Spotlight on Bluetooth

The Windows Central team uses a lot of tech, in addition to just Windows and Microsoft devices. A lot of that tech has Bluetooth, for better or worse. Here are our favorite devices from across the board, including smartwatches, headphones and earbuds, Xbox controllers, and more.

Bose SoundSport Free

True wireless for the gym: Bose SoundSport Free

Daniel Rubino, Executive Editor

I hit the gym five to six days a week, and like most people, I use music as a motivator. The Bose SoundSport Free is the best and only headphones I use for intense exercise for a few reasons. Battery life is excellent lasting hours on a single charge, and the recharging case gets me through the week. The audio is also excellent. And because they are truly wireless, I can wear these for hours and hours with zero ear discomfort. Plus, they never fall out of my ears no matter what I am doing.

$200 at Amazon
Apple Watch Series 5

Best smartwatch on the planet: Apple Watch Series 5

Daniel Rubino, Executive Editor

If you're on an Apple iPhone or are considering switching, the Apple Watch Series 5 is a must-buy. Nothing comes close to the latest from Cupertino. With an always-on-display, optional 4G LTE, the biggest selection of apps, and the fact it just works the Series 5 is an astonishing achievement of engineering. Fall-detection, an excellent heart-rate sensor, walkie-talking ability, and the ability to control my Tesla Model 3 make this the only real choice if you are locked into the Apple ecosystem.

$384 from Amazon
Tapplock Lite

Bluetooth and bio lock: Tapplock lite

Daniel Rubino, Executive Editor

Along with my Bose headphones, I use the Tapplock lite padlock every day, usually at the gym. This lock uses your fingerprints to open it up, which means no more lost keys, no more numbers to memorize, and no more potential broken cylinders. But besides fingerprints, this lock is Bluetooth supported too, letting you open it from your phone and checking the battery life (which after six months has dropped only 30 percent).

$60 at Amazon
Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Best controller: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Jez Corden, Gaming Editor

Now that the Elite Controller is finally armed with Bluetooth, it's easily the best Bluetooth controller available on the market. It offers some of the same wireless connectivity on a standard laptop that you might get on an Xbox One console.

$180 at Amazon
Galaxy Watch

Smartwatch without Apple: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Jez Corden, Gaming Editor

So, you want a smartwatch, but you detest Apple and the iOS ecosystem in general. Say hi to the awesome Samsung Galaxy Watch! This beefy timepiece has serious battery life, often hitting four days on a single charge for me, and comes with OS-level synchronicity with compatible Galaxy phones.

$303 at Amazon
Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

Precise pointer: Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

Dan Thorp-Lancaster, News Editor

I've gathered quite a collection of mice over the years, but I keep coming back to the Surface Precision Mouse. It feels great in hand, has excellent battery life, and is as accurate a mouse as you can get. Even better? You can pair it with up to three PCs and switch between them on the fly.

$80 at Amazon
Roav SmartCharge F3 Bluetooth FM transmitter

Bluetooth for all: Roav SmartCharge F3

Dan Thorp-Lancaster, News Editor

If you drive an older car like I do, you probably don't have an AUX port, let alone Bluetooth. I've gone through countless FM transmitters over the years to play tunes from my phone, but the only one that has held up and kept up a strong signal is the Roav SmartCharge.

$30 at Amazon
Galaxy Buds

Wirelesss audio: Samsung Galaxy Buds

Zac Bowden, Senior Windows Editor

If you're after a pair of high-quality, great sounding and reliable wireless earbuds, you can't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They work with your Android or iPhone, as well as your PC or Mac, if you prefer listening on those devices. They feature a compact case that supports wireless charging and USB-C for wired power, as well.

$119 at Amazon
Surface Headphones

Over-ear listening: Microsoft Surface Headphones

Zac Bowden, Senior Windows Editor

If you're looking for a pair of excellent over-ear headphones, you can't go wrong with the Surface Headphones from Microsoft. It features an elegant design, with touch controls and unique dials for volume and noise cancellation adjustment, these wireless headphones make any listening experience great.

$245 at Amazon

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