Outlook passes 100 million installs on Google Play Store

Outlook on Android
Outlook on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Outlook recently reached 100 million installs on Android.
  • Several Microsoft apps have more than 100 million installs, including OneDrive, Word, and Excel.
  • Outlook for Android regularly receives updates and new features.

Microsoft Outlook for Android recently reached 100 million installs via MSPU. Outlook joins several other Microsoft apps that passed the milestone. OneDrive, Word, and Excel all have over one billion installs, and PowerPoint has over 500 million. SwiftKey also recently reached 500 million installs.

The Google Play Store only updates install numbers for major milestones, such as 50 million, 100 million, 500 million, and one billion. As a result, we can't tell the exact date that Outlook passed 100 million installs, though it appears to have occurred over the weekend.

Outlook is a part of Microsoft's continued efforts on Android. Microsoft has dozens of popular apps on Android and continues to expand its capabilities. Over the last few months, Outlook for Android gained support for Actionable Messages, S Pen actions, and gained a new dark mode.

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  • Outlook still can't get notifications on android right. If I swipe to delete a notification for an email that was already deleted, the notification should get deleted. For me, in outlook, I can't delete the notification.
  • Outlook on Android works fine for me. Once in the past I had a problem with the app not showing any notifications for new emails.
    Resetting the app did the trick.
  • I use Outlook everywhere. Android version is basic compared to the Outlook.com version on my Surface or my employers Outlook in Office 365, but it does everything I need it to do. There are lots of simple email apps out there, but I'm not surprised Outlook is this popular on Android.
  • Yet you still can't configure the thing to swipe directly to Junk/Spam. Nor is it integrated with ToDo. So, again, the Windows version is still superior.
  • I agree I'd like an option to send email directly to spam folder from the notification, but if I'm understanding you correctly it does integrate with Microsoft To Do if it's enable from the to do app settings. It's not an in app setting in the outlook app, but you have to login to your Microsoft account
  • Is Junk/Spam setting a standardized email service feature? Every email service has it's own unique implementation right? At least I think the Setting UI/html form will be different from service to service.
    It's a lot harder than just "Delete" an email I think.
    * I've never write an email client but to delete an email... it's prob just email id + delete flag?
  • I am having to start getting used to an Android phone vs my Windows Mobile. Really going to miss being able to have Outlook folders being pinned to my home screen for easy access or different accounts pinned to my start screen oh and different sounds for what mail is going into different folders.
    If there are ways to do this please help me out and send a link.
  • Not too surprising. I think the app is great. I prefer it over the several other email/PIM apps that I've used on Android over the years and I anticipate greater integration with MS services, which will be a plus. Google has basically run out of steam when it comes to PIM (email and calendaring and the like).
  • If only they could get displaying html emails correctly and completely! I've given up reporting the problem and sending multiple problem emails for them to test. This has been an issue for at least the past three years! No other email client I try has issues with the email display. If only Windows Mobile were still supported I'd be using my 950XL and have no issues.
  • Congrats to MSFT for achieving 100 million downloads on android.
    That said the app is not up to quality compared to windows phone or windows 10 app.
    Recently switched from windows phone. There are several relevant quality issues with the app in daily use.
    1. several settings are missing which are standard on windows phone and windows 10 app. One of the most annoying is the option to turn off contact icons in the email listing. They serve no function and distract when searching. There's a reason it's supported on windows 10 mobile and windows 10 and many users have provided critique on this matter. I have them turned off, but can't any more. It does not improve searching because it adds another visual element. It's all to busy and distracting. But there are other settings elements too missing. This app is rudimentary, but not up to quality in design.
    2. The default layout is colored email icons to identify multiple email accounts. They are difficult to identify. The design on windows 10 and windows phone has a better glanceability effect compared to this modern design.
    3. the widgets don't support dark mode
    4. the widgets have scrolling issues
    5. the app does not support attaching images as an attachment. They are embedded in the email body by default. Weird and unprofessional!
    There is a noticeabile difference in quality between the windows phone and windows 10 app. I consider the latter more advanced and professional in my experience.