Digital Offers: One-year subscription to Carbonite Cloud Backup for only $45!

Pretty much everything is on your computer right now: your photos, vacation videos, important personal and professional documents, music, you name it. What would happen if all of that computer-based information was suddenly lost? The unthinkable can happen, computers can crash, and then what are you left with? Most of us are guilty of not having a proper storage or backup system in place, and that's simply no good.

You need a Cloud provider to store your precious data offsite and in real time. It's a safe, secure, and immensely popular method for ensuring that you don't lose files by accidentally deleting them or experiencing the frustration of a computer crash. Fortunately, Carbonite Cloud Backup has a solution.

Starting today, you can get a one-year subscription to Carbonite Cloud Backup for only $49.99. That's 25% off the regular price! For less than 14 cents per day, you'll be saving everything of significance on your computer to a trusted Cloud provider that's one of the highest rated services available today. Your subscription includes:

  • 24/7 support for all your questions or concerns
  • Access to all of your saved files from any device, not just your PC
  • File restoration if your computer crashes
  • Automatic backup: you don't have to constantly save your files yourself
  • Unlimited storage in the Cloud
  • An award winning, easy to install, easy to use system that gives you peace of mind

Stop worrying about losing your pictures, music, documents, and computer-based valuables. One of best Cloud providers out there has just what you need to keep everything on your PC safe and sound. Get the Carbonite Cloud Backup with a one-year subscription for $49.99, a savings of 25% today!

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