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What you need to know

  • Outlook on iOS now supports Microsoft Editor.
  • Microsoft Editor can review text for typos and grammatical errors and make suggestions to improve writing.
  • Microsoft Editor is also available for the online version of Word and on the web through extensions for Chrome or Edge.

Outlook for iOS now supports Microsoft Editor. Support for Microsoft's spelling and grammar checker arrived with version 4.2215.0 of Outlook for iOS. Microsoft Editor support will allow people to review their emails for typos, grammatical errors, and other mistakes. It can also suggest ways to improve writing.

The free version of Microsoft Editor will review grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Advanced proofing, such as reviewing a document for clarity, conciseness, and vocabulary, requires a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Here's the description of Microsoft Editor support for Outlook from the app's most recent changelog:

Now Outlook can help you catch those pesky little typos that your thumbs sneak in sometimes. With Microsoft Editor, get spelling, grammar, and writing style suggestion so you can write emails from your phone with confidence.

Microsoft Editor is also available on the online version of Word and on a handful of other Microsoft apps and services. You can also use Microsoft Editor to review most documents on the web through the service's extension, which is available on Chrome and Edge.

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Outlook is a multiplatform email client and calendar app that allows you to send and receive emails through all of your accounts and stay up to date on your schedule. The latest version of Outlook on iOS supports Microsoft Editor

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