Outlook, Xbox Live and other Microsoft services hit with sign-in issues

If you're currently experiencing a bit of trouble signing into any Microsoft services, you're not alone. Xbox, Outlook, and Skype appear to have all been hit with sign-in problems to some extent this morning, though the issue seems to be sporadic.

We've received tips that, in addition to the above, OneDrive appears to have been affected as well. In the case of Skype, Microsoft says (opens in new tab) it has resolved whatever was causing the problem. However, the Xbox Live Status Page (opens in new tab) shows it is still experiencing some issues, and the Outlook status (opens in new tab) shows much the same.

It's not clear what the cause of the issue is, but hopefully Microsoft is quick to resolving the outages. We'll update this article when things look in the clear.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • I was wondering why my phone kept saying sign in issues for the insider program this morning
  • For me, it sent me a notification that I made a new email account with @live.com and then it disappeared.
  • Ahh please come back soon.
  • It's the entire Office suite, including OneNote.
  • Yep I use one note all day everyday
  • Ahhhh, the wonderful old outlook layout sans the awful colored avatars.
  • You mean the boring old outlook layout without the awesome colored avatars
  • Maybe its Wikileaks' recent publishing of CIA's hacking codes. Now the dark web users are trying out the codes.
  • Ah, that may explain why Disney Movies Anywhere hasn't updated the Movies app with the movie my wife just registered.
  • And that moment I sent my university's IT department an email blaming them for it. But to be fair I was unable to access it on their network but then tried 15 minutes later on my phone on mobile data and it worked so I was so sure it was their problem.
  • Have not encountered any issues yet
  • My OneNote threw a complete wobbly about half an hour ago but after restarting the phone it's ok again. It was prompting for credentials. Thought lost all my notes! *phew*
  • It scared me when it said my account didn't exist. :O
  • Mine works fine
  • Me too.
    Thought my account has been vanished from the servers... All I cared about at the moment was my library of games on xbox and their progress (all of my games are digital currently) This made me think maybe digital games are not only as vulnerable as disc based games but also if you get locked out of your account or face mysterious vanishing of accounts in our case (hopefully this was temporary) you will lose every single game you had tied to your account.
  • Also signing in ms account face some troubles.
  • I couldn't sign into Groove earlier. Had to walk to work with no music. Frustrating haha
  • I use audible when I lose access to music :).
  • On the contrary, you are all alone and will die alone. Happy Tuesday! :P
  • please Daniel, we all know who is really alone in his room with tons of tech
  • Windows keeps deleting my Live account on PC. Not on 950. And we got a new account called Microsoft-account in Outlook Mail and Outlook calendar
  • For me upon trying to log in, it said "This account does not exist".. I almost pissed my pants. Seeing this article was a relief. Can you imagine losing all Xbox games purchases, saves, achievement, onedrive files.. All in blink of an eye???  
  • I haven't experienced any issue, but I thought this issue was already resolved by the time I got to work this morning. Thurrott.com ran a story this morning about this issue and updated at 9:00 AM ET that the services were back online.
  • Brad is wrong
  • So is this why I've been getting "Your MS account needs attention to receive insider builds" messages on my Win10 PC?
  • I was wondering why Quiet Hours wasn't working in my 950 XL, I set it up from 12am to 5am.
    When I opened Cortana, I was asked to sign in again.
    That was my issue.
  • No issues, southwest Texas yesterday or today.