Panasonic introduces a 20 inch 4K tablet - get ready to take out a second mortgage

Sometimes size does matter, at least for Panasonic; the company has just introduced a brand new 20 inch 4K tablet running Windows 8.1. The new tablet is under the company’s Toughpad branding and is aimed at bringing a high resolution experience to professional creative types.

The Panasonic Toughpad tablet will be available with expandable RAM up to 8 GB and a solid state drive up to 256 GB. There will be two variations of the tablet, a standard model and a pro model – both will house an Intel Core i5 processor.

While the tablet is sure to be an exciting product, our wallets begin to shake and cry at the $6,000 price tag (and that’s not even the Pro model). If you want to add on the optional digitizer pen, it is going to cost you another $370.

So, will you be diving in, selling your house, and buying the new Panasonic Toughpad?

PS. Panasonic, if you send us a unit for review, please bubble wrap it (seriously, we don’t want to break it).

Source: Engadget

Michael Archambault