Original Xbox title 'Phantom Dust' hits Xbox One and Windows 10 tomorrow, for free!

Phantom Dust is an action RPG from the original Xbox era. Phantom Dust isn't a remake, and perhaps shouldn't even be considered a remaster, due to the way the engine was hard-coded for the original Xbox. It is instead a port, with some additional free-to-play features.

As a game both with a single player campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode, Phantom Dust fits well into Microsoft's efforts to create service-driven games, as one of the earliest console titles with a deck-building card system powering its ability systems.

Phantom Dust will hit Xbox One and Windows 10 both tomorrow, as a free Xbox Play Anywhere title, complete with progression syncing and roaming in-app purchases.

Phantom Dust is set in a future where the surface of Earth is inhospitable. Some humans, "Espers," are gifted with the power to control the blanket of dust that has shrouded the world, and use it to wield magic-like abilities.

The game's ability system revolves around deck building mechanics. Each card represents a different skill in your loadout, and you can customize your character as you see fit. This extends to the game's multiplayer, which will enjoy cross-play between Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Phantom Dust joins Voodoo Vince as a recent revival of original Xbox titles. Microsoft has previously discussed bringing OG Xbox backwards compatibility to the Xbox One device family, but the licensing issues make this virtually impossible, even if the technical hurdles are far easier to overcome. It seems as though porting classic games might prove a more viable option for Microsoft moving forward, and it will allow them to gauge interest in possible franchise reboots.

Microsoft previously had Phantom Dust slated for a full blown remake, but the project fell through. If enough of us jump in to Phantom Dust's magical world on Xbox One and Windows 10 tomorrow, maybe Microsoft will reconsider.

We'll have download links up for you as soon as they become available.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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