Supernatural adventure game 'Oxenfree' set to hit the Windows 10 Store early this week

The game is currently available only for Xbox One and Steam, but that's set to change. Oxenfree should hit the Windows 10 Store early this week.

Oxenfree is about a group of teenagers who unwittingly open a rift to a ghostly world. You play as Alex, progressing the game by developing your friendships with the other characters, solving puzzles and navigating a strange island. Alex wields a radio that allows her to tap into otherworldly signals, revealing clues about the true nature of the game's mysterious plot. The supernatural thriller is receiving positive reviews so far, and it looks like the perfect title to help bolster the current Windows 10 Store game line-up.

Night School Studios recently announced that the game will hit the Windows 10 Store sometime this week, since making its console debut on Xbox One.

..."Update: If you are looking for the Windows 10 version, it's coming early this week. In the meantime, check out the game on Xbox One now!"...

Oxenfree will be the second independent Xbox One title to hit the Windows 10 Store, following the inclusion of Stealth Inc 2. Microsoft is known to be ramping up the store offering when it comes to gaming, which has so far only housed mobile titles and casual games. Fable Legends, Killer Instinct, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gigantic and various other core titles are on their way, potentially bringing Microsoft into direct competition with Steam and other PC game distributors down the line.

If you can't wait to get your hands on the Windows 10 Store version, Oxenfree is available now on Xbox One and Steam.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Looks spooky and innovative
  • I loved this game, however I think it is a bit too expensive for how short it is. Too bad it's not coming as universal.
  • Definitely interested in trying this one. End of the month it's payday so will pick it up then and Cobalt not long after.
  • I like that Windows logo at the end of the video!
  • I hope we get to see more of it in the future. :)
  • And android is nowhere near!!
  • I've played just a little bit of it, but I like it. Need to play more.
  • Ok this looked right up my alley. Just bought it and can't wait to play tonight.
  • Ok, this was extremely short. Really like the atmosphere/music, but I can't recommend it unfortunately. Felt a little flat for me.
  • The description is reminiscent of Maniac Mansion to me. I loooooved that PC/NES game back in the day.
  • Whoah nice. Its just a click away from being mine...
  • Is it in the windows 10 store yet?
  • If you buy on Windows 10, is it not available on your Xbox One too? I thought we were one store now.
  • I've asked the question, hope so
  • This!
  • That's a good point I thought it was one store now too, guess we were wrong how annoying.
  • It's great seeing more game titles being released in Windows Store specifically designed for Windows 10
  • Great game! Definitely worth it
  • I hope there's cross-buy
  • Me too
  • I've asked the dev about that, let's see what they say
  • Getting games on my Lumia, Surface and Desktop (and ideally Xbox One) in a single purchase would be the thing to make me choose to buy from there rather than Steam (Where the game is on those various devices, and not PC exclusive for example)
  • Who remembers Myst?
  • Yep, remember it...LONG tme ago
  • If you like story based games like "Life Is Strange", "The Walking Dead". This is perfect for you. It's very engaging. I torrent it a few days ago lol. Played it and it was very good. Will definetley make a purchase as soon as it is availble.      
  • Life is Strange is awesome.
  • I will buy if I can play on both Xbox and Windows 10 just to support that model!
  • So you will buy it if you can get to play it on two different mediums, that isn't supporting anything.
  • Well it is, as I am only interested if I can buy it once on the store and play it on both my Xbox one and my windows 10 machine. If it doesn't support this, then I wont buy it on either.
  • I'm grabbing this on xbox one, really looking forward to it.
  • What happened to Uninversal apps ? Would be nice to buy it for the Xbox and be able to play it on the PC as well (Windows 10), I know I can stream it but, it's not the same... Interesting, I'll have to check out some reviews...
  • Looks very interesting. Almost got a Maniac Mansion vibe from it, although darker obviously. Still, will definately be taking a look at this.    
  • For everyone asking about cross buy, Microsoft does not force developers to support this. The software supports it, but it's up to the developer to flip the switch. All MS can do is let everyone know it's there and lead by example with first party titles.