Open up more Cortana commands with Cortanium for Windows 10

Cortanium is a recent Windows 10 release from Liquid Daffodil. They are the creative minds behind Windows Phone apps such as Fanband, and with Cortanium, you get more than twenty commands for the Cortana UI.

Using Cortanium, you can easily do things through Cortana such as get movie or television recommendations, horoscopes, check your OneDrive space and more. The app does require Windows 10 and while it is compatible with the Technical Preview, you may experience occasional inconsistencies and some services not being ready for production.


Here are a few key features of Cortanium:

  • Get movie recommendations
  • Get TV show recommendations
  • Get your daily horoscope
  • Get your OneDrive storage information
  • Easily view and check in SharePoint documents
  • Easily create new and random passwords
  • Quickly check in to Foursquare
  • Interact with your Microsoft Band
  • Get your Microsoft Health summary and even BMI
  • Get your latest Xbox gamer statistics
  • Save your current location for later reference
  • Get your Klout score
  • Search for locations, contacts, restaurants, etc. and automatically add them to your Contacts
  • Integrate Contact Search with your Microsoft and Exchange accounts

Just scratching the surface with Cortanium, it comes across as a capable option to leverage the power of Cortana. The Windows 10 app opens the door to expand Cortana's capabilities and expect more commands to be added to the mix periodically.

Cortanium for Windows 10 Mobile

Again, remember Cortanium is only available for Windows 10 devices. Technical Preview or Insider Builds of Windows 10 Mobile may be buggy at times.

The developer is trying to match app availability with countries where Cortana is available and Cortanium is currently available in the U.S. and the U.K. markets. Look for Cortanium in Australia, Germany, Canada and France in November. If you give Cortanium a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

Download Cortanium from the Windows 10 Store ($1.99) (opens in new tab)

QR: Cortanium

George Ponder

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  • This looks really good just gonna give it a go
  • I hope they make an Xbox One version. I see this being really useful on Xbox once updated to Win10.
  • This is how Cortana's capabilities can be leveraged by 3rd party developers. Awesome! :D
  • Great idea. Better OS, better apps. Go w10!
  • While this is really cool, and it's great that Cortana gives this amount of control to developers to make something like this.  I feel a lot of this should really be incorporated into Cortana directly.  I feel, personally, that the more she can do on her own the better of a selling point she will be!
  • Wish WhatsApp would add Cortana support.
  • For one moment I thought George misspelled Continuum. :D
  • Yep. Had that fear as I wrote this up.
  • It sounds like a great app. Will give it a try. Thanks!
  • If I can tell Cortana to shutdown my device then I'll give it a try.
  • Gabriel Aul ‏@GabeAul 1h1 hour ago Hey #WindowsInsiders, we have a new build for Mobile going live now - 10549.
  • Paid? Nah...
  • it's not an expensive app and what's wrong with paying for something anyway? why should everything be free? i feel if the app is useful, the developer should be paid for their work.
  • I'd rather pay for an app that I find useful than have to deal with advertisements. I usually pass on apps that have ads without a way to pay to have the ads removed.
  • too bad lotsa users who have Cortana are faking country an thus are unable to buy apps. like me
  • Did you manage to do that on pc. I got her on my phone but I couldn't fake her onto my pc
  • Just change your location and language to United States and English (US), the same way you did it on your phone.
  • Hope many apps be in beep integration with cortana Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just to confirm, to use this app you would say something like 'Hey Cortana, Cortanium show me movie recommendations' ? That's how I understand Cortana app integration atm but the screenshots of Cortanium suggest maybe I can just say 'Hey Cortana, show me movie recommendations'? While I think this app is cool, and I'll be purchasing it when Cortana comes to Australia in November, I would still rather have direct Cortana integration I think. Mostly I'm wondering about how this works with things like follow up commands ('where is it playing', 'get me directions', etc.) and having information flow both ways, e.g. can these things be displayed as Cortana cards and notifications in certain scenarios or are they only available when I initiate a search?
  • This is partly accurate. The app allows you to decide "what" to say to initiate commands. The default is "Hey" so you might open Cortana and say "Hey recommend a movie from 2012" or "Hey get my horoscope". No need to say the name "Cortanium" as that would be too difficult. :)
  • So you have to say, "Hey Cortana, hey recommend a movie from 2012"... Microsoft please allow apps to integrate without requiring them to have a specific catchphrase said to connect the request to the app.
  • Well, only by default. You can change the "initiation phrase" to anything you want. Since I (personally) never load Cortana by saying "Hey Cortana" is makes sense, but a user can change the initiation phrase to, for example "Please" so you can say, "Hey Cortana please recommend a movie from 2012". Make sense? Allowing a user to change the initiation phrase is kind of a cool trick we implement. Hope you love it!
  • Very impressive how flexible Cortana can be...still wouldn't use it until it can be used without a Microsoft account.
  • Awesome news!