Update 16 November 2016: Added the latest additions to Overwatch's roster, Sombra and Ana, to the list.

Overwatch is a character-based shooter with predefined team roles. Having a good group synergy is often crucial, and knowing how to perform your role correctly is key to victory.

Like many Blizzard games, Overwatch is very accessible, even for gamers who aren't traditionally into shooters. Some of the characters don't even utilize guns. Instead, they play more like a melee class in a first-person action RPG.

There's something for everyone in Overwatch, but if you want to master the game, you'll not only need to learn your chosen character's abilities, but also your enemy's, and also the maps themselves.

Overwatch takes inspiration from MOBAs by giving each hero an Ultimate ability, which charges more quickly for performing well in battle. These skills can change the outcome of a match, but are, like everything else in the game, very counterable.

Overwatch has 23 playable characters with more on the way in the future. Working as a team is critical in Overwatch, as all of its game modes are entirely objective based, as opposed to deathmatch.

Here's a quick guide to each character, their counters, and some additional tips and tricks.

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