Spotlight on Bluetooth: A fresh look at the wireless tech that's everywhere

Bluetooth king with rotten blue tooth
Bluetooth king with rotten blue tooth (Image credit: Windows Central)

It's 2019 — almost 2020 — and Bluetooth is everywhere.

Literally. It's in your phone, your car, likely lots of random smart-home gadgets sprinkled throughout your kitchen and living room. Those headphones the kid on the train is using next to you on your morning commute? Yep, Bluetooth. It's in your work PC, and all-around your office.

Spotlight on Bluetooth

But what do you really know about Bluetooth?

Are you aware of the origin of what is actually a very odd name? How about when it was first introduced? Or how it became ubiquitous? And why do some devices that seem like they really should use Bluetooth still rely on those clunky wireless dongles?

At Windows Central, we decided to work with our sibling sites, Android Central and iMore, to answer these questions and a lot more. And because our sites are focused on technology platforms and ecosystems, we not only set out to answer the broader questions about Bluetooth and consumer technology, we dug into platform-specific stuff. We wrote up various tips and tricks related to Bluetooth, as well as help and how-tos to enable you to do more with your Bluetooth devices… or in some cases, just make them more reliable (or less frustrating).

We covered Bluetooth from the standpoint of an Average Jane who's not all that invested in technology. And we covered Bluetooth with the hardcore Android, Apple, and Windows users who visit our sites every day in mind. What we came up with is our 2019 Spotlight on Bluetooth. We had fun with this one, and every one of us learned a little something in the process. We hope you'll spend some time poking around and come away with a similar experience.

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Al Sacco, Windows Central managing editor

Spotlight on Bluetooth

All 20 stories from our 2019 Spotlight on Bluetooth package, all in one place. Whether it's a spot of Bluetooth history, a bit of humor or wireless memery, or some thoughtful analysis on the future of the short-range tech, you'll find it right here, courtesy of the folks at Android Central, iMore and Windows Central.

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