OneDrive for Business will soon have a progressive web app

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What you need to know

  • OneDrive for Business will soon have a progressive web app..
  • The progressive web app could launch as early as July 2021.
  • Progressive web apps on Windows 10 continue to gain new features that make them act like native apps.

Microsoft will soon roll out a progressive web app (PWA) for OneDrive for Business. You can already access OneDrive for Business on the web, but the new PWA will help it look better on browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. For example, PWAs on Microsoft Edge either support or will soon support customizable title bars, streamlined menus, and controls within title bars.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap (opens in new tab) outlines the feature:

You can now install the web version of OneDrive for Business as a Progressive Web App (PWA) in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or other browser that supports Progressive Web Apps. After you install the web version of OneDrive for Business as a Progressive Web App, you can launch it from your desktop, and it will work the same way as it does in your web browser.

According to Microsoft, the OneDrive for Business PWA could arrive as soon as July 2021, but dates on the roadmap are subject to change.

Microsoft doesn't list any new features that would come with the PWA for OneDrive for Business, so the shift will likely only result in the gain of general progressive web app benefits, such as feeling more native than using an app through a browser.

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  • I don't use my institution's OneDrive very much but UGH I'll take a PWA over that garbage UWP app any day. (At least it was garbage the last time I used it, which was about two years ago.) If I need to fiddle with sharing or whatnot I do it in a browser. A PWA just makes that a bit easier. Anyway, I hope this comes to consumer M365 soon.
  • It's alot better than the embedded version of OneDrive.... that version needs a tonne of work...
  • Built-in OneDrive indeed does need work but it's reliable and syncs pretty much instantly. The UWP is as bad as the old Android version: You'd upload something and it would take a long time for it to show up.
  • Hmm, I've not had that issue with the Onedrive UWP app. I agree the built-in onedrive does sync pretty quick and haven't had reliability issues either since they re-added placeholders.
  • You mention Firefox, but as far as I know Firefox desktop is not getting PWA support. This is a real shame since I like Firefox for the privacy aspects (I know there are other browsers that have good privacy settings too). Or does someone know something I don't?
  • I don't get this one. You have OneDrive as a PWA. You open a Word document, for example, and so where does that open. Back in browser? Within the PWA? Word for desktop? Not sure what the gain is here with a PWA, but happy to have it explained please!
  • I haven't tried the PWA yet but links in the browser version of OneDrive open in the browser, even in Windows 10. The upside is that some of the sharing management stuff that is hard to manage through the desktop is easy in the website, so making a PWA is the next logical step (will have notifications, will act like an app, etc.).