Our favorite 27-inch monitor is only $385, but act fast!

Dell UltraSharp U2715H
Dell UltraSharp U2715H

If you're in the market for a new monitor, there's a great deal right now over at Amazon on the 27-inch Dell UltraSharp.

Enjoy a clear 1440p resolution with a 6ms response time for almost no screen tearing or judder. This monitor is great for gaming and everyday use alike.

Right now, this monitor is only about $385 — that's 41% off the list price! Grab this deal quick, though, as it will not last much longer.

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  • FYI, the model number is UltraSharp U2715H
  • Needed a large monitor. Now I have one on the way.
  • I have this monitor. The thing I can complain about it is the screen bleeding and I hate it it is annoying as well ips glow effect. The good, colors and resolution and responses rate, design too. If you are lucky you might get the perfect one but for this price it is a no brainer. You lucky people over the ocean.... I pay around 500 euros for it.
  • Dangit, I was hoping the sale was on the S2716DG... been waiting for that to go on sale :D
  • A 27" monitor is just too small for daily video editing. Although, when I first started video editing many years ago I would have killed for a 27", even though it would have been CRT.
  • Well just buy two ;-) I like Ultrawides that are 34" and above but for coding I'm happy at the moment with 2 x 23" 1080p monitors. I use that for coding where as an ultrawide would probably be nicer for editing. Anything below the 34" holy grail always seems to small vertically in the ultrawide market
  • I have the U3011 (being the 2011 series) and can attest to Dell's superior warranty network over every other hardware manufacturer I've encountered. I had a slight issue with DisplayPort not allowing the screen to sleep on pc power off and they had an advance replacement at my door the following day. Confirmed that the new unit worked fine and shipped back the original in the box, prepaid courier style. Later I discovered the issue was my GPU... 11/10 would recommend.
  • 6ms response time is not sufficient for gaming. Other than that it looks like a great deal.
  • All sorts of gaming, or just certain genres?
  • If you're a casual gamer I think you'll be fine.  I have this monitor and when I'm not editing photos or doing design work I play ARPG/RPG type games on it.  It's fine for that in my opinion.  Perhaps if you're doing a bunch of FPS or racing sims it might be more of an issue. But I can also attest to the fantastic quality and color reproduction of this monitor, especially after color calibrating it.  My photography work has benefitted for sure.
  • "But I can also attest to the fantastic quality and color reproduction of this monitor, especially after color calibrating it. My photography work has benefitted for sure." Do you use one of those uber pricey hw colour calibrators, or have you used some sort of sw solution?
  • See my post??? :-/
    Meh, none of the options at that Amazon link ship to Oz anyway, sigh.
  • It's not really intended for gaming...UltraSharp monitors are for those worried about accurate color representation & sharpness. I have 2 of the 25" version of this montior and I love them. I game on it, but my primary purpose is for photo editing...my colors have never been more accurate.