keyboard on iOS) when using a competitors product and then NOT bringing those same features to your own product and doing so repeatedly is NOT anything close to, for example, making office available on mac. No matter how you spin this it's totally pathetic and inexcusable... If were a shareholder of MS I would sue them for violating their fiduciary responsibility by helping their competitors at the expense of their own product lines. Nothing should EVER come out for a competing platform first EVER. Period. End of story. It really doesn't matter what technical issues there may or may not be... If some issue prevents completion of a native product before a cross platform product resources should be pulled from the cross platform product. I am beginning to think MS is more interested in riding Apple's **** than doing their damn job. Thanks for nothing MS
  • Or, you know, maybe this feature is upcoming? Maybe it'll pop up in the redstone builds that are not availalbe yet? Maybe we shouldn't overreact to EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. THING.
  • "...not available yet" My point stands... They ultimately prioritized the addition of a new feature on a competing platform first. What these MS apologist don't understand is that if I am joe consumer I don't give a rats ass about update cycles, timing, technical stuff or any of that... I just see apple getting features I don't have... Thats literally ALL I care about. If this happened once or twice it would be one thing... Think I'm overreacting to "every little thing"?!
    I have been on this site for years and for years I either never commented or made comments supporting MS... I was very understanding about the troubles of getting up to speed with a modern mobile OS... Problem is that they've had their chance, they've had a second chance and they've had a third chance... The product is decent but they seem determined to kill it. I did not have this attitude toward MS until they made me this way by doing stuff like this again and again and again.
  • There's always too many single little things!!!
    "Honey, maybe we shouldn't over react because little Johnny sets himself on fire EVERYDAY after school""".... That's what you sound like.
  • I agree with you a bazillion percent...
    It's been pathetic, and unacceptable, for way too long.
  • MS is basically a software company and we like its products and that's why we use Windows 10. There's no reason to leave other platforms high and dry but it's definitely not a wise move that you left your own OS behind rivals. MS' own OS must be their priority not the rivals. By leaving Windows users high and dry, they're pising many and motivating many to move on the rival OSes in mobile segment, and I'm seeing very less possibility that any iOS user would ever try Windows 10 mobile because of MS' ecosystem and at when iOS is getting preferential treatment. And don't forget other devs, they are watching MS' own preference and they're no fools.
  • Exactly
  • What is funny is that this site used to be WPCentral, giving credence to point 2.   Then the goal post was moved to Windows Central, in which I agree.  I am a fan of the WIndows OS and advancements of such on Mobile, Desktop, Xbox, iOT.    But now point 1 wants to further move the goal posts to be fan of whatever Microsft does.  This doesn't seem to fit the site name.  I am sorry, but I do not see Windows OS on an iPhone and can not get excited about the features Microsoft adds to iOS. Maybe another site rename is in order..  MicrosoftCentral, where those can revel in all the features and apps that Microsoft adds to other platforms 
  • Daniel, I think it would help if you dug a little deeper into what happened with Arc when it was being developed for the new keyboard on Windows Phone before being scrapped for the one handed design we have now. Like why it was scrapped and why is it being brought back in the iOS version?
  • Judging by the way people react to a company that is primary a software company for having their stuff on other`s people devices ... you guys are like small children and your own toys .... Remember MS was offering Office to Macs since forever, the company does not have the mind of a 5 year old child. Atm MS is doing quite well pushing their stuff on every platform .. making people more aware of them. And finally and hopefully embracing the Mobile platform as well though i wouldn`t be surprised if the Surface phone would be an x86 machine.
  • You are right. They are a software company. They should pour a ton of resources into making great software. Make the software on your hardware as good as the ones on Android and iOS. I don't know why you think it is childish of us to want some equal treatment.  Like you said, software is what they are good at. They should not ignore the software running on their own hardware. 
  • Well said. Very well said.
  • What's the reason to stay when everything is there (iOS/Android)? Live Tiles? Continuum? Maybe... Android will receive notifications on PC too, the same integration with Windows 10 Desktop with Cortana. MS don't know how to keep their customers, cause they don't have any reason for this!
  • then be glad that you`ll soon have everything on an adroid / ios device and be able to choose more than a handful of lumia devices that most of people complain about anyway. Also to see people move to android and realize that there on your 4 year old phone you won`t be getting any new OS updates .. that`s if you`ll ever get one in the first place.
  • Yep, one day I'll go there to see how is that. It will be good: A device that don't need an update to have a decent office, like every WP8.1 device. A device that don't need an update to have decent e-mail client to attach a file in replies, like every WP8.1 device. A device that don't need an update to toggle the 3g, like every Cyan device. Android 4.4 does everything that W10M fixed from WP8.1. Do I really need OS updates in a complete OS, or just in a incomplete OS like WP8(.1) was? Lumia 530 and 630 (512MB) got Denim, so just 1 update? 1 year of updates... great.
  • Yeah some of these comments are delusional, or reek of "Apple level fanboyism". "Lagdroid" comments are equally as cringeworthy as "M$", or "winblows" or whatever. I'm starting to think the people lobbing the android/updating/etc comments haven't used an android phone since 2.x, or jjust bought garbage phones to begin with. It's not like WP8.1 or WM10 on "barely there" hardware was all that much of a joy either.
  • If you`re implying that i`m one of those guys you would be wrong, i also hate the use of those terms, find them childish, i`m also aware of the pros and cons of each, i was laughing at people with Galaxy S5 waiting for ROM update while i was using Android 5.1.1 on Galaxy S3 :) I also have access to all the latest phones since my wife works at a carrier shop. PS i was so glad to see that the Lumia 930 camera can keep up with Galaxy S7`s camera :) I`m perfectly fine on Windows platform though it has it`s lacks of features but i wouldn`t go banana over simple things like ark mode on keyboard, though i`m totaly aware that every people have their needs. The dev teams are clearly different for each platform, what MS is doing wrong is not unifying the concepts, for each time to put out the same features on all platforms, but like i`ve said, i wouldn`t care that much, i do my computing on my PC, the phone is only a companion.
  • Offering is diferent thing and prioritizing is different.
  • I'm an MS fan, a WP/W10M user, and I feel jealous. Don't ask me why, cuz IDK
  • WiOS Phone
  • I went to the article about the win 10 mobile one handed mode, but there isn't any it on my 535. Or a 5 inch display doesn't count as "big"nowadays? :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on my Lumia 535
  • For people who are saying that we are whining a lot b'coz of this : Why shouldn't we be? It is not because MSFT is releasing great apps on other OS and focusing on them, which is actually makes sense since it is a software giant and it's focus is now primarily on Mobile. But because they're not giving enough focus on their own OS which is playing catch up and needs so much work. It's like they're trolling us. Whoever is saying W10M is great, it is merely in comparison with the previous OS versions of Windows and not other competitive OS.
    And for ***** sake MSFT is a giant and old player. The fact that their mobile OS is trying to catch up in terms to of features it means they're simply not giving it required attention and effort.
  • Again, if you can just write on the thing, why do we need shape writing? I get it for mobile because its small but if yo uhave a larger space, just use the "writer" scribble your words and watch them become coherent, most of the time. lol ;p
  • People tend to forget that the primary business of MS is software, and that is for all platforms not just Windows OS. They tried hardware and they succeeded in Surface but they failed miserably in phones...when you fail you would go back to the foundation...
  • They should implement that and gestures and SwiftKey things to the WP one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i'm not gonna complain because i think they can and probably are implementing this on windows mobile, but i really LOVE /s how windowscentral applied cold water inmediately lololololololololololololololoollolol edit: thir Arc thing looks very cool and makes total sense, let's see how it works.
    the comment about windows mobile 10 classic version being better is possibly because the tester is used to it.
  • The way I see it, MS has some cool ideas for software innovations, but if they only make it available on W10M, they won't get nearly as much feedback compared to releasing it on other platforms. This stuff is still in beta, so they need BIG data to examine to see what the general public thinks. This kind of mass-scale data simply isn't available on W10M. Hopefully, their strategy will result in an amazing product, and THEN they'll bring it to W10M. Someone said that W10 is like a beta for other platforms, but maybe it's the other way around. Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • It is wrong to assume that one W10M is a beta testing platform for iOS or Android (or the other way around). This is because they have completely different binaries for each of the devices. Unless you have a same codebase, your code and implementation logic will also be different across platforms. So beta-testing an application on one platform provides no real value for the same application in another platform. The performance will vary, the bugs and issues will be different, and white-box testing will also be different, since you are testing on different codes.
  • Xamarin. And even if the code isn't shared (like in this case), implementation is only half the story -- the idea is the other half, and that's something that is definitely shared. Performance improvements come with time; they're just figuring out if it's a good idea. Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • I agree. Idea is definitely shared. But that does not make it a testing platform.
  • Being able to test the idea doesn't make it a testing platform? Look: I'm making a game with Unity 3D for W10 and Android. Even though I really only have one design flow for both platforms, Unity still has to generate remarkably different code for each platform. All of the useful feedback I've received has been from people using the Android version, and it has helped improve the game for both platforms. Sent from my more personal computer
  • Can't be able to view the right and the left hand keyboard option on my lumia 930. How do I activate it or it hasn't been released yet..?
  • They why not the best team is working on developing Windows10.
    Wats their prime focus Windows or IOS?
  • What's nice about having it on larger screens is really for penabled devices. Using the stylus for shapewriting is much easier I think compared to having to resort to handriting recognition because handwriting can become really tiresome and you're limited by one line at the time. Even if we had two lines, that would just take more space and you're still limited to handwriting two lines worth of text.
  • Well they should bring those features to windows 10 mobile too at least :3
  • Let's see if we can reach +200 comments.
    People get real mad about being the ginger haired kid who's step-sister is treated like a princess.
    Just waiting for these awesome features to hit Android next! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice! Can't wait to get this installed on my iPhone.
  • I think the regular two handed way is better for typing on my 640xl.
  • Why do MS like other OS more than their own?
  • Do me a favour, go check with Nutella.
  • I'm still partial to the BlackBerry OS10 keyboard. Much better than anything else out there. Too bad they couldn't port that to another OS.
  • I'd like to try out the arc on w10 mobile. Maybe it will come to it.
  • At last i want to get iphone to use microsoft's
  • "Shape writing on large screens make no sense"? have you ever used the split keyboard? besides, I see no reason for this feature to be omitted other than being retarded
  • That's cool!
  • This reminds me of how other baseball teams would cultivate young talent...and trade it all to the Yankees.
  • There nothing new windows but they need to give some thing which make windows better ...! But Microsoft is what nothing for us
  • Cool, didn't know the one hand keyboard existed. My 640xl is more awesome now ;)
  • would be nice if all these features came to W10 mobile.........Soon i guess
  • Dan its days like today I see your job is challenging. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am still hoping and praying they bring WordFlow to Windows 10 tablets! I would kill for shape-writing using my Surface Pro 3 as a tablet. I hate having to either set the thing down so I can type with both hands or hunt-and-peck with one-handed use. The handwriting input works ok but could be better. 
  • Per some posts above it appears people don't understand how business works in the tech space. There's nothing wrong with MS providing apps in other platforms. Soon we'll be enjoying iOS apps here on Windows. Cross platform is the future.
  • Some chrome apps on windows phone would be good too
  • Hey Microsoft, what about us WP users? Can we get all your cool stuff too?
  • Soon Sent from my more personal computer
  • Would love to have this on my surface pro 4. Would be great to swipe to type, especially while holding the pen (different than handwriting keyboard, which is also great). Since going from iPhone to Android, I find it very hard to type on any touch screen unless it's through swiping.
  • This is much needed for Satya Nadella and Joe Belfiore iPhones. Joe has been quiet since he was caught with one. No more "testing" it?
  • I am getting sick and tired of MS making software for other platforms first. I am starting to hate MS. We are not concentrating on mobile this year unless you are Apple. When will windows phone users get some love. Dammit
  • microsoft has always been software oriented so its usual.They will make awesome new apps for other OS but for their dying win10 mobile . God bless microsoft.
  • funny story, why don't we have this on our platform and its on a fashion accessoy?