OneShot for Windows Phone gains 20 new filters along with performance improvements

OneShot, a great camera app for Windows Phone, has received an update to version 5.0 which brings some big changes. There are now 20 new filters, improvements have been made to the photo editor, like landscape editing, better cropping and much more. Additionally, you'll notice some performance improvements across the app, as well as support in new markets. The full list of changes in version 5.0 include:

  • 20 new "Deluxe" filters (Usable in viewfinder and editor); Those are high-quality filters created with Photoshop, so they look really good when applied to photos. Some are free, some paid, but users can purchase a pack that has all filters included.
  • Overall improved photo editor (landscape editing, "quick fix" button for quick improvement, better cropping, users can now reset all adjustments with one tap, and more)
  • Viewfinder performance improvements (roughly 10% improved frame rate)
  • UI improvements/tweaks for large devices
  • High-resolution support for Lumia 1520 AT&T
  • Added 51 markets where the app is now available
  • Updated from Silverlight 8.0 to 8.1, so that users will need to have Windows Phone 8.1 running
  • Many bug fixes

You can download the latest version of OneShot from the Windows Phone Store now.

Download OneShot for Windows Phone

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Jared DiPane

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  • Never heard of this app but its features sound promising. Will give it a shot today when am free.
  • It's the best camera app on the platform.
  • I don't know about that.... It's good, but definitely not the best...
  • Great to hear that @Cryio!
  • Ever heard of preshot?
  • Can't wait to see how much better this becomes with W10M APIs.
  • Is this app actually good? I haven't tried it yet...
  • It's one of the Best Camera app in Windows Platform..
  • Yay!  Thanks!
  • I wish Microsoft let those guys have this app set as camera app like lumias
  • It doesn't work...
  • Sorry to hear that... If you can provide more details, I'm sure I can help with that. Did you see/send any error in the report dialog? If yes, that's good and I'll be able to see what is going on. :)
  • It's good to see developers talking to other users like this when through WC :) this app I've used many times while I was doing my photography courses, and I have to say you've created a great app! Thanks for the new added features :D
    (By the way. I haven't tried the new update right now, so it might already be fixed(?), but if it isn't, can you try sort out the problem where the app seems to make the phone extremely hot after about 5-10 mins? Except for that I've seen no problems with this app :D)
  • It will heat up the phone in no time
  • Congrats for the new website and for releasing a new version of OneShot. Downloading..
  • Thanks a lot, very appreciated!
  • The new version crashes when trying to open a photo that's taken with an other camera app. Tried with Lumia 830