Outriders guide: Quickest ways to farm Titanium

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Players deep into Outriders understand the value of Titanium, especially when it comes to upgrading their favorite pieces of Epic or Legendary gear. However, this precious resource isn't always easy to come by. You might be 20+ hours into the game and wondering when, or if, this upgrade material will become more abundant. Thankfully, we've compiled some helpful tips for the fastest ways to farm Titanium in both Campaign and Expeditions.

Quickest ways to farm Titanium in the Campaign

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Admittedly, obtaining Titanium in the main Campaign is significantly slower than what's possible with the endgame Expeditions. However, there are still a few key ways you can increase your rare resource income. Here are the best ways to earn Titanium in the Campaign.

Raise your World Tier & break down Epic items

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Breaking down Epic or Legendary items will net you a pool of Titanium as well as any unknown mods associated with the items. Generally speaking, this is the fastest way to earn this premium resource in the campaign. The higher level the gear, the more Titanium you'll earn. If you're up for the challenge, you can increase the chance of higher-level Epic drops by consistently raising your World Tier. This will make enemies significantly more difficult and drastically increase the drop rate of rarer items and even raw Titanium. Break down any Epic items you don't plan on using.

Revisit zones to farm chests and resource nodes

Another way to quickly earn Titanium in the campaign is by revisiting zones to farm chests and resource nodes. Every time you fast travel to a location, the area's loot chests and resource harvesting points respawn, allowing you to almost endlessly collect items from these caches. Unfortunately, Titanium isn't a guaranteed drop from either, so this will likely be slower than simply breaking down Epic items.

Quickest ways to farm Titanium in Expeditions

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Without diving into spoiler territory, completing the main campaign in Outriders is only the beginning when it comes to collecting and upgrading gear. The endgame Expeditions streamline the experience and introduce brand new locations to grind the game's best drops. Here are the best ways to earn Titanium in Expeditions.

Buy Titanium from Bailey

Unlike the campaign, Expeditions allow you to directly purchase large sums of Titanium from the vendor, Bailey, with scrap. This is hands-down the fastest way to earn Titanium in Outriders. Completing Expeditions often earns you a pool of 15 to 20 Rare item drops, which can be sold directly to Bailey in exchange for scrap. As a general rule, I would say sell Rare items and break down Epics. For about 100,000 scrap, you can get yourself a few hundred pieces of Titanium.

Raise your Challenge Tier & break down Epic and Legendary items

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Expeditions also introduce the Challenge Tier, which is an endgame difficulty curve similar to the World Tier. Playing these Expeditions on increasingly greater difficulties increases the chances of Epic and Legendary drops. Like in the Campaign, breaking down any Epic or Legendaries you don't intend on using will earn you large sums of Titanium. Completing Expeditions on Tier 7 and higher typically yields 5 more Epic items, so by breaking down these items, you can safely net an additional 60+ Titanium every 15 minutes or so.

Titanium can absolutely feel like a slog to obtain especially when playing on lower World Tiers. Hopefully, these tips on gathering this resource quicker help speed things up for you. If you're enjoying the multiplayer loop of Outriders and looking for some other great titles to play with friends, be sure to check out our list of the best co-op games on Xbox.

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