Opera Beta 2u now available

Just in time for the holidays comes a small update to the rapidly evolving Opera Mobile 10 browser (see earlier hands on video and review here).

This new update contains the following fixes/additions:

  • Support for auto-rotation
  • Support for right-to-left rendering of web content
  • Quicker launch, up to 70% faster on some phone models
  • Nicer shortcut icon for WM 6.5 (requires device reboot after install)
  • A few stability fixes
  • Several other minor bug fixes

Download here (opens in new tab).

[MobileTechWorld via PPCGeeks]

Phil Nickinson

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  • I found the application more useful than the previous beta. I especially like the enabling of the rotation. I, too, use a Tilt2 and can really appreciate the change in screen orientation when turning to landscape without the need to open the keyboard. Clicking on the screen to enlarge the display works much better than in the previous beta. And, the speed is better than the prior versions, including the version originally installed on the Tilt2.
  • It crashes every single time I use it thus far. Looks like I'm going to have to use the older version for now. It's a shame because other than the zoom control I like the new UI.
  • How can I sync the My Favorites with Opera Link? The links of the Opera Mobile 9.7 does not show over the Opera Mobile 10. Why?