OneDrive is getting a 'simplified' sharing interface on PC, Mac this summer

During its SharePoint Virtual Summit, Microsoft unveiled some sharing improvements that are coming to OneDrive users on PC and Mac later this summer. Meant to simplify the sharing experience, Microsoft says the changes will now let you easily share Office 365 files from the File Explorer with a simple set of controls and permissions.

From Microsoft (opens in new tab):

The sharing experience has been simplified, so you can share a file or folder with specific people or send a link that enables anyone who needs access, inside or outside your organization. In addition, you can now control how long a link provides access, and you can easily view and modify the permissions you have granted. The new sharing experience is the same, whether you share on the web, in Explorer on Windows 10 and Windows 7, or in Finder on Mac.

The new interface looks pretty slick, though there's currently no firm timeline for when to expect it to arrive, other than a general "this summer."

This goes hand-in-hand with another big improvement coming to OneDrive with the return of Placeholders, now called Files On Demand. Microsoft last week revealed that Files On Demand, which lets you see all of your OneDrive files on your PC without actually eating up any local storage, will be coming with the Fall Creators Update.

Alongside the new OneDrive features, Microsoft also revealed a new personalized search, some new PowerApps interactions, and communication sites are coming to SharePoint. For more, check out Microsoft's full blog post (opens in new tab).

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  • Looks nice.
  • I was going to say, this is a much needed change. This will make it much easier then just create a clipboard copy of a link to the file url as most average user doesn't know what that means.
  • Awesome!!, this sharing interface is definitely needed for simplification. Shouldn't have to tunnel through OneDrive in order to share.
  • With shrinked OneDrive free storage I already switched to MEGA... Good old times with free storage for buying WP...
  • I was pi$$ed about losing the 100gb of storage from the WP bonus
  • I use Office so I have 1Tb and the office suite for $60 a year.
  • same I pay for Office 365 and get 1TB of OneDrive storage - so happy!
  • Yeah, ditto. I barely even use office, but it's still worth it imo.
  • Looks nice, but... "Whom," not "who." *runs*
  • I agree, but...
    "For whom would you like this link to work?"
    *right behind you*
  • I've been anxiously waiting to see what's coming after seeing Microsoft's first demo of People. Hopefully by this time next year, the few that used Homegroup's won't need it. As for Office 365 for Business, it's getting better each day and a lot of small business are now sharing with each other the benefits. 
  • That's interesting; I never thought of using OneDrive as a direct replacement for homegroups.
  • Just am happy to hear place markers are coming back. Without them, it calls half the purpose of the cloud.
  • When are they returning?
  • In the Fall Creators Update.
  • Welcome improvement over a currently horrible sharing experience. Although it still looks bad... First a win32 right click menu and then a kind of modern popup that doesn't look like any popup we have seen before.. With extreme rounded elements.... Frankenstein OS keeps on living.
  • About time
  • Was any of this a concern when SkyDrive came out? All I can remember is that it just worked.
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