OneDrive's 'Known Folder Move' helps keep important files in sync

OneDrive KFM

Microsoft is making it easier to keep your important content in sync with OneDrive. The company this week announced a new feature called Known Folder Move (KFM) that will automatically migrate content from your Windows desktop, documents, and pictures folders to OneDrive (via OnMSFT).

From Microsoft{.nofollow}:

Known folders are global pointers in Windows representing a location on the user's drive. They help users to organize their most important files and access them across different applications. KFM helps you move your docs, desktop, and pictures into OneDrive. Even the Screenshots and Camera Roll folders are included when the Picture folder has opted into KFM.

With KFM enabled, you won't have to actively manage the syncing of content from any of the included folders to OneDrive. Moreover, IT administrators can use a group policy to promote their users to use KFM to stay in sync.

OneDrive KFM Setup

KFM will start rolling out to Targeted Release customers this week, and Office and Windows Insiders "may start to see it next week," Microsoft says. The goal is to have KFM available to all users by the end of July. The feature can be enabled through OneDrive's AutoSave settings via the "Update folders" option.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • First thing I do on any new install is to move those user folders to OneDrive, so they're always synced with the cloud. But choices are good.
  • I do exactly the same, but my problem is that my Pictures folder is larger than my SSD. So I have to keep a large portion on my pictures in the cloud only. I am hoping this new feature will allow me to store the photos folder on another drive so that I can have an offline backup of them as well.
  • Now, this is seriously what my idea of continuum is.
  • Why cant this feature work for every device with onedrive? Why just PCs?
  • Probably requires more advanced permissions I'm guessing?
  • The question doesn't make sense. It's a PC feature. What else do you want this to work with? The file system on Android? That's not happening anytime soon.
  • Can't they just put a box in settings that you can check that says something like "Sync desktop folder" etc. instead of calling it something that doesn't even make sense. Known Folder Move? Jeez
  • Totally agree with that. "Known Folder Move" doesn't even make sense.
  • Does this work when you have the Documents, Pictures, Music etc. folders on other drives than C:\?
  • You can remap those folder you've mentioned in Setting.
  • I'm thrilled to see this feature coming, but the name is weird to me. The folders are not moving. Things are synching.
  • I feel like that's an internal name for it and it'll be called something else publicly...but I could be wrong
  • Question what happens if you delete a document or picture will it delete off onedrive also?
  • It would, but you can recover it from's bin I think...
    It's a sync service, not a backup service. However, you can choice to not sync a folder and manually upload the files to OneDrive for backup. And you can access it with OneDrive store app or web.
  • Still no option to sync specific folders-Just what Microsoft thinks I want to sync.
  • Are you talking about in the one drive "desktop app"? If so, then yes you can choose what you want to sync.
  • I sell a lot of Office 365 for businesses. The all come with OneDrive for business with 1 TB of space. I mannually chage the desktop, documents pictures and download to a OneDrive folder. Windows 10 comes with a OneDrive Personal and most applications go to this profile (with only 5GB of space). I hope MS will come with a feature so that i can use the Office 365 account as a MS account.
  • I've been doing this for years by changing the location of system folders manually to a OneDrive location on a separate storage drive. I setup all of my family this way, and I always thought it was a huge missed opportunity for Microsoft. Windows 10 plus O365 = a no Brainerd from a cost vs feature standpoint. Here's to hoping their implementation doesn't break how I have always done it.